Ignacio Lyric Arcano ~ The Arcane Warrior

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-Ghost blade

 Age: 19  Height: 6'5"  Weight: 295 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Mableton, GA  Main Weapon: Aldrid is a stygian iron straight blade katana with a single edge and a soshu kitae style slanted tip. Aldrid is made more special by the spirit attached to it whose name is Arthur a once demigod who the sword originally belonged to. Arthur has the ability to materialize anywhere in a ten foot area by the sword and can show himself to people if he so chooses but he usually doesn't because he doesn't care much for others. When Ignacio is fighting if Arthur lends power then the sword will blaze with a light blue ethereal flame while in this state the blade can project attacks up to eight feet(such as a slash)that act like a normal sword attack which can be defended. Beyond the sword has one more ability while Arthur is lending power to the blade and it can become intangible. Besides those two abilities the flames look extremely cool and can only be used for five minutes. (Arthur was able to bind himself to the sword because he was a child of Melinoe and had knowledge of the after life. To bind himself to the sword required him to sacrifice his body and demigod powers so he is just a funny, sarcastic, and blunt ghost sword now.)
 Accent: Neutral
 "Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect!"

Lilith Merina ~ Child of Hecate
Lilith WB
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-The Arcane Puppeteer

 Age: 16  Height: 5'7  Weight: 117 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Japan  Main Weapon: Whip and Puppet
 Accent: Light Japanese

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The sun is just setting signaling the best time for children of underworld gods to be out and that is the case when Ignacio steps out of his cabin with his new half sister Lilith. Whether it be hazing or good natured sparring it didn't matter the sister and brother stepped into the ring to test out New Blood using Olde majik.


Ignacio: Ignacio looks around the arena mystified by the effects and pleased by the fact everything seemed to be floating in this arena. Feeling stronger due to the night Ignacio gives a floating boulder a small push and sends it back by a foot or two; the boulder stopping as it crashed into other rocks. Feeling pumped for what is to come he stretches a bit moving around in his suit, the large I that used to be on his chest removed making it a light armor suit, and unsheathes Aldrid. Arthur appears sitting on the boulder he just pushed invisible to others and the old ghost says to him First fight with a demigod. Be prepared for abnormal things. Ignacio gives a nod and waits.

Lilith:Lilith smiles as she stands a few feet away watching her new half brother play with the effects of the Arena. A black Sigyl appears next to her and she reaches in smiling. "Let's start things off with a bang shall we?" And pulls out two dolls one which she lays over her back and the other she animates and has it stand next to her. Laying on her back was the Mermaid and next to her stood the Kunoichi.

Sera: Having been invited to join the two, she was standing quite a few feet away from the siblings, tossing around her knives in her hands as she concentrated to try and trigger her powers. A smirk crossed her lips as she watched, waiting for an opening.

Ignacio: Ignacio looks from Lilith to Sera and smiles before disappearing having teleported to the boulder he put a hand print on. From his new position he assess the situation and decides the puppets will be the biggest problem he faces during the match. He jumps to the left and jumps again before diving at the puppet and his sister from behind hi goal only to lay a hand on both then roll out of the way and land near Sera.

Lilith: She watches as her half brother jumps around using the eyes of he Kunoichi following his movements. She smiles and activates a second animation spell and two other spells simultaneously. As he jumps at the trio the Kunoichi's red sigyls all burn bright and the trio is covered in a giant explosion of fire which Lilith is protected from as the mermaid creates a bubble of water around the two to deflect the fire.

Ignacio: Ignacio wraps himself in protective magic like a second layer of skin and continues his reckless jump for his sister cocking his arm back and punching the elemental attack, his goal to force his way through and continue with the original plan.

Sera: She threw out her hand, and watched with a smirk as a thick cloud of pollen appeared, blocking everyone's view.

Lilith:The ball of fire collided with the cloud of pollen only feeding the flames making them burn hotter as they approached Sera. Lilith watched as Ignacio cast his own spell coating his body in a defensive layer. She was unfazed however as the Mermaid's mouth opened on its hinge to reveal a bright blue sigyl. The same appeared over Lilith's mouth and she screamed an earsplitting scream meant to both disorient and due to an overlay spell creating a sonic barrier between herself and the oncoming opponent. She knew she was using too many spells and would fade quickly if she kept it up but she needed to train and get stronger and more endurant.

Ignacio: Ignacio only barely avoids getting roasted but isn't able to teleport away fast enough to avoid disorientation. He ends up back on the boulder laid out like a used tissue and his world spinning. Arthur appears standing on top of him for lack of a better place to stand and leans over him getting in his face with a very wide and wild grin. Get up boyo! Your fight isn't over yet! It is just begun! Ignacio groans and rolls over Your accent comes out when a fight starts Arthur. Despite making fun of the ghost Ignacio realizes it was a mistake to hold back against other demigods and family at that; the ghost comes over his shoulder and says with that same wild grin veins coming out of his head Give one hundred percent in a fight and give nothing back. Then Ignacio stands before he takes the powder out of his pocket and throws it into the air, inhaling the falling particles, and feeling his body follow his namesake and Ignite. Ignacio surveys the battlefield Arthur lend me your strength the sword blazes with a pale ethereal flame and Ignacio does a simple horizontal slash at the area his half sister and the other opponent are hiding in. Energy from the sword is projected into a large slash that clears the pollen and while traveling towards his half sister and the other opponent I wonder if they know they can deflect it like a blade

Sera: She channeled more of her own power, forming a tornado, feeling a slight exhaustion dropping into her figure, before launching the tornado of thorns, vines, and sharpened petals at Ignacio at an incredible speed.

Ignacio: Ignacio considers how to stop the attack and thinks the best plan of action would be to attack it straight on. He jumps off the boulder with incredible force, pushing the rock back into the ones behind it, and becomes ethereal just before reaching the tornado. He passes through it quickly and exits the other side with a lot of speed aiming straight for the earth using opponent. Watch for her shoulders lad. You fight the person not the blade! Arthur says to him the ghost excited about the fight Don't forget about your sister though. You Hecate kids seem to regenerate power by taking a breather.

Lilith: She had done just that as her two opponents went head to head she had dropped back setting the mermaid off her back and into a standing position her fins splitting to reveal legs. She watched the conflict between the two not only taking a moment to recover from so many quick succession spells but also to study their fighting styles. The earth girl, Sera she though the training registrar had said, seemed to rely mainly on her powers to perform combat whilst her brother seemed to focus mostly on attacking with his sword only using spells to amplify his combat and defensive properties. Quickly thinking of how best to deal with these two she opened a black sigyl and the mermaid vanished and she reached in and pulled up the Ballerina who instantly animated and moved between the crouched Lilith and the combat. Her trap was set for when things got to her.

Sera: She had been keeping her weapons secret until the closer Ignacio got. She reached behind her, withdrawing one sharp knife and spinning her one deftly before shooting nettles at Ignacio with her left, approaching quickly and drawing him into a one-on-one combat match with her powers and knives being switched in and out of action.

Ignacio: Ignacio reaches her after his jump but has to drop to his knees and slide in to reduce speed and avoid the wave of nettles that suddenly fly at him. Ignacio does the only reasonable thing and decides to force her onto defense using his slash projection. He does a horizontal cut to the right, holding it in place, before following it up with a vertical slash which sets both of the attack projection in motion. From her end it probably looks like a giant glowing blue cross. If I didn't have Aldrid even I don't know how I would avoid something like that. I need to keep this match between me and her though just incase my sister attacks. If I fight both of them they will come for me but if she attacks us now I can take her down with this earth user. With that thought in mind he scans the area and mentally marks his attack points and escape points.

Lilith: Lilith was a smart woman and knew when to hold her punches. If she let Sera and Ignacio duke it out eventually one would fall and the other would be exhausted extensively. But at the same time she knew that just sitting things out would become tedious and her hyper activity would force her to act. So she sent in the Kunoichi from the side. The puppet dashed around the two fighters and flung a giant burning wave from her daggers.

Sera: She let out a loud curse as she danced back quickly to avoid the wave of fire heading her way. Sera dropped into a crouch, summoning a shield of flowers and vines, and watched with slight hesitation as she took advantage of this break to quickly break off a corner of ambrosia and quickly eat it, sighing internally as she did so.

Ignacio: Ignacio quickly throws up a protective dome but the color is brighter as if he put too much power into it; which blocks the view of his sister and the earth opponent. In the dome he suddenly dropped to a knee overcome by a massive wave of energy and power that seemingly came from nowhere. Arthur appears next to the prone and shaking Ignacio with his grin even wider than before and the veins in his face more pronounced Even I can feel that boyo. Aye you seem to have been awaken! Release that energy! as Arthur speaks to Ignacio he is rising to his feet. His eyes literally glow with magic energy and every muscle in his body is tense flexing; when Arthur says release that energy he throws his head back and yells "IGNITE!". It shatters the protective dome forcefully and the pressure of his newly unlocked power sends a ripple through the air and sends cracks through the ground. His eyes return to normal color but the energy coming off of him can still be felt, he stands there looking from the earth girl to his sister, and then he disappears as if he went faster then could be tracked by the human eye. He reappears a second later above the puppet his sister sent to attack him with his sword raised and quickly coming down on the non human being intent on shattering it with his flaming pale blue katana.

Lilith: Both of Lilith's eyes turn pure black as he tries to shatter her Kunoichi puppet and a black sigyl appears underneath it and it vanishes into the space where she keeps them. As the sigyl vanishes another appears beside her and she screams her eyes still black as the night, "Come forth oh denizen of ice. Show them your true face." And out strides a woman dressed in a kimono. The puppet's eyes which would normally have been blank now seemed life-like. In a creaking voice it replied to the puppeteer. "As you deem fit mistress." And with a wave of her hand several ice crystals form, shatter, reform, and shatter once more to create a veritable wall of splintered Ice which is fired forward at the two.

Sera: The fire had burnt her shield completely, and using that, combined with the last part of the energy surge that the ambrosia had given her, she was on her Last Stand. Sera straightened and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath and tapping into her last reserves of energy before firing off another tornado of vines, flowers, and thorns towards the brother/sister.

Ignacio: Ignacio drops to the rock that was just below the puppet when it disappears and he is just rising to his feet when his sister creates an ice wall in a beautiful way. Before the wall is completed the earth opponent creates a tornado like before and both of the attacks reach completion at the same time. Ignacio comes up with three ways to dodge but Arthur appears behind him and says Give 100% in a fight and take nothing back with that in mind Ignacio thinks of another way to counterattack. Ignacio takes off too the left running over rocks and floating items circling to his sister but that route gives him a window of attack at the earth opponent; he slices at the wind and sends five projectile slices to the way of the earth opponent. The slices glow even brighter then any before but they crackle with electric energy, fueled by his power, three of them fading out after battling through ice and tornado. The last two reach the earth opponent but his focus is still on his sister. Ignacio makes use of the mist and makes himself invisible before sending an image of him attacking her puppet hoping to confuse her. With the plan in action Ignacio jumps off of the rock adjacent to his sister with his blade drawn his plan to bring his katana to her side but not cut any further as if showing her he could have ended things there were it not a sparring match.

Lilith: She could barely register the movements of her brother the spell she had just cast taking a huge toll on her body. But when she realized his plan of action her eyes turned on the Mermaid next to her. "Oh denizen of the waters, show them your true face." The doll seems to change before their eyes becoming more lifelike. "As you deem fit mistress." Lilith seems to vanish as she sinks into nothingness followed by the sound of rushing water. The mermaid opens its mouth and as before releases a bloodcurdling screech this one amplified by the True Animation spell so that even The Priestess has to cover where her ears would normally be.

Sera: Sera whirled around at the last minute to see the two slices coming at her. She was too exhausted to try and defend against them, and instead they made contact with her. Sera was sent flying back into a rock floating just behind her, hitting it with a sickening crack as she fell to the ground on her front. Her blonde hair was reddening slightly at her part, as Sera lay on the ground, completely limp, unconscious, and exhausted. The screech only helped her pain as she lay there, seeming like she was almost dead.

Ignacio: Ignacio recognizes that puppet from before thanks to all of the puppet possessing a unique look. He looks past the sound puppet and teleports there with a thought but is slow to cover his ears and squeezes his eyes shut. His healing spell kicks in giving him enough strength to fight but he is still dizzy when his eyes open. Arthur I can't see where are those two puppets?! Arthur replies Slice forward Ignacio vertical then two horizontals! An "I" strike Ignacio Ignacio freezes I can't man! My slice was always too low or too high!. His thoughts are interrupted by a shout Give 100% Ignacio! Take nothing back! Just slice boyo with that Ignacio swings his katana high to the right horizontally, then down near the middle of the horizontal strike but he slices lowly to the left on the last strike. Ignacio pushes his left hand out "Ignite!!" he yells and the I slice strikes at both of the puppets Good job boyo you did it!

Lilith: "We must end this soon, mistress's powers are fading." The Priestess speaks to The Mermaid before stepping towards the oncoming fiery I. "You are but a mere child dabbling with magic he does not understand!" With a wave of her hand a sheet of ice forms between herself and the oncoming attack. The wall of Ice hiding the movements of those behind it The Mermaid begins to gather water into a cone causing it to spin rapidly. The Priestess steps next to her touching the water and causing it to freeze. As the wall is broken by the attack from Ignacio they release the attack. "Crystal Ice Drill" the drill eradicates the remainder of the attack from Ignacio and speeds towards the opponent with a viscious sound of rippling wind off the rotation of the attack.

Ignacio: Ignacio holds his ground taking his stance and holding his staff upright in a defensive position. "I may be a child!" the attack comes closer to him ripping through the ground "Dabbling in magic!" he leaps forward meeting the attack before it reaches him " But you're the puppet!!". His sword meets the attacks and the and immediately a burst of light emanates off of contact and Ignacio is blinded the impact of the attack sending him across the arena near where the earth girl fell. Ignacio groans but forgets about his own wounds upon seeing hers at which point Ignacio reaches for her hand with a healing spell in mind. A gold light radiates from his hand and her wounds knit together bringing her away from critical condition while using his vision to keep a watch on his sisters puppets from across the arena. It would take them seconds to reach you Ignacio so I will defend you if she sends them this way boyo but, that was just your enemy the sword floats but Arthur is invisible to everyone but him That's alright Arthur. She isn't one now.

Lilith: The puppets watch and notice his intentions and both take a passive pose. "We will grant you time to heal the injured. But once that is done we will hold nothing back young one." And so they stand for a few minutes waiting for Ignacio to finish healing Sera. As soon as they deem him to have had enough time they both re enter a battle position. "Diamond Dust!" once again the frozen was is formed but this time it is larger than before being provided with more water to freeze and shatter by the Mermaid. As the attack flies forth the Mermaid moves into position. "Arcane Overflow!" a surging wall of water forms and then soars towards Ignacio slowly growing in size the farther it moves.

Ignacio: Ignacio finally feels it's time to go all out and moves his neck from left to right cracking it. You usin the power up from the screamin folks boyo. Best to be rememberin the lightning usin one from the ninjas show.. "Hah you're right." Ignacio says and the wave comes close enough to him that he smells salt. Just before he is consumed, in his most badass tone of voice, he says "Ignite". Like a power up his hair flares out (turning silver) and lightning arcs across and over his body making his attack stronger If I go any further than this I may become a saiyan god. I wonder what the risk for that is...probably passing out.. He shrugs before charging a beam in one hand ,more powerful than his beam when using two hands, and not ignited. "Ignition wave!!" he yells and blasts through the wave of water and ice coming for him and the passed out girl. Once he is sure she is safe Ignacio teleports in front of the dolls "My sister isn't here any longer. I am sure you guys are leaving next. Let's have fun before then?". His sword is flipped to a reverse grip and he brings it up in a half moon arc intent on cutting the one with ice in half; thinking that one was more annoying. A projection wave emits from his sword so his sword attacks the ice using one and the emitting wave flies for the doll behind.

Lilith: Through her puppets she saw Ignacio move. She had one trump card left she could play before her body would give out entirely. Like her the two puppets disappear quickly with the sound of rushing water before all three emerge several feet away. "We have one option left. Lets see how he takes on this." A Red Sigyl about double the size of all three appears behind them followed by an overlayed blue and silver sigyl. "ARCANE CATACLYSM!" As these words leave her mouth a sphere appears in her hands and she hurls it at Ignacio with all her might and as it flies at him all three spells start to ignite at once ice particles flying off in every direction water dripping off and turning instantly to steam. And the core a burning sun of fire. As the orb leaves her hand the two puppets fall and as it comes closer to its target so too does Lilith. No matter if it hits him or not the spell will explode firing waves of water, flying shards of ice, and an intense heat like being hit with a ray directly from the sun.

Ignacio: Here's ya big sacrifice boyo! Where you goin ta be usin all ya strength to contain a spell that could be blowin this world to the next one. Ignacio nods and rapid fires majik burst to trigger the spell early but on the final one the magic burst wraps around ball of energy. "Aaaarrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!" he yells pouring majik energy into the shield while the spell detonates. Everything moves in slow motion to Ignacio while his spell increases in power to match the rising energy of his sister's majik; sound fades out to him but he continues to yell. The light from the spell is brightening until night is day in the arena and suddenly the spell reaches full mass; breaking through his shield with a thunderous boom that returns sound to Ignacio's world. Ignacio stabs Aldrid into the ground to withstand the rushing wind and majik energy that is left of the spell but he is left on his feet after all is said and done. You've done well boyo. You've done well! Arthur takes his rest and Aldrid stops glowing with that pale blue flame and Ignacio realizes he doesn't need the potion anymore. Guess I can make the seal now he walks over to his sister looking for a puddle and while he walks a dragon starts from his elbow and winds down his right hand inked like a tattoo; the jaw unhinges and opens around his fist Awesome.. Ignacio finds a puddle and kicks it sending up a wave of water before throwing a quarter in, the feed is grainy and it cuts out a bit but he can see the Apollo cabin. "Two wounded and unconscienced one battered and bruised. Send help please." then Ignacio waves through the video and takes a seat on the ground near his sister eventually lying down when his arms give out nd don't support him. "This was supposed to be a sparring session sis. We could have died. ha, but it was fun. Maybe..I'll take a little nap." He closes his eyes to sleep and his hair slowly reverts from silver to black becoming fully black once his eyes close completely.


So I used an award I forgot about from wayyy back when I was a newb during the mentorship program. Long story short Ignacio can now use 369 and more importantly can now use custom spells. This just got a lot more interesting ;) Black Flames Animated May the bridges I burn light the way to my future.  Black Flames Animated

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