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Leo: She's sitting outside of Pandia's cabin, sipping a coffee and reading an old paperback.

Alexander: He struts past, walking on his hands and wearing ankle weights, slowing his progress by about 40 pounds. EVentually, this new exercise routine proves to be too stressful, and he loses his balance, kicking the paper back out of Leo's hand but missing her coffee.

Leo: She yelps in surprise, eyes widening. "What the f-" she stops, taking a long look at him. "You okay?"

Alexander:The fall had knocked his head pretty hard, and a single stream of blood trickles down between his eyes, "Y-yeah... I'm fine. Sorry about your book..."

Leo: Noticing that he's bleeding, she jumps up and helps him up. "You don't look like it." She uses her sleeve to wipe the blood off gently. "Common, my first aid kit is in my room."

Alexander:He nods, and follows behind her, "Would you mind if i got your name before blindly following you to yor cabin?"

Leo: She almost chuckles, but continues to lead him to her room silently. "I'm Leo," she replies after a small pause. She turns her head towards him, still walking, "You?"

Alexander:He bows his head, "Alexander. Thank you for the help, Leo..."

Leo: She can't help but smirk at that, "I didn't do anything yet. For all you know, I might make everything worse." They finally reach her room, and she closes the door behind him. Pointing at her bed, she makes her way to her desk. "Sit down," she tells him, as she opens a drawer and starts looking for that first aid kit. In the process, she pulls her sleeves up, making some old scars, as well as quite a few fresh ones show.

Alexander:He flops down onto her bed, resting his head against hit perpendicularly. The scars are easily visible to him, but he makes no comment, nor does he glance for longer than a seconHis scars are much worse, "So, It's just a simple scrape. Why bring me all the way here for a band-aid?"

Leo: "You're not a birght one, huh?" she smiles at him, to let him know she's joking. Sitting next to him, she takes out some antiseptic and pours a little on a cotton ball. "It might get infected. Besides, that hit was pretty hard. You could've gotten a concussion." She starts cleaning his wound with gentle strokes, holding his head in place with her other hand. "Does your head hurt? Do you feel dizzy?"

Alexander:"Well, I can't see straight, and there's this little yellow bird that won't go away that's chirping around my head..."

Leo: She sighs, "Do you think it will go away if I give you some ambrosia, or do I have to take you to the infirmary? I'm not used to dealing with injured demigods, so I'm not sure."

Alexander:He yawns, "I dunno. I usually just nom some ambrosia or sleep off what it doesn't fix. I dob't pay attention to what it fixes and what it doesn't."

Leo: She shrugs, "We'll just have to wait and see, then." She hands him some ambrosia, then proceeds to put a bandaid on the cut, which, admittedly, isn't really deep and has almost stopped bleeding.

Alexander:He spreads himself out over her bed, sinking into the soft cloth as a wave of euphoria comes over him from the ambrosia. He closes his eyes to soak it in, letting out a low groan as he drifts on the edge of sleep.

Leo: She quickly snaps her fingers in front of his face, "Nope, ain't happening. First rule of concussions is that you don't sleep if I don't see that the ambrosia worked."

Alexander:He shrugged, standing up. Alex was a good five inches over Leo, and wider too. He stretched out a bit, accidently bumping into Leo before wiping out onto the bed again, "Thank you for the help, Leo. I don't suppose you have a reason for this?"

Leo: She smiles a little, "No problem. My only friends before I came here were four stupid boys that got in trouble just by taking a step outside of their dorm. Infirmary wasn't always an option, so I was quickly turned into their personal nurse." Her smile fades, "Old habits die hard, I guess."

Alexander:He holds his hand out to her, it's muscled and scarred from his many fights, and his sleeve shortens as he does so, revealing fresh cuts, probably not even a few hours old, some still bleeding slightly but closing quickly thanks to the ambrosia, "It means a lot, Leo. Thanks again.."

Leo: She frowns upon seeing his scars and quickly takes hold of his hand. She forces a smile, "Do you feel any better?"

Alexander:He nods, yawning a bit more, "Definitely. Does this mean I can sleep now?"

Leo: She nods, giving his hand a little squeeze before letting go. "Sleep. If you need anything, I'm here."

Alexander:He takes to his feet once again, smiling warmly as he took her into a slight hug before making his way to the door, "I'll see you around, Leo. Thanks aagain..

Leo: Her eyes widen as he hugs her, but before she can do anything he's letting go. "Are you dumb? I'm not letting you go, you're gonna end up collapsing a few feet out of my room. Just sleep here for a few hours, then you can go."

Alexander:He shakes his head, "I'd hate to impose. I can sleep well enough in my own bed."

Leo: She gives him her best Molly Weasley, aka argue with me and you're dead, look, and crosses her arms across her chest, daring him to argue.

Alexander:He snorts, sitting back down on her bed, "I can sleep on the floor if you prefer. I can understand not wanting me in your bed."

Leo: She rolls her eyes, "Shut up and sleep already." She tries to sound annoyed and angry, but the small smile playing on her lips betrays her.

Alexander:He chuckles a bit as he removes the dirtied shirt he wore. His chest was wound tight with bandages, some blood seeping through (Though these were from fight wounds, not self-inflicted) The top bits of his arm were covered in scar tissue, with the scars themselves twisting and curling around his body as if they were snakes. A small astral projection in the shape of a teddy bear appeared in his arms, and he cuddled into her bed. (Making sure to leave just enough room for her c;)

Leo: She flinches when she sees all his scars, but really doesn't want to ask him right now. She chuckles at the teddy bear, "How old are you, eight?"

Alexander:A small laugh escaped him, "And a half."

Leo: She sits next to him and holds his hand again, "Ethan, sleep already." She pales as she realizes what she just called him, "Sorry. I meant Alexander. Forget I ever said that."

Alexander: His face reddens slightly, and he squeaks a little, "Why did you call me Ethan?"

Leo: She chews on her lip, "Long story. Maybe I'll tell you when you wake up."

Alexander: He squeezes her hand and prods her side with his finger, "Cooommme ooon. Have I ever told you how I got these scars?"

Leo: She smirks, "Slow down there, Joker.  Sleep. We'll talk when you wake up, I swear."

Alexander: He wraps his arm around her waist in a small hug before passing out with it around her.

Leo: She chuckles and removes his arm slowly, trying not to wake him up. She sits at her desk and spends the next couple of hours on her computer.


Alexander: Alexander awakens about three hours later, the moon high in the night sky and stars glittering outside the window. He sits up from his slumber, groggily rubbing his eyes and yawning, making quite a bit of noise.

Leo: She looks over at him, "Oh, you're awake." She walks over to him, "How'd you sleep? Do you feel better?"

Alexander:He nods, and wills the teddy bear to dissipate, "I don't suppose you stole my kidneys, eh?"

Leo: She grins, "I did, actually."

Alexander: He glares, "I wouldn't put it past you." He stretches out and pokes her without leaving the bed, "Did I miss anything?"

Leo: She shrugs, "Mostly me fighting with my brother." She fiddles with her right sleeve, which is pulled over half of her palm, hiding her scars.

Alexander: He stands up and skips over to her, putting his hands on the back of her chair, "So you said we could talk?"

Leo: She smiles and stretches, looking up at him. "Fancy a cup of tea? I think we have some food, too."

Alexander: He smiles and takes a cup, but sits with a frown, "I don't think you meant we would talk about food."

Leo: She sits on the opposite side of the bed, wraping both hands around her own cup. She chews on her bottom lip again, looking at one of his really deep scars. "How did you get those?"

Alexander: He traces a finger around the scars, making them look bigger, "When I was about 10, I met my first hellhound. Little bastard tore into my chest-" He create sscissors from astral energies, clipping away at the bandages to reveal an even worse scarred chest, sickly looking tendrils of scar tissue working their way around his entire torso, jutting out as if something were running through them, "But didn't kill me somehow. I reckon I don't even have any kidneys for you to steal."

Leo: She pales significantly, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly open. She clenches her eyes shut and wills new bandages made of moonlight to wrap around his torso.

Alexander: He sighs, hoping she doesn't kick him out over simply showing her his scars. it wouldn't be the first time. He coughs a small bit, "I'm sorry about that..."

Leo: She shakes her head slowly and opens her eyes. "You have nothing to be sorry for. It's just been a while since I last saw scars that bad."

Alexander: He cocks his head slightly to the side, "You've seen scars like this before?"

Leo: She takes a sip of her tea, "Well, not that bad, but yeah. And they weren't from hellhounds."

Alexander:He rolls over, creating a table to put his tea on so it doesn't spill, "What were they from? Hydra? Harpy? Siren?"

Leo: She smirks, but it's not a happy one. "A knife. The mortal kind. My friends knew how to get in trouble."

Alexander: "That's a shame... I hope none of them have my father yet..."

Leo: The smirk is quickly replaced by a frown, "One has, actually." She looks down, furiously trying to blink the tears away, but one manages to escape and falls into her cup.

Alexander:He stits up and reaches over to her, smiling warmly as he whipes the tear away with his thumb, "Don't cry, Leo. I'm sure he's in a better place now. I can always ask how he is, if you would like..."

Leo: She sniffs and shakes her head, "No, I don't think it would do me any good. It hasn't been long since he... you know. It really wouldn't do me any good."

Alexander:He nods, removing his hand from her face, "Alright then. I'm here if you need me. Just throw emotions at me. I'm like an emotional trashcan.

Leo: She smiles a little and nods. Taking a sip of her tea, her eyes fall once again on the scars along his arms. They look too much like self-harm scars. A frown finds its way to her lips again.

Alexander: He scowls, Now what seems to be the problem?"

Leo: She bites her lip, "Sorry. Nothing. Forget about it, I'm just a bit emotional today."

Alexander: He sighs, "It doesn't look like that was nothing. What's wrong?"

Leo: She scoots closer and places her mug on the table he created earlier, "We have some similar scars, that's all." She pulls up her sleeve to reveal a lot of cuts, most fresh, and most quite deep.

Alexander: He glares at her sideways, "Now why would you go and do that, Leo?"

Leo: She glares right back, "Now you're being a hypocrite."

Alexander: He scowls, "About what? I just asked why you would do that. I never said I didn't and wouldn't."

Leo: She rolls her eyes, "You should understand, then."

Alexander: He shrugs, "I guess you could say that. My reason changes from time to time, and it isn't a problem for me. For you, it doesn't seem the same. What's wrong?"

Leo: She chuckles darkly, "My life."

Alexander: He shakes his head, "well you should find a way to make it better. You have a lot ahead of you."

Leo: She glares at him, "Don't you dare patronize me."

Alexander: He throws his hands up in defense, "Hey, I'm just saying. I'd love to help you with that, if I could."

Leo: She continues glaring at him, albeit halfheartedly, and pulls her sleeve down self-consciously. She takes her cup again and wraps both hands around it.

Alexander: He sighs, and wraps an arm around her shoulder, rubbing her arm to make her feel protected or some shit. I dunno, better?

Leo: She huffs, but leans into him and rests her head on his shoulder.

Alexander: He simles warmly, though she can't really notice from where her head is. His body temperature rises sharply, and his heart rate increases. He shifts his glance to her face, hoping she won't notice.

Leo: She relaxes somewhat, "Sorry... I'm really not that emotional or annoying usually."

Alexander: He shrugs, "You weren't annoying at all. I like talking to people, it helps most the time, and I like helping. And being emotional is cute."

Leo: She hits his chest lightly, "Excuse you. Elinor Blackwater is not to be described as cute."

Alexander: He chuckles, and lies his head back onto her bed, "Adorable, then. Better?"

Leo: She snorts, "How about no?"

Alexander: He shivers, the cold of winter getting to him, "Cute you shall stay, then."

Leo: A thought occurs to her and she looks up to him, smiling slightly. "Do you have all those cool shadow related powers, then? Shadow travel and stuff?"

Alexander: He nods, "I can also manipulate the astral energies." As he says this, a faint glow appears in his outstretched hand, growing into the shape of a flower, "Neat, right?"

Leo: She smiles and wills a ribbon made of moonlight to wrap around the flower, which I am assuming is a rose. "Neat."

Alexander: He disappears in a burst of shadows, reappearing next to his shirt and pulling it on, "So what about them?"

Leo: She shrugs, "Nothing. I just really like those powers."

Alexander: He shadow travels the few feet back to where he was sitting, his arm wrapped around her again, "I do too. Though, moonlight must be fun. And perfect vision."

Leo: She nods, "It has its perks, yeah."

Alexander: He pulls her closer, only slightly though, so as not to make her think he's trying too hard, "So, how long have you been at Camp?"

Leo: She chews on her lip, "Let's see." Muttering some calculations under her breath, she twirls a strand of her hair around her finger, a habit she picked up from her snobby classmates from the Primrose Academy. "I came here in June. You?"

Alexander: "I arrived in...March I think. Or April, I'm not sure." He stretches his arms, and uses them to keep himself propped up on her bed, "I'm sorry. I'm bad at talking to people" >.<

Leo: She chuckles, "It's okay." She snuggles a bit more, "Where did you grow up?"

Alexander: He shrugs, "I was born in Western Samoa, it's an island, but I grew up in Los Angeles. You?"

Leo: "New York. Got shipped off to Switzerland when I was seven, really cool boarding school. I met all the people I love there, then got expelled three years later. The step-monster sent me to France next, to an all girl academy. Not complaining, though. I'd take stuck up drama queens over my family any day."

Alexander: He sighs, "I wish I got a chance to go to school. I never had a home, so I never went to school." he shrugs, "I guess I can take classes here, though."'

Leo: She nods, "That's a sure thing. I could ask my friend Marlene, she's a guru when it comes to shit like that."

Alexander: He shrugs again, "But that'd be woooooooooork."

Leo: She chuckles, "Now who's cute, huh?"

Alexander: He chuckles and pokes at her tummy, "Definitely still you."

Leo: She laughs and slaps his hand away. "Hey, why were you walking on your hands in the first place?"

Alexander: He pulls up his jeans, revealing two heavy weights, "I was training. Why were you reading?"

Leo: "I happen to like reading," she smirks.

Alexander: He scoots up farther onto her bed, retreating under the covers. In a small voice, "I'm cold .-."

Leo: She yawns and nods, "Me too, actually."

Alexander: He shrugs and gets off her bed, "I suppose I should let you sleep then. I've annoyed you long enough."

Leo:  She stands up as well, and wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. "It was nice meeting yu. Catch you later, yeah?" She lets go and smiles warmly. 

Alexander:He wraps his arms around her waist, hugging her back before stepping away, "It's been a pleasure." He conjures an astral hat to tip at her, before disappearing in another burst of shadows.

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