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Coffee Shop

Ariana: Ariana smiles and sits next to him but sit a littlee closeer then she thought. "So how long have you been at camp." She says trying to make demi-god small talk.

Ryan: Ryan thinks for a few seconds, before replying, "A week and a half, I think."

Ariana: Ariana smiles and thinks to herself. "Im not really sure how long ive been here i kinda forgot." She says to him.

Ryan: Ryan chuckles, "Really? I can't believe my future girlfriend forgot when she got to camp." He smirks, waiting for her reactions to his words.

Ariana: Ariana laughs at what he said. "It's not my fualt! And Future girlfriend?" She says Looking at him with a smile on her face and blushing.

Ryan: "Yes ma'am." He laughs and pecks her lips softly, pulling away seconds later.

Ariana: Ariana smiles as he kisses her then get kinda sad when he pulls away. "If this is your way of asking me to be your girlfriend then my answers yes." She smile kissing him on the lips.

Ryan: Ryan grins and kisses back, but pulls away quickly, remembering something. He hesitates a bit, before talking, "Are you like your half-siblings? Into sex and all that?"

Ariana: Ariana frowns and shakes her head. "Eww no the only thing i have in common whith my siblings is i like fashion but i belive in saving myself for my true love." She smiles at him.

Ryan: Ryan sighs in relief, "Thank Olympus." He smiles back at her.

Ariana: Ariana laughs at his remark then leans her head on his shoulder a small smile on her face..

Ryan: Ryan wraps an arm around her neck, smiling kindly at the waiter. "I'll have a white chocolate mocha Frappuccino." He orders, "What about you, Ari?"

Ariana: Ariana smiles at the waiter. "Ill have the same thing hes having." She lifts her head and smiles at ryan.

Ryan: Ryan raises an eyebrows at her curiously after the waiter left, "Have you ever even tried one of those drinks?"

Ariana: Ariana smile but shakes her head no. "No ive just never been here before and i didnt know what to order." She says playing with a strip of her hair with her hands.

Ryan: Ryan nodded, "Yeah. So, what do you wanna do?"

Ariana: Ariana shrugs her shoulders. "I dont know you choose something?" She says with a small smile on her face.

Ryan: Ryan ponders for a while, "Um, how abou-" He was interrupted by the waiter with their orders.

Ariana: Ariana smiles at the waiter as she grabs her drink and takes a drink of it. "YUM!" She says with delight. "This is great." She says smiling at Ryan

Ryan: Ryan chuckles, "Yeah well, I have a great taste in frappuccinos." He laughs.

Ariana: Ariana giggles and takes another drink. "So do you come here alot." She says forgeting  that he said he had only been her for aabout a week and a half.

Ryan: Ryan looks at her amused, "I've only been here for a week and a half," He takes a pause, before continuing, "But in the short time I've been here, yeah."

Ariana: Ariana blushes relizing she had forgoten he said that. "sorry my memory isnt that great.." She lightly laughs and then smiles at him.

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