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Serena Amethyst Kelly ~ The lover and dreamer...
"I'm kinda new. I think I came 2 or 3 months ago." She paused to think. "Yeah, 2 or 3." She smiled at her.
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More Info:

-Daughter of Aphrodite

 Age: 13  Height: 5"4  Weight: 90lb
 Sexuality: Straight...  Relationship Status: With Jason...
 Birth Place: Britain  Main Weapon: Celestial Bronze sword which is disguised as a pink belt.
 Accent: British

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Priscilla -Child of Aphrodite
Age= 17     Height= 5'9"     Weight= 145lbs     
Sexuality= Heterosexual     Health Status= Healthy     
Nationality= American     Accent= American
Species= Demigod    Main Weapon= Long Sword

 – "We are all beautiful in our own way, don't you think?"

She nodded as she listened. "Ah, I see. We're pretty much the same," she said with a bright smile. "But we haven't really got to talk, huh?"

Serena: "Yeah, I haven't been towards here. I love meeting new sisters." She smiled back. "Only some are really nice like you. Most of them, overload on the makeup, girl." She laughed softly.

Priscilla: She chuckled finding what Serena just said absolutely hilarious. "Why thank you for commending my uniqueness," she said in the midst of her laughter as she put her hand on her chest.

Serena: Serena laughed along, not quite sure what they were laughing about. "Seriously, some people go way too far with makeup. Looking good is a different thing, but like makeup..."

Priscilla: "They're close to looking like clowns, aren't they?" she added jokingly then she interrupted their laughter with a shush. "Keep it down. They might hear us," she whispered and then continued her suppressed chuckle.

Serena: "Ok, don't wanna face their wrath!" She said jokingly. "What's the worst they can do? Pour foundation on us. Wait, that could be a possibility." She paused.

Priscilla: "Probably drown us in perfume." She shrugged.

Serena: She giggled quietly. "Our family is violent. This is why we shouldn't get on their bad side. That's not good at all. I used to share a room and I couldn't breathe or sleep at all because too much perfume in the air. I'm still traumatised." She shivers.

Priscilla: She giggled along with her and it was just then that she noticed that she didn't invite her sister in. "Oh! Oh, come in!" She opened the door wide. "Sorry you had to stay there. My mind didn't react immediately."

Serena: Serena walked in and looks around. "Your room is so pretty. My room is nothing like this." Her hair got in the way of her eyes and she got really annoyed. She got the hair tie off her wrist and ties her hair. "My hair is so annoying. I seriously need to do something about it." She laughed falsely.

Priscilla: She closed the door after Serena went in. "Thanks," she said with a smile in reply to Serena's compliment. Hearing her complain about her hair, Priscilla's expression brightened like alight bulb just switched on. "I think I just know the perfect thing to do with your hair."

Serena:Serena thought for a minute and decided to trust her. "Ok, I trust you. What exactly are you gonna do to my hair? My hair is hard to tame because when I was younger, my dad didn't get me a brush. I know, horrifying right?" I didn't really have any female around me."

Priscilla: She went to Serena placing her hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her down telling Serena to sit back and relax. "Trust the magnificent Priscilla," she declared with much confidence. "Your hair!" she said as she walked to her drawers to get her stuff. "Will get tamed." She turned around and looked back at Serena holding the hair accessories she needed.

Serena:She sat in the chair and looked at Priscilla. "I am trusting you. It is really hard Priscilla, be careful. She smiles at her. She looks at the accessories in her hands and she bit her lip.

Priscilla: She removed Serena's scrunchie and began combing her hair. Midway, the comb got stuck, tangled in the strands of her hair. "H-Hold on a sec." She tried to loosen the knots. About to give up, she said, "I'm gonna have to use a little cheat on this one."

Serena:"Ow." She kept biting her lips because it hurt her. "What do you mean by a little cheat?" She kept trusting her because she felt safe around her.

Priscilla: She jumped a little as Serena showed that she was hurt. "So sorry!" But then she thought about it for a moment putting her hands on her waist. "Eh... no fun in cheating though. So might as well proceed with mano-a-mano." Her expression brightened once more. "Ah! I know! Why not take a quick shower first?"

Serena: "Ok, I'll just go to my room and come back. She went to her room and took a shower and came back 10 mins later. She was wearing casual clothes which she didn't mind if anything happened to it. She was also wearing sandals and her hair was hanging free. It was half dry and half wet because she'd knew if she dried it all, it would take forever. She knocked on the door and went back in. "I'm back."

Priscilla: She opened the door for her and with a gasp, she said, "Great! Come in and sit." She went to the chair and patted it gesturing Serena to take a seat.

Serena:Serena sat down in the chair. "Just to warn you, my hair is half wet and half dry. I didn't dry it all because it would take too long."

Priscilla: "Oh that's okay," she said grabbing a towel and then began drying Serena's hair. "I'll do it." Afterwards, she continued brushing her hair and it went surprisingly smoother than before. "Woooow! Much much better!" she exclaimed in awe.

Serena: "I guess you were right, you're quite good at this Priscilla." She said while admiring her work. "You have a quite a way with hair."

Priscilla: "Nah," she said in reply completely flattered. "Used to doing these kinds of stuff," she continued as she brushed Serena's hair. "I grew up in a convent and you'd be surprised to see how many clients I have in a day." She laughed.

Serena: She smiled. "You must be the best in town. No one could ever tame my hair, not even one of the beauty queens of the cabin but you did." She smiled again.

Priscilla: "Awwww," she said as she separated locks of her hair and began styling it, "thanks."

Serena: "No problem." She smiled. "Priscilla, what's your favourite place to be here? Mine is the town centre and the beach. It's quite peaceful there." She said to make a conversation.

Priscilla: "I love the amphitheater! You know, all those performances, they're really amazing!" she answered as she remembered the days she was there.

Serena: "I've heard a lot about the amphitheatre. I remember my dad took me there to watch a performance when I was younger. I can't quite remember what it was but I used to ask my dad to let me go on the stage because I loved the atmosphere." She smiles.

Priscilla: When she was finally done styling Serena's hair, she says proudly when she spun the chair around facing the mirror, "Ta-da!"

OOC: the mirror just popped into the scene >.<

Serena: Serena gasps. "It's amazing. How..." She said speechless as she looked into the mirror.

OOC:I can't blame you for bringing it in :) Also, Kit, do you wanna change characters? I think it is getting a bit boring, don't you think? If you want to continue it, I have no problem with it :)

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