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Alec: I am jogging down a path, working out, sweat dripping down my face as I jog, moving quickly to avoid bumping into people and hurting them. I'm a reasonably sized person so I could easily knock someone over if I wanted.

Erin: Erin strolled down one of the paths of Camp HalfBlood, taking the time to look around. She hadn't had much time to look around the previous three days she'd been in camp, too busy unpacking the few supplies she had, and meeting her cabin-mates aka siblings. 

'this camp is really amazing' she thought, eyes catching on every abnormal thing she could spot. Tree nymphs. Horses with wings. t-shirts. Erin's nose wrinkled in distaste at the identical orange t-shirts almost every camper seemed to wear. She herself was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of the horsehead nebula on it, one of the t-shirts she had brought with her to camp, as well as her favourite. The idea of a uniform just didn't appeal to her.

Alec: I just barely miss knocking Erin over, but I have to do this bad ass football twist to avoid running her over, and I end up twisting too far and falling onto the ground, quickly trying to stop myself from faceplanting and smashing my face into the ground.

Erin: Erin startled at the close encounter of her with a larger camper, and did this akward half-twirl to get out of the way. It was for nothing, though; the boy that had nearly run into her had already moved out of the way, falling onto the ground in the process. She wasn't sure wether to laugh at the crazy manuver he had preformed to get out of the way, or to be concerned. She settled for an amused smile and offered up her hand so that he may pull himself up.

"Hey, you ok? ...that was a pretty complex manuver you just did there, are you the son of a gymnastics god or something?"

Alec: I look up at her, slowing standing up, with her help. "I'm fine... thanks... and Son of Ares." I stand up and rub my head. "Do I have any scratches or anything?" I ask, rubbing my elbows to check for scratches. I look at you, realizing thatI have no idea who you are. "Oh, uh... who are you?" I ask quietly, a bit nervously.

Erin: "I don't believe it; gymnist god for sure" Erin laughed to let him know she was joking. Secretly, she was impressed. Ares...that was the god of fighting or something, right? Seeing as other demigods were still a new concept to her, almost everybody in the camp was interesting, but there was just something badass with being a child of the god of war, opposed to having a parent that was the god of, say, wheat, or daises and stuff.

"I'm Erin, by the way. I'm new to camp...two nights ago I was introduced at dinner? I don't know if you even remember that, not many people seemed to pay attention" she shrugged, not very concerned. If she had been an Apollo kid, maybe there would have been more people interested, but the Astareus cabin was so pitifully tiny that there were only one or two people, plus a few kind Demeter kids, that seemed genuinely interested to get to know her. Not that it really mattered; Erin's 'siblings' were nice enough to count for atleast several friends each, especially since they shared her obsession of all things spacey. And that on Earth could she be sad when there was a friggen star floating next to her bed?

Alec: "I was asleep. I think I did hear your name though..." I say, looking at you. "Erin.. uh.. would you like to get something to eat? I'm really hungry and I need a break." I say, looking at you. "Who was your godly parent? I'm not sure if you mentioned it or what...?"

Erin: "Sure, food sounds great!" Erin was about to start heading in the direction of food, but after a step or two, she realized she had no idea which direction the pavilion was in. Erin smiled sheepishly and made a 'you lead' gesture "You're gunna have to lead, though, I'm still unsure where everything is here..."

As soon as they were walking, she turned to Alec "Astareus. My dad, I mean, he's Astareus. God of st-, exuse me, titan of stars. He's a god of other stuff, too, but I like the stars part the best" she smiled "enough about me, though, you know my name and my dad's name, yet I still don't know yours! What would it be, then? Alfred? Robert? He who must not be named?"

Alec: "Astareus? Well.. I'm Alec. I didn't realize that I never gave you my name.." I laugh a bit and look at you. "Let me take you.." I say quietly, looking at you. "well... uh... I know a place in town. Nice little cafe." I look at you and gently take your hand, in a friendly way. "I mean... uh... yeah... It'll be nice."

Erin: Erin smiled excitedly, her slight uneasiness at a boy taking her hand being drowned out by the thought of food 

"ooh, a little cafe? I love little cafes! They better serve more than just coffee and hot cocoa, though; I'm dying to have some all american soda" 

She paused for a moment "wait, did you say in town? that case, I need to go stop at my cabin, get my xiphos, if you want to come with? Monsters probably love little cafes, too..."

Alec: "Xiphos?" I ask, looking at you. "Well... uh... sorry." I gently let go of your hand. "Well.. they have tons of stuff. almost everything." I laugh, looking at you. "does it sound good?"

Erin: "mmm, yes, that sounds amazing. Just..." standing on her tiptoes, Erin could just make out the telescope that sat atop the roof of her cabin "Just hold here for a sec, there's my cabin, gotta grab my sword"

She weaved around campers and made her way to the Astareus cabin, a beauty that wasn't just fashioned to look like an observatory, but was one. She stepped inside, giving a happy sigh as the warmth from the star in the middle of the room washed over her. Well, the star wasn't that hot, but it was just... just a good feeling she got from it's proximity, you know?

Erin found her Xiphos and it's sheath quickly, which she swore was under her bed last time she checked, but had somehow migrated to a place halfway under Stan's bed. She quickly ran back outside to find Alec, slinging her sheath across her back and sticking the sword inside as she did so. She hopped to a stop in front of the son of Ares.

"Alright, I'm ready!"

Alec: I smile a bit and look at you. "Great.. I don't even have a weapon yet. I'm supposed to get one soon though..." I laugh a bit and begin to walk with you. "Nice place you got there. My cabin's all metal and dark and the people are evil." I make little devil horns next to my head and walk for a bit.

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