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Word Bubbles

Demigod Morpheus 17
Single Heterosexual CB Sword

As the sun began to peak through Clarity's window she sat up in her bed while streching and rubbing her eyes. As she got up she walked to her bathroom, took a shower, and got dressed for the day ahead of her. She walked out of the cabin embelished in a white dress, a brown leather jacket over the top half of her body and brown ankle boots on her feet.  shedidnt have anything special to do today so she just began to walk around camp aimlessly.

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Jake Robson -Head of Eros' Cabin
Age= 17 Weight= 164 lb Height= 5'11"
Sexuality= Heteroflexible Relationship Status= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= American
Main Weapon= Bow and Arrow Species= Demigod

 – "Lookin' at my face? Blow me a kiss...
Don't worry, It's fine I know you would love to..."

He walked out of the Eros' cabin in a button up shirt and some jeans with lavender loafers. His hair was in an almost messy but classy pompadour.


Clarity: As clarity continued to walk she walked past the eros cabing. The slight breeze that was blowing through the air slightly blew her hair and dress back as she walked. Oce in front of the Eros cabin she sat on a bench, getting tried from walking around.

Jake: As he saw a girl sitting on a bench, Jake winked at her and grinned while ruffling his hair. "Hey..."

Clarity: As she looked up and saw the boy she smiled and waved her hand. "hey"

Jake: "Have I seen you before?"

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