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Earth Arena

Earth arena
  • This arena is surrounded by tall peaks and cliffs, moving towards the centre of the arena is a mostly dry sandy landscape, with lots of ruins, some even resemble an archaeological dig, with lots of places to hide in the shadows.
  • At the very centre of the arena is a lush oasis with a pond, palm trees and all sorts of vegetation.
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements
  • On each end of the arena, on top of some large pillars, are pyres, full of fire and wood. The fire that burns within the pyres can not be extinguished, but if the fire is removed from the pyres, it can then be put out.


Blodwen ~ Snow Nymph
    ~ Yukaronachan (talk) 18:47, December 22, 2019 (UTC)

More Info:

-Snow Flowers Guide

 Age: 23  Height: 5'10  Weight: 123 lbs
 Sexuality: Bi-sexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Canada  Main Weapon: Halberd
 Accent: Slight French
 – A guiding light, a shepherd in the snow, follow them and find salvation for the frigid.


Blodwen: The snow nymph stepped into the arena her oppnent had chosen a slight frown on her face. This was probly her least favorite arena. She pulled her cloak closer to her body the snow lining cooling her body as she prepared herself for the duel ahead. She glanced about the arena wondering where her opponent would cone from.

Zhinü Shang Ti: The lady danced down from the mountainous area, wearing a plain traditional white gi with a floral pattern, a chain and satchel resting on her waist. “Ah. I do enjoy the mountains here, they remind me of the mountains of Huangshan.” She reminisced, But it didn’t meet her eyes who glared steadily at Blodwen. “So, tell me. How is this to work? Do we just keep hitting each other until someone doesn’t get up or until one concedes?” She stated reaching the grounds before standing straight clicking her heels together.

Blodwen:"Yes as far as a duel is concerned we each do our utmost to defeat the other. The battle ends when one of us can no longer fight or one of us concedes. Just because you're new doesnt mean I will go easy on you either, a real opponent doesnt care how long youve been a warrior." With that said she quickly springs forward aiming a punch at Zhin's abdomen simply aiming to knock the wind out of her with a suprise strike, a dirty trick but she had never faced a child of Themes and she needed to be careful.

Zhinü Shang Ti: “I imagine so, but I’ve never actually used my p-“ her sentence was cut short as the Nymph punch landed home, Zhinü hadn’t even bowed yet, and while alert wasn’t expecting an attack so soon. She’d crumple to her knees, her hands placed on the floor.

Blodwen: "No opponent will ever play fair either. Now get up and show me what youre made of or fall here." A stiff cold wind blew around her hands and her Glaive appeared there the point aimed at her opponent ready to strike.

Zhinü Shang Ti: “I...guess not.” She’d say with indifference, bringing her feet under her stomach and with her left hand throwing gathered earth into the face of the Nymph while using the placement of her legs to leap away and create distance.

Blodwen:Blodwen brushed the silt out of her eyes with an indifferent hand and glared at Zhin. "A smart move using whats around you to your advantage. Now lets have some real action." She gripped her glaive and turned the blade so that when she dashed towards her enemy she dould bring the blade up at her opponents stomach aiming to cleave the girl up the middle if she doesnt defend herself, of course she would never go for a fatal wound so if she didnt block she would simply end up with a long shallow wound up her side.

Zhinü Shang Ti: “I suppose I forget to tell you.” She said as she moved backwards, “I never told you where I trained to be a Taoist monk...” her voice trailing off but still retaining that matter of fact tone. She took a stance facing towards, a Bow & Arrow Stance, she prepared herself, her eyes steeled on the pole-arm wielding Nymph. “I suppose you’ll have to find out soon enough” And instead of retreating further Zhinü charged forwards to meet her opponent, using the stance knock the front heavy Glaive away, as she leaned in, at the end of the pole with one hand and with an open palm to uppercut.

Blodwen:"It doesnt matter to me where you trained or how it matters to me how it works in real combat against people toting powers most mortals cant think of." As her Glaive was deflected she saw the upper cut and a sheet of ice rapidly formed taking the blow to her chin still making her head spin slightly but not disarming her she released her Glaige letting it clatter to the ground and brought her hands together over her head and downwards towards her opponents head aiming to knock her flat to the ground.

Zhinü Shang Ti: Seeing undeniable magic being used against her, Zhinü’s emotionlessness cracked for a moment to show fear and shock, bringing her leg up swiftly and kicking off from the Nymph to once more create distance, using her light body to move as swiftly as possible.

Blodwen: Despite the girls lithe frame the foot to the stomach knocked some of the wind from Blodwen's lungs and she had to gasp for a second to recover. She grabbed her Glaive and looked at Zhinü. "That was a smart move Zhin but distance does not make one safe." She dismissed her Glaive and held up one hand open palmed and a bow made of ice and snow formed and she shot an ice arrow at her opponent before dispelling the bow and making swift movements to approach the fleeing woman.

Zhinü Shang Ti: “You really do have magic...” her composure was rebuilding and her face became steeled again. Seeing that there was no other way to dodge with her current direction she let herself fall, throwing her hands below her to soften the fall, she then readied her right leg in the air for the Nymph to approach keeping her left leg bent on the floor.

Blodwen: The girl may not have looked it but she seemed very agile in combat Blodwen thought to herself. But agility had nothing on raw experience as Blodwen saw her positioning and instead of continuing her charge launched herself with a strong kick into the air aiming to land directly on top of Zhin and knock the wind from her lungs.

Zhinü Shang Ti: Watching the Nymph leap into the air Zhinü would grab whatever was in her pouch and using the foot which was planted on the floor and her upper body strength, she lifted herself up and readied what was in her hand to throw at the Nymph.

Blodwen: The girl was nothing if she was not fast. As the girl repositioned Blodwen twisted in mid air and threw the knives made of ice at her opponent landing on her forearms and rolling back and away from the girl.

Zhinü Shang Ti: Zhinü did her damnedest to avoid the ice knives, even if some did cut at the woven fabric of her gi. Once free from the attack Zhinü placed the thing in her hand carefully back into the pouch and gave a cutting glare at the Nymph, “I think I’ve had enough of that.” And she placed her hands together and looked at Blodwen; “根据我的天上宣言” she stated in a foreign language but it could still be understood “According to my Heavenly declaration!”, Zhinü continued “我否认您可以使用权力或承担丧失工作能力的风险!” She shouts in the foreign tongue yet to can be understood clear as day: “I deny you that you can use your powers or risk incapacitation!” using her own power to declare laws, she uses the ability to bind it upon Blodwen.

Blodwen: As she felt the ability fall over her she shook her head feeling frustrated. But having fought plenty of demigods she knew it would wear off before long. She put her weapon away and smiled. "I might not be able to use my powers but that doesnt mean i cant attack." And with that she dashed forward to try and punch her in the upper right torso.

Zhinü Shang Ti: Zhinü did nothing but stare, and as the Nymph ran towards her, she’d take the Bow and Arrow stance once more and readied for when the Nymph approached. As soon as the Nymph got too close, Zhinü used her martial arts to grab the Nymph’s cloths, drop to the floor and kick her over her head and onto the floor away from her, using the Nymph’s superior physical power against her.

Blodwen: The nymph lay there on her back a bit shocked. For someone who seemed so prim and proper she really was a good warrior. She sat up and shook her head. She had never fought someone who was almost purely defensive. She pulled her Glaive back out of its mist form and rose to her feet. She would have to figure out how to defeat this woman. She knew now that aggressive strikes would not work. She approached slower this time her blade dipping low as she came closer.

Zhinü Shang Ti: As the Nymph approached more carefully now, Zhinü slowly back away at an equal pace, keeping her eyes steadily placed on the Nymph and her glaive, moving her right hand to her pouch gripping the item and getting ready to throw it.

Blodwen: As the demigod back pedaled Blodwen grew tired of the game of cat and mouse. Her Glaive returned to its passive form and she stood up straight. "I came to fight a warrior not chase a child around the stadium." She spit on the ground and turned on her heel leaving the arena in her rearview to go find someone more worth her time.

Zhinü Shang Ti: Took note of what she said and waited until the Nymph dismissed her weapon and turned away, and at that moment Zhinü dropped what was in her right hand, which was a fine black and white powder, and took the chain from her waist and with a change of stance she would use the chain as a Chain whip and whip the Nymph across the Waist.

Zhinü Shang Ti: Continued to look down on the Nymph, her thoughts confirmed to her, “So you are the example for this Camp? I can see my suspicions are confirmed, you are all spawns of Lesser creatures, lesser beings, not Gods or the Celestial creatures, and this battle has proven my true divinity over you creatures.” She stated with no malice, merely fact as she accepted her victory over the lesser creature.


Yuka: Ive told you as many different ways as i can that this no longer brings me any enjoyment and i do not wish to continue. I will not be replying to this post aside from this last comment.

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