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the rp

  • cait: she was walkin'g around looking at the sky
  • Horace: He appears beside her Hey, be careful there, you might walk into something.
  • cait was acctually surprise and turned to him hey horace whats up she said simply
  • Horace: he smiles. Um... My father's domain? Why do you ask?
  • cait: makes a are you kidding face seriously?
  • Horace: Yeah sure, why not? I mean, it is, isn't it?
  • cait: she crosses her arms you know what i mean horace its not the sky or atmostphere its whats going on in your life she said rather sternly
  • Horace: Alright, alright. No need to anger, I was just having some fun, is all. I am quite alright, thank you very much. But obviously something is up with you, otherwise you wouldn't have snapped at my very crude joke. Care to tell me what the matter might be?
  • cait: she let out a sigh everything I guess.. she said looking at the sky not knowing what else to say
  • Horace: he stands there expectantly Whenever you're ready...
  • cait: she makes a 0.0 face no she said dryly lets just go to lunch ok?
  • Horace: He backs off, throwing up his hands as a sign of defeat All right, all right fair enough. Where do you want to go?
  • cait: she shrugs town? she asked truly wanting to get out of camp
  • Horace: Alright. What do you feel like today? He makes a mental note of how desperate Cait seems to want to get out of camp.
  • cait: a breath of fresh air she answered simply lets just go she said as she started to walk toward the camp enterance
  • Horace: He gives her a confused smile, then elaborates. I meant what would you like to eat today?
  • cait: she gave a shrugs as she continue walking anything that can get me out of camp...
  • Horace: makes another mental note as they start walking towards the camp entrance So how are you? We haven't talked in a while.
  • cait: she kept silent lets just say my grandaunt adele needed me soo yeah...she answered after 3 minutes
  • Horace: Stops, looking very confused. Greataunt? But I thought you said you only family was your grandfather, and in im not mistaken... Sullens, he passed away as well, didn't he?
  • cait: she looks away a bit pained to talk about her grandfather yeah he passed away but my grandmother apparently had a sister and she's roger's grandmother and...uhh its complicated...
  • Horace: Knowing he's entering touchey territory, he starts walking again and frowns. Ok, if you don't want to talk about it, that's fine. Just clarify one thing.
  • cait: she turns to horace what?
  • Horace: Who's Roger?
  • cait: for the first time of the week she laugh roger's my cousin he's a child of prometheus
  • Horace: He smiles, then says exasperatedl, Well you could have opened with that! I never knew you had a cousin. What's he like? Will I be able to meet him any time soon?
  • cait: being asked about her dear cousin she stops awhile poundering on the words she should use roger...he's ...she said slowly thinking of the proper word alive...
  • Horace: he says awkwardly, That's, great..... I sort of figured as much.... But, like, what's he like? What's he into?
  • cait: scuplters and paintings...she said simply his recent word sold for a 10 billion but he refused the pay as he wanted to give it to charity..
  • Horace: Damn, that's fresh. He sounds like a pretty awesome dude.
  • cait: she shrugs it happens a lot in my family soo I'm used to it..
  • Horace: He grins broadly. dude, that just makes you even more fresh! Holds up his hand and says, C'mon, high five.
  • cait: she smiled before giving horace a high five ok now lets go eat she said showing how her mood was a  bit better now
  • Horace: He holds out his elbow to do the gentlemanly thing (You get what I'm saying, right?), and grins profusely. Alright, let's.
  • cait: she laughs seeing his gesture my since when are you a gentleman? she asked before going with him
  • Horace: Fake gasps, and looks at her pretend shocked. Well I have never felt this insulted in my life. How dare you; Just who do you think you are?
  • cait: she laugh once more as she rolls her eyes I am a girl! she said simply
  • Horace: Very well, great answer. I didn't expect anything less, he says with a surprisingly straight face.
  • cait: she laughswell what answer did you expect me to say?
  • Horace: Well if I was you and you were me, I would say how I was your first and longest friend at camp, so I pretty much deserve the right to be sarcastic with you and call you out.
  • cait: sure sure but seriously we need a line...
  • Horace: Look confused, Um.. What dyou mean?'
  • cait: we are platonic right?
  • Horace: He looks at here with pure confusion and innocent uneducation. What?
  • cait: she makes a -.- face strictly friends...I mean..
  • Horace: Well yeah, of course! I mean, I'm only like thirteen. Why would I be dating yet??
  • cait: she nods good point !
  • Horace: Sighs, yeah.... Okay, lunch! Let's go.
  • 'cait: notices his sigh was that a sad sigh or a glad sigh or just  tired sigh? she asked quite curious of the answer
  • Horace: To be completely honest, o think it was a transitional sigh...
  • cait: a whaaa??
  • Horace: Chuckles. You know, kinda like a Segway... I signed as a way to start on the next topic.
  • cait: oh hmmm I have nothing in mind you?
  • Horace: Oh, um... Well, I am in the mood for some pasta, but it's ultimately up to you where we go.
  • cait: hmmmm how about that new cafe in town?
  • Horace: So long as they have pasta... He grins, then does that hand motion and says, Lets go!
  • cait: she grins your the slow one she said as she quicken her pace
  • Horace: He lets her continue to walk fast until she is a considerable ways ahead of him, and then he takes a running start and jumps over her, albeit landing somewhat awkwardly and then walking backwards in front of her grinning goofily. How about now?
  • cait: she laughs horace your agaisnt an ariadne kid....are you sure about that
  • Horace: Smiles, Not really...
  • cait: she grins welll now you should...she said before making a maze
  • Horace: You can see the color drain from his face as the walls start to rise and assemble. Crap! Ugh, gods..... Panicking, he rises himself into the air and peers over the walls, trying to get out before the walls get to high or he runs out of strength.
  • OOC:you do know he cant get out until cait says so right?
  • OOV: Yeah, sure... Of course I did... >.>
  • cait:soon the walls dissapeared revealing cait near a tree you ok?
  • Horace: He lands, gasping loudly. Sure, of course.... Why wouldn't I be?
  • cait: she shrugs well I kinda forgot your a son of Zeus....
  • Horace: Still gasping loudly, Ugh, whatever... Let's... Just go.. To lunch....
  • cait: she make a -.- face and seems like its gonna be on me...
  • Horace: Still somewhat short of breath, he reaches into his pocket. What makes you say that? I've got like twenty-five dollars in my wallet.... Notices his wallet isn't in his pocket. Wait, what? Where'd my wallet go??
  • cait: she shrugs dont ask me I just saw you!
  • 'Horace: Oh man. Oh man... He stars looking around, and spy's his wallet on a branch in a tree. Oh, there it is! It must've fallen out of my pocket while I was trying to esca--AHEM-- er, flying....
  • cait: she rolls her eyes of course...she said simply not trying to sound sarcastic soo where were you 'flying' she said adding the hand gestures too?
  • Horace: Oh, the creepy labyrinth thing. He says nonchalantly.
  • cait: creepy?? she asked a bit surprise that horace admit to that fact
  • Horace: He sees that Cait seems sort of offended. Oh, I didn't mean to offend you in a ny way. It's just that, random labyrinth surrounds you, a guy's gonna get spooked, you know what I mean?
  • cait: I'm not offended more surprise than offended cause you actually admitted the fact you were scared either way I can understand you are a child of zues and they hate close spaces...
  • Horace: Yeah...
  • cait: welllllll lets worry about your wallet later I'll pay for lunch ok? she said simply
  • Horace: No it's fine, I'm sure I can get it. Just give me a sec... He takes a deep breath, they flies maybe six feet up, grabs his wallet off the branch, but then stumbles on his landing.
  • cait: dont be in the circus...she said trying to make a joke
  • Horace: He gives her a not now look. What?
  • cait: she looks down sorry bad joke...but it was there for the taking...
  • Horace: He now just looks even more upset and confused. what??'
  • cait:' never mind lets just go out!!
  • Horace: He grins at her enthusiasm. Well then, Tally ho, He grabs her arm, and Geronimo! He starts booking it to the main entrance/exit of camp, Cait in tow.
  • OOC:is he carrying cait or pushing her??
  • OOC: Pulling.
  • cait: i feel insulted ...being pull by a child of zues...oh the irony..she said dramatically
  • Horace: He hears her complaint and stops running. He lets go and looks down in shame. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad in any way. It's just that we kept getting sidetracked, and I though, we might as well get is party going, right? He gives a sad smile.
  • cait: she laughed wellll seems like your focus...
  • Horace: Yeah, for now. But I'm almost positive that within the next minute or two w---- we're getting sidetracked again right now!
  • cait: as a child of ariadne we dont get sidetrack we get lost helping people huge difference *she said sticking out her tongue*
  • Horace: He makes a face. Well, I know where we are as of this very moment, so we aren't lost. And you're not really helping me in any particular way, so...
  • cait: she rolls her eyes oh come now lets just walk! lets have an adventure!!
  • Horace: He cheers, Alright, adventure! What are we waiting for? He goes and tries to swing on a tree branch, but it cracks and he face plants. From the ground, he raises up his hand and gives a thumbs-up. I'm okay, he says weakly. He gets up and dusts himself off, before grinning and saying, Adventure! Um.. Let's not do that again though...
  • cait: she laughs as she does a salute aye captain! she said with a laugh now lets steer this ship somewhere
  • Horace: He looks at her weird and confused-like, before he sighs and just says, No. and walks away
  • cait: she let out a sigh awww no fun!!.

Horace: Good, he calls back at her, before adding, Are you coming or what?

cait: she rolls her eyes as she tries to catch up to him fine!! TIMESKIP

  • Horace: He stands before the various shops and resturaunts in town, and turns to Cait. So, where do you want to get food?
  • cait: a shopt? cait said sarcastically as she gave horace an innocent look
  • Horace: A shop? He says incredulously, So you just wanna eat junk food today?
  • cait: she rolls her eyes hey I'm paying right?
  • Horace: I'd rather not start this again, so how's about we just split it, okay?
  • cait: she sigh fine....guys should lower their ego sometimes...she said under her breath before she went in some random shop
  • OOC:you choose what shop it is...
  • Horace: Alright, pizza! He grins and rubs his hands together in anticipation before following her into Pizza Hut.
  • caitit took some time before caitlyn wa aware tahtshe just entered pizza hutehh we're here?
  • Horace: Um.. Yeah. Why, did you not want pizza?
  • cait: no I'm just surprise we're here...soo fast too...she said simply
  • horace: Ok.... He gives her a wierd look, confused as she didn't realize that with their conversation/argument before they left camp, the entire journey had taken about a good half-hour.
  • cait: oh dont give me that look you know we would be talking longer....
  • Horace: Fine, fine... What kind of pizza do you want?
  • cait: she shrugs surrpise me...she said simply as she pick a place to seat
  • 'Horace: He places an order for a medium veggie pizza, and quickly pays the guy before Cait notices, then takes a seat scross from her.
  • cait:' she looks at the pizza you paid already didnt you?
  • Horace: He sighs. Yeah.
  • cait: ....fine I'll take this as a thank you gidt for the trumpet...she said simply
  • Horace: Speaking of which, he pulls out an iPod with earbuds, taps on the screen a few times, then offers her one of the earbuds. I went into the Apollo cabin's recording studio, and, with the help of various other campers, we recorded this jazz piece.
  • cait; she shrugs as she took the earbud placing it in her ear hmmnice...she said complementing horace
  • Horace: He nods, humming along to the music. Oh, is part right here. The trumpet solo with the really high notes. That was me.
  • OOC:is it good or bad? cause I dont want to god mod >,<
  • OOC: It should be good, I hope. I mean, I heard this dude playing it in jazz band at my schools winter instrumental concert, and it was pretty f***ing fantastic. However, it is entirely your opinion
  • OOC:I know but your the one thats making him play sooo I need to know what you say first >,<

the chat

OOC:soo how are you? Swell... -SW

you sure?

Yeah sure. Why not. Did something happen to you? -SW

nope just asking to just get this conversation along...

ok two things I have to ask you one can I get your fb? (I might get busy after this cause I have exams and such) and here's a secret thats no longer a secret I'm more active there than here as fb can connect to my phone and such ;) but be warn you might be shocked when you see my fb (i'll tell you its me when I add dont worry) and the other thing are you?

I'm good, I've been stressed out cuz I started school late because I Moved, and then there's the usual teenage anarchy stuff, but other than that I'm fine, how are you? Also I don't have a Facebook, sorry... :/

why................. >,< anyhow how is that house??

Well, for starters it's alot more spacious. A couple of my friends live right around the corner, so we hang out a lot. The new school is pretty nice, everyone's cool and helpful and stuff, and I haven't been having bully problems. As for the whole Facebook thing, I frown upon the use of social networks, cuz I've seen it corrupt the best of people.

.....I'm glad your not bullied? and you have a better house??also about the fb comment..

Scratch that.... In not necessarily being bullied more like harassed by this guy who has violent mood swings. Also, ignore what Horace is saying. I need to set the guy up with someone,,, any ideas? -SW

hmmmm try one of jedi characters maybe? orrr do you want to rp with someone new?

I've asked Jedi already. She doesn't have any free characters.

soo how open are you to rping with new people?

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