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The Painting Spot

Sybil: She carries the box of paint supplies, leading North to the spot. She walked in her usual stride, a small walk with a little skip. She didn't mind the weight of the box, because she was excited to show someone her spot, well and also the box was a few pounds lighter from her spilling the paint.

North: He walks behind Sybil to look at the spot she was talking about. "So I guees you like painting right?"

Sybil:She nodded, "It's my way to express my feelings. Instead of a diary, I paint. Usually, I paint just random things floating my mind or I paint things of nature, like the sunset for example. To answer you question, yes I like to paint." She said as they reached the spot. It was no more than a small cliff, but no greenery was on the land and the sky was in full few. She placed her box next to the already set up easel.

North: "Wow, It truly is beautiful"

Sybil:She smiled to herself, happy that he liked it. Taking a slight interest in him, she asked, "What do you like to do?" She sets out an easel.

North: He laughs"Although people do not beleive me, I actually love cleaning"

Sybil:She giggles softly, "People always say, 'A man's a man if he can clean.'" She tucked a loose hair behind her ear and sat on her stool, smiling.

North: "He smiles as well, I hope that's true, since I will need to clean my shirt"

Sybil: "Sorry again." She said getting her brushes out, ready to use them. She smiled at North.

North: "I guess it was worth it, since I got to know you"

Sybil: She smiles, starting to add the vibrant colours to the canvas, her mouth hanging open just a bit. "You're pretty interesting yourself." She said, not taking her eyes off the paint.

North: He gets dumbstruck, nobody had told him that, ever "And why is that, if I may ask?"

Sybil: She grins, her strokes becoming graceful, "Well, first, you, a hunky male, enjoys cleaning. And second, most members of the BC I see are usually deep and not willing to talk. Personally, I think if I spilled paint on one of the others, they would either snap back or just walk away. But you're different."

North: He blushes a bit "Well, let's say I had a pretty ugly childhood which affected me, i don't know if to good or to bad."

Sybil: She shook her head, "I've had one too, from my creator. Before I was here, I was extremely skinny from my lack of food and I constantly had dark circles." She admitted, her strokes capturing the true marks of the sunset.

North: "That's why you joined the BC"

Sybil: She nodded, "Well, yeah. I was abused by Asteria. I hardly ate, slept or did anything but helped out. But I also joined because I felt it was horrible what those gods are doing to the rest of us, demigods and creations."

North: he nods "If it weren't for my mother, my father would've never died, nor treat me so bad"

Sybil: She stopped painting for a moment, a silence filling the spot, "It's just so... unfair." She interrupted the silence, starting up again.

North: "I know, I don't understand why there is people that actually fight for them"

Sybil: She nodded, "I mean are they freaking blind? When I was residing at camp their stories of getting to camp were terrible, yet they still stayed! Why?!" She said, raising her voice. She quickly blushed, "Sorry."

North: Dont worry, the truth is the truth."

Sybil: She half smiled, "It really is." She stated, putting the final touches of paint. She was finished. It was a quick time for someone normal to paint a whole picture, but she wasn't normal. She had put all the warm colours into it and a little of the cool colours to make the effect of the night taking over day. She quickly signed her name at the bottom.

North: He looks at the painting and gets astonished . It was truly beautiful "You have a great talent" 

Sybil: She smiled proudly, "Thanks and I'm sure your cleaning is very insightful and talented." She chuckled. 

North: He laughs "I hope so"

Sybil: She stood up and dusted her hands on her shirt. "Want to go grab a bite somewhere?" She asked.

North: "Sure"

Sybil: She grinned, "Can't wait. I'm freaking hungry." She finished packing her supplies and put them in a hollow log, where she would take them later.

North: Wher should we go?

Sybil: "I'm new here, but I've heard that there is a nearby town with places. Want to go?" She asked.

North:| "Uhmm sure"

Sybil: "Okay, we'll go right now." She said, taking out from the log, a dark messenger bag, which is where she kept her bag. She started walking towards the exit, and looked back, "Come on!" She called.

North: He follows her


Sybil: They arrive at small restaurant and are given a booth by the window in the corner. She sits down and starts to look through the menu.

North: He reads the menu as well "What are you going to get?"

Sybil: "Probably a grilled cheese sandwich and an iced tea. You?"

North: BBQ Smokehouse bacon cheeseburger.

Sybil: "That sounds really good." She said flipping through the menu one last time as the waitress came around to collect the orders. As she was taking the order, she saw North and bent over letting him see her cleavage. Sybil saw this and stifled a small laugh.

North: He is serious, blushing.

Sybil: She holds in laughter as the waitress moves over to North and gets awfully close to him.

North: He backs a bit and orders. The waitress goes away. "Don't you think she was a bit....."

Sybil: She grins, "She kind of was."

North: He sighs "I thought I was the only one who thought that."

Sybil: She shook her head still smiling a bit, "Oh no, I found it rather funny on how she was acting, but thinking about now she was kind of annoying."

North: "Do you think so?" he asks with all the sarcasm he can muster

Sybil: "I guess," She says, smiling a small smile.

North: He smiles at her smiles "How much ime do you think they need to bring us the food?"

Sybil: "I think it'll take them awhile. It seems to be a little crowded today." She says looking around the room.

North: He sighs "Well, I'll go to the washroom, if you'd excuse me. "

Sybil: "Alright," she says immediately. She straightened up her appearing to be more powerful, but slowly shrank as she viewed the large room a bit more.

North: He goes to the bathroom and washes his hands, shortly he returns to sit.

Sybil: Just as he came back, the waitress came back as well carrying the food out to them. The waitress smiled at and laid out the food on the table. She turned to walk away and supposedly "trips" and falls into North's arms, causing Sybil to widen her eyes.

North: He luckily caught her, and patted her, so she wouldn't feel bad. When she was gone, he asks "Why is she acting like that???"

Sybil: "I have no idea; maybe she likes you?" She suggested, after taking a sip from her tea.

North: "Why would she like me? "

Sybil: "Probably because you are good looking to her."

North: He laughs "I'm NOT good looking."

Sybil: She raises an eyebrow, "Have you looked into a mirror recently? Clearly, you are."

North: She shakes his head honestly. "Why would you think so?"

Sybil: "Well, you've got the build and the eyes and the hair and everything a handsome guy would have."

NOrth: He tries to shake it off "Soo... what do you wanna do next???"

Sybil: She cranes her neck to look out a window. "I don't know. It is pretty late. Why don't we walk back to the cabins?"

North: He nods.

Sybil: She gets up and walks towards the front to pay, taking her wallet out. OOC: Sorry to take such a long time :(

North: When he notices her wallet, he rapidly gets his out and pays . OOC: DOn't worry :)

Sybil: She couldn't say anything before he payed, but she offered him a smile, "Thank you."

North: "You're so awesomely welcome"

Sybil: She giggled softly and started out the door, heading in the way of the Sanctuary.

North: He walks beside her.

Sybil: She walks quietly until they come to the entrance of the Sanctuary. She stops and hugs North, "Thanks."

North: He hugs her back and smiles down at her "Thanks to you".

Sybil: She smiles up at him, but then blushes and looks away.

North: He grabs her by her chin, making her look back up to him "What's wrong sweetie?"

Sybil: She sighs, the corner of her mouth turned the slightest bit up, "When might I see you again?" She asked.

North: He kisses her cheek "As soon as possible" he whispered to her ear softly while grinning

Sybil: She smiled, "I have to go now, I'll see you soon." She whispered softly.

North: "See you soon"


North: He sat at a garden and read a book. He had a long sleeve tight and black v-neck t-shirt with some light skinny jeans. 

Sybil: She was humming to herself, sitting in the center of the garden. Clad in a floral dress, cardigan and flats, she was picking at the flowers minding her business. When a cloud had passed over the bright sun, the nymph looked around her and spotted North. Bunching up her flowers into the pocket of her cardigan, she stood and waved, "North!" She called, smiling, as she hurried over.

North: He notices Sybil and beams at her, he probably was starting to have a crush on her, so he hid it and just blushed slightly. He couldn't have so sensitive feelings for someone, or at least hadn't yet. He then walks toward her and opens his arms for a friendly hug "What's up Sybil?"

Sybil: She giggles and accepts the hug, having a warm embrace with him that lasted for a long moment. She pulled away and sighed, "Nothing much really, just was reminiscing." She blushed slightly and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Her feelings for North were starting to come clear to her and she was trying her best to hide them from him.

North: He notices some flowers peeking out of her cardigan and smiles "I can see that. They're beautiful."

Sybil: She quickly pulls them out. Even though they were a little crumpled, they were still very beautiful. She pushes them towards him, "Here! T-They're for you." She nervously said.

North: He laughs warmly "Flowers for me?" he smiles and accepts them "Why, thank you."

Sybil: "No problem," She said, smiling nervously while rubbing her arm as to warm herself up. A cold surge of wind had breezed past the two of them and she shivered. "Have you done anything lately?" She asked.

North: He notices the cold and realizes that it was him who did it, as he was a son of Khione and was nervous "Sorry."

Sybil: "It's totally fine!" She said quicker than she expected the words to come. She laughed nervously, swallowing her saliva out of anxiety. He doesn't like me, she thought, sighing. The silence created an almost awkward atmosphere and she bowed her head looking at her shoes. She made an effort to speak but the only thing that exited her mouth was a squeak; she didn't know what to say.

North: He laughs and smiles awkwardly and admits while doing the same. He was a straightforward "Look, I don't know how to say this in the right way." He rubs the back of his neck and then sighs. "The point is that I like you, okay?"

Sybil: Choking on absolutely nothing, she starts coughing and tapping her chest but starts to smile in a bewildered yet joyous smile. "Really? I kind of like you, um, too" She replied, softer than ever. She raised her eyebrows. "Why?" She was curious to know why, since she felt she was more or less awkward or gawky.

North: "Why what?"

Sybil: She gulped, "You're tall and really handsome and really nice, while I'm small, awkward and a timid. Why do you like me?"

North: "Why do you keep insisting that I'm good-looking? I'm not... Anyways, I like you because you're nice and warm hearted. Because you are yourself and don't care what others think of you, while I hold my badbutt attitude for the world to notice. I admire you." he smiles and then pulls Sybil closer until the gap between their lips close.

OOC: Bet you didn't see that coming!!!

OOC: No I wasn't!:D

Sybil: She gasped and let in to the kiss. She closed her eyes and placed her arms around North, then lowering her hands to his face and pulled away. "Thank you. You made my day, no, year." She said, smiling as she placed her forehead to his.

North: "Sybil, you did something more. You made my life." he smiles and gets closer again.

Sybil: She blushed and curled up in his arms. She felt his heartbeat and wondered if he could feel her throbbing heartbeat since it felt like it was right about to burst out of her chest. She bit her lip and smiled.

North: "Why do you like me then?"

Sybil: "You made me see that it's okay to let others in. Before, I was so shy, so afraid that others might use me, so afraid of what they might do to me. Asteria ruined my trust in her and almost anyone I meet. You showed me that I could trust someone, you showed me that I can trust you."

North: "I feel like I can trust you too."

Sybil: She was almost positive that he could feel her heart beating. She looked up and smiled at him, leaning in to softly kiss him on the cheek. A butterfly was circling above them and she raised her hand so the creature would land on it. It landed and stayed there for a while, tickling her fingers, before flying off again. She lightly chuckled and curled up again.

North: "You're warm"

Sybil: She lightly chuckled, "Probably because I'm curled up into the warmest guy I know," she added, sniffling a tiny bit.

North: He laughs loudly "I'm a son of Khione, I'm not warm."

Sybil: She giggled and some people walked by, some scowling at the pair, some smiling at them. Sybil looked away, back at North, a red tint creeping into her cheeks.

North: He snaps his fingers in front of her "You there?"

Sybil: She jumped, but then giggled, "Sorry, zoned out! What do you want to do?"

North: "Besides kissing you?"

Sybil: "Yeah, besides kissing me," She said, giggling.

North: Maybe go bowling?" he offers.

Sybil: "Bowling, that sounds wonderful." She sighed, smiling.

North: "Or to go and watch a movie?"

Sybil: "I like going to see a movie best." She replied, biting her bottom lip.

North: "Sure then! Which movie?"

Sybil: "Anything, probably something exciting." She smiled.

North: North really wasn't good with updates. "I heard the first movie of the Hunger Games came out?"

Sybil: "The Hungry Games?" Sybil, herself, wasn't very involved with mortal life. "I don't think it's very exciting to be hungry," she frowned.

North: "I don't think it is really about hunger though"

Sybil: "Fine, let's go see who's right and who's wrong." She grabbed his hand and started towards the nearest theater.

North: He smiled and walked alongside Sybil.

theater >w<

Sybil: They arrive in front of the theater, Sybil's hand still on his. She got in line to the ticket booth and stood on her tiptoes to look at the movies that were showing. "It's called the Hungry Games right?"

North: He rubs the back of his neck maniacally. "I think so..."

Sybil: She nods, and they're up in line to get tickets. She leans over the counter to the man and says, "Two tickets for the Hungry Games."

Man: He rolled his eyes, "You do mean the Hunger Games?"

Sybil: She bit her lip, "I don't really know. I'm sorry," She said softly, handing him money for the tickets.

Man: "Whatever," He says, annoyed. "Just take these to go see your movie. Have a wonderful day. Enjoy," he said, with absolutely no expression. "Next!"

North: "There's no need to be rude to people! Specially ladies." He retorts and his arms tense tightly.

Sybil: She lightly grabs his arm, "North, it's fine. He's not worth your time," She said, soothingly. "C'mon. Let's get our seats."

North: He smiles at her, sighs, kisses her gently an her forehead and shoots a very dirty look at the man. He then makes the place he's in significantly colder.

Sybil: She smiles, but then feels the place grow gradually colder. She shook her head, "Let's go," She softly says, and leads him into the theater.

North: "Ok" he follows.

Sybil: She finds two seats, perfectly in the middle, "Here," She says, and sits down on one of the seats.

North: He sits and the mvie starts. "Just in time" he whispers.

Sybil: She nods and starts to watch the movie intently. After an amount of time, she curled up into North, her arm wrapped around his.

North: He smiles at her and makes a motion so she can know that she may rest her head on his shoulder dor more comfort.

Sybil: She accepts the gesture and rests her head on his shoulder, "Thanks," she whispers, as the movie plays on.

North: He smiles, loving the feeling of Sybil being close to him.

Sybil: As the credits end and the lights turn back on, she stands up quickly, "That actually was really good and the games weren't about being hungry as much as I thought," she said.

North: He laughs loudly "Told you we should've give it a shot."

Sybil: "Yeah, you were right! Lets get going," She smiled.

North: "Where to?"

Sybil: "We'll find someplace on the way," She smiled, and took his hand, leading him out of the theater.

North: He smiles. "Sure thing, then."

A Walk In The Town

Sybil: "Tell me North," She said, walking alongside him, "Apart from cleaning and eating, what do you like to do?" She asked, as she the walked in the town.

North: He shrugs "Training, working out... sometimes I even accept to read." he then looks sweetly at Sybil "What about you sweetheart?"

Sybil: She squeezes his hand, "Well, apart from painting, I do like to read. Poetry mostly, but also fiction novels. And I also like to daydream," She lightly stated, her voice almost a whisper in the cool air.

North: "So you do daydream?"

Sybil: She looked at the ground, smiling, "Yeah," she said. "I daydream about a lot of things. It's very relaxing."

North: "Normally what do you daydream about? I'm certain I would think of you most time."

Sybil: "That's sweet," she said, "I dream mostly about you, yes of course, about the future and about the past, like what could have happened and would things have changed?"

North: "So you're a reflective person, I take?"

Sybil: She nods, "Yeah, something like that." She says, smiling. "Are you one?"

North: "I would not say so..."

Sybil: "So you don't daydream?" She asked.

North: "Not very often, no."

Sybil: She smiles softly, biting the inside of her cheek, "Oh well. I would say I'm more idealistic than realistic."

North: "I could say that you are more beutifulistic than any of the two 'istics' mentioned before" he jokes.

Sybil: She laughed purely, the sound ringing through the night. "Thank you," she replied. "But I don't believe I'm as beautiful as the other girls out there."

North: "You are beautiful inside out. That counts as a double."

Sybil: She shakes her head, "You're like the only person who thinks that. Most people don't care about the inside. You're beautiful inside in my eyes." She said, glancing at him sideways.

North: "You know what they say" he stretches his bare arms to the sky. "Bet is in the eye of the beholder. And guess what..."

Sybil: She nods and tilts her head, glancing sideways at him, still. "What?"

North: "I'm a pretty fine beholder."

Sybil: She nods, "I think you are." She gazed at him, and touched his cheek lightly.

North: "I love you" he said and kissed her gently on her lips.

Sybil: "I love you," she said, smiling as she kissed him deeply, hugging her arms around his neck.

North: He grinned and grabbed her hips, pulling her closer.

Sybil: She smiled whilst kissing, her arms around his neck and the space between their bodies closed. Only then, did an unexpected downfall of rain came.

North: He smiled at the feeling of the cold water touching them. However, trying to be romantic, he turned all the rain falling on them into soft snowflakes to the touch.

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