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Mattie - Guardian of Tigers


Tiger Nymph

She tries this human activity that is the so-called 'origami'. She intently examines the paper, looking at every side of it and folds it into half in her attempt of making a boat.
More Info
Age: immortal Accent: Neutral
Relationship Status: Single Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'3" Weight: 110 lbs.
Weapon(s): Dagger
Owned by: Cody

"We can always try."


William Adler - Son of Hecate
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He was at camp, not going anywhere in paricular as he saw a fair lady looking concentrated at a paper "Are you fine there, Miss?"

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Mathilde: Not really minding her surroundings, she simply replies while still looking at the paper, "Yes." She then proceeds with folding the corners, bring each to the middle of the paper.

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William: Curiosity walked him next to stranger "Would you mind If I inquire what are you doing?"

Mathilde: After doing another fold, she stops and sighs. "Actually, I don't know anymore... it's a human thing... I just thought it would be fun...."

William: Confused, he asked "Are you not a human? Or a demigoddess for that matter?"

Mathilde: She shook her head. "No," she simply replied. "I'm actually a nymph," she said then she finally looked at the one she's talking to. "How about you? Are you... human?" Then she remembered she's at camp. "Nah, you're probably a demigod, aren't you?"

William: "I am" he nodded and smiled charmingly.

Mathilde: She nodded. "I see... well, nice to meet you. I'm Mathilde," she said, smiling back at him as she extended her hand.

William: He shook her delicate hand firmly. "William."

Mathilde: "Pleasure to meet you, William," she said. "Son of...?"

William: "Hecate" he replied firmly but confidently. "Lady Hecate is my mother."

Mathilde: She smiled. "Ah, Lady Hecate. I met her once and she is very lovely, I must say."

William: "Why, thank you. Charm is something of heritage" he smirked.

Mathilde: "Oh, I wasn't talking about lovely as in charming but lovely as in... as a person," she said. "Goddess!" she immediately corrected herself. She smiled once more then a few seconds later, she just realized what she said. "Oh-- um I didn't mean that she wasn't beautiful-- I mean not that you're not good-looking. I was just trying to say that she seems like a kind goddess and believe me, you really look good as her-- Ah! Wait um... never mind...." After trying to explain herself, she finally gave up. "Sorry, just ignore what I said." She chuckled nervously, blushing in embarrassment.

William: He laughed lightheartedly "Don't worry about it Ms. Mathilde. You are lovely in both ways." He smiled and nodded confidently.

Mathilde: She looked at him sheepishly then her lips curled into a small smile. "You too, Sir William," she replied.

William: "Thank you very much."

Mathilde: "You are most welcome," she answered.

William: "So, tell me, what were you doing before origami?"

Mathilde: "Mmmm," she said, tapping her chin in thought. "I was just hanging out at the nymph sanctuary. Oh-- wanna go for a walk for a while?"

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William: "If you want to, I want to." He extended his hand for her to take.

Mathilde: She looked at his hand and stared at it for a good few seconds, unsure what to do with it then looked back at him. "Um..." She put her palm on his and decided to shake his hand. Maybe he was expecting that she thought. "Okay!" She grinned.

William: "Where should we head off to?"

Mathilde: "Anywhere our feet will take us," she replied. "Come on." She started walking out to the grassy fields of camp.

William: He followed her "Tell me more about yourself, Ms. Mathilde"

Mathilde: "Well," she said as she turned around, her hands together behind her while she walked backwards, now facing William. "I'm an animal nymph. That's one." She pointed her index finger up to put an emphasis to one. "Mmmm what else...? I'm guardian of the tigers." Now she had two fingers up. "Then..." She got her third finger ready. "You can call me Mattie if you want. I'm actually more comfortable with that." She turned again but her head was still slightly faced towards William. "And..." She slowed her pace down so they could walk side by side instead of William walking behind. "I think that's pretty much it. How about you?"

William: "I'm a demigod" he put one finger up just as Mattie "I'm a son of Hecate"a second finger went up "And you can call me William, as I don't find it comfortable when people call me Will." he laughed as a their finger went up. "And I was born on 1776, in New South Wales, Australia." he exaggerated his Aussie accent a bit while giggling, a fourth finger on his hand.

Mathilde: Her eyes widened in surprise. "So," she said as she slowly put William's hand down. "You're-- old???" she asked in shock. She impulsively put her palms on his cheeks and stretched them, examining the age of his skin. "But--!" She turned his head to the right and to the left. "Where are your wrinkles like the old man!?" She was referring to Dionysus.

William: He laughed "See, when I turned 12, I almost died and my mother preserved my body to heal. Since I was really wounded. It took more than 200 years to heal, but I still grew up, much slower, I must add. I grew 6 years physically in over 200 years."

Mathilde: She put her hands down. "Oh..." she said after hearing the story. She nodded. "That's an amazing story!" she exclaimed, beaming at him like a child who just got a bag of candy. "Say... don't you have anything to do or something? I might be hindering you from being productive...."

William: "I really don't. I was looking for someone, but I've already forgot what I wanted to talk about." he shrugged.

Mathilde: "Someone?" she repeated. "Hm... want me to help you?" she offered.

William: "I don't think you could. It was personal." he bit his lower lip.

Mathilde: "Oh." She pursed her lips. "Sorry," she said, almost as a whisper.

William: "No problem" he smiled warmly and he warily put his arm around her shoulders nonchalantly. He used to do that with his friends and since he didn't have a 100% grown up mind, he didn't have 'evil' intentions.

Mathilde: She was surprised he just casually put his arm on her shoulders. She stiffened a bit because she wasn't used to such gestures but it was strange that she felt her cheeks get warm. "So!" She said a little awkward. "What now?"

William: "I don't know. You wanted to walk. We're walking..."

Mathilde: "Aahhh right," she said. "Are you... hungry?" she randomly asked.

William: "Kind of" he shrugged.

Mathilde: Later, the conch horn was blown and can be heard from where they were. She jumped a bit. "Oh! Lunch time for you guys," Mathilde said with excitement written all over her face. "I better go with my fellow nymphs," she added. "We have our own get together." She chuckled.

William: "Oh" his face saddened "When could we meet again?"

Mathilde: "Well... I'm not too sure about it. But the camp is a small place," she said with a smile. "We'll most probably see each other again. See ya!" She waves goodbye before going.

William: "Oh, well." He waves back

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