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Riley: Riley walked around camp after watching some older guys spar, when her small and feminine body bumped into a taller and more masculine one. Looking up, her eyes widened at the sight of the boy in front of her. "Hello there! I'm Riley Collins, Daughter of Aphrodite." She then smiled, gaining her balance (and the confidence she lost after looking at his masculine figure) back.

TonyHe smiles at the girl kindly "Hello Riley. I'm Tony" he says and extends his firm hand for her to shake.

Riley:: Riley extends her hand, shaking his carefully. "Who's your Godly Parent?" Riley guessed it was Ares, for he looked like his type of kids.

TonyHe shakes her hand firmly, but delicately. "Hephaestus" He smiles and laugh in his head at the curiosity of Riley.

Riley: Riley nods, "I expected Ares, as you look like his kids, I guess." Riley shrugs.

Tony: "Why is that?" he asks

Riley: Riley sighs, "Your appearance and the aura you give..." Riley frowns, "Sorry if you think I'm crazy or something."

Tony: "Don't worry, but what's wrong with my appereance? I mean, I don't like Ares kids, they're tough, I mean, some are cool but..."

Riley: "I meant you looked like them." She sighs, "Nevermind. Anyways, I was wondering..." She hesitated to continue.

Tony: "Wondering what? Go on, no scares"

Riley: "Nevermind. It's stupid." Riley frowns and looks away.

Tony: "Girl.... Tell me, no problem. I won't bite.... hopefully" he jokes.

Riley: "Not helping." She rolls her eyes, "Anyways, do you have any girl interests I can try and help build a relationship for you with?" Riley smirks, "If that made any sense."

Tony: "Nope... I mean, I didn't understand you. Could you Please repeat it?"

Riley: "You have a serious brain problem, boy." She mumbles to herself, before looking back at him. "Do you have a crush that I can try and help you hook up with?!" She shouted, throwing her hands up in the air.

Tony: "Not yet, Why?"

Riley: Riley smiles mischievously at Tony. "Let me know when you find a good girl. I barely know you at all and you're what? 3 years older than me? But I do know we'll get along very well."

Tony: He smiles at Riley, "That, I know" He notices that he feels something for her, maybe not love as in a relationship, but he feels her like his younger sister, he feels the need to protect her. But protect her from what? She was relatively grown-up, and from seeeing that she wasn't dead yet, she was probably good at fighting monsters.

Riley: "I need to match him up with a girl, as he's clearly not good with girls.." She starts speaking to herself quietly, "Maybe one of my half-sisters or too slutty? Perhaps a Daughter of Zephyrus would look cute with you. Maybe a Child of Zeus... OH I GOT IT! A Daughter of Poseidon." She cheers quietly.

Tony"What? Water and fire? Complemens or what?" he asks

Riley: Riley stares at Tony like if he was from outer space, which was possible. "WTF?"

Tony: "You're the one that's confusing me, not viceversa"

Riley: "I'm thinking who you'd look better with. DUH." Riley made a 'DUH' face.

Tony"I'm sorry, I'm not good with this conversations, see, I have a terrible sense of flirting, and I don't have good looks, you basically I'm screwed"

Riley: "Yep, just like I thought. You match with a Sister of mine, the best. May I suggest Ariana Valentine? She's the best match." Riley suggested.

Tony"Uhmmm, I don't think that's a really good idea, see, I have a friend that dibbed her, although they are not anything by now, but he's got some tricks under his sleeves"

Riley: "Why didn't she tell me this sooner?" She muttered to herself. "How bout' Asyline, the Daughter of Poseidon?" She tried again.

Tony"Oh! I do know her, she's really cute. But I don't know if she likes me"

Riley: "I'll ask her!" Riley immediately butted in, like an annoying little sister.

OOC: I have a great idea for a roleplay!

Tony: "But-but- Wait! It's not like you'll ask someone 'Do you like Tony?' I know she will answer no!"

Riley: "What do you know?" Riley raised an eyebrow curiously.

Tony"Forget it"

Riley: "No way, pretty boy." She smirks, "We better ask her soon, before someone else catches her eyes."

Tony: "But--But" he didn't want to arque, in a way, he did want to know if Asyline liked him

Riley: "No but's, monsieur." Riley scolded like a mother, her French accidentally popping up.

Tony: He finally accepts "Okay ask her, you little love monster"

Riley: "Yay!" She squeals and hugs Tony tightly, wrapping her arms around his torso, as she was smaller than him.

Tony: He hugs her and carries her from the ground jokingly.

Riley: "Put me down!" She shrieks in his ear loudly, trying to make him put her down.

Tony: "Okay, okay" he puts her down "what's the problem?"

Riley: "Dizzy, monsieur. I get dizzy easily."

Tony: "I'm sorry mademoiselle"

Riley: "No worries." She shakes her head.

Tony: "Where were we?"

Riley: "Uh, I forgot." She smiled sheepishly, "Blame my short Aphrodite Child attention spams."

Tony: "Already did" he whispers

Riley: "Well fuck. What a waste of time." She frowned, "Oh well." She shrugs.

Tony: What a mouth

Riley: "You don't say?" She shoots him a unamused glare.

Tony: he laughs at her glare, "You're not good at it, youmshould turn your left eyebrow higher"he says" like this:" he makes the same glare jokingly.

Riley: Riley tries not smiling, yet she fails and smiles, "You idiot! Don't do that!" She laughed, punching him not-so-lightly in his arm.

Tony: He laughs at her punch, since he knew he was stronger. "C'mon, don't punch me like that, is that the best you can do?" he teases.

Riley: Riley rolls her eyes, "I'm telling Asyline you like her!" She squeals, running towards the Poseidon Cabin, hoping he'd follow her.

Tony: How many times do I need to tell  that girl that i dont like her. He says while running behind her. "No!"

Aphrodite Cabin

Riley: Riley smirks evilly as she runs into her own Cabin. She had tricked Tony into following her into her cabin, so her siblings could knock some sense into him. Now, to wait for him to run in. If he did it, that is.

Tony:He notices it isn't the poseidon cabin, but just when he opened the door. "Uh oh"

Riley: Riley laughs loudly, as she lunged at Tony, holding a rope. She attempt tying his legs up and duck taping his mouth.

Tony: Before she puts the tape in his mouth, he says: "you little love monst-"

Riley: She giggles mischievously, the mischief in her eyes sparkling brighter than usual. "Good!" She giggles again. She then moves to his hands, trying to tie them.

Tony: He slaps her hands away when she tries to tie his hands

Riley: "No!" She yelps and attempts tying his hands together again.

Tony: She finally ties them

Riley: She know turns on the radio and plays the cd with teaches the basic of how to spot true love.

Tony: He tries to ignore the cd

Riley: Riley simply raises it's volume to the highest possible, which would probably get into his ears, even if he tried blocking the sounds.

Tony: He tries to shout so somebody can hear him. But the ductape muffles the sund

Riley: Riley shoots him a weird look, "Don't try. The cd and tape drown your voice. That and I think the cabin is soundproof. Y'know, being the children of the goddess of Love."

Tony: he wonders to himself why make it soundproof. He then tries to break the rope form his arms. Bo good. He then grabs a swiss army knife he hides from his shoes, and silently cuts the rope from his feet.

Riley: Riley notices him and runs over, attempting to grab the knife and tackle him.

Tony: he rapidly gets the tape off his mouty while he can and shouts "I already kisses her, happy?

Riley: "Should've told me long ago. You're still listening to the cd." She smiles innocently.

Tony: "How could I, if i had duct tape?"

Riley: "Woops." She grinned sheepishly, before turning around and skipping to her bed and flopping down.

Tony: "Why did you do this?" he asks

Riley: She shrugs, "Don't really know OR care."

Tony: He fakely laughs "HAHA It's so funny I forgot to laugh"

Riley: "I'll let you go if you let me stalk you and Asyline in your next date." She says.

Tony: "NO!"

Riley: "Then there you'll stay." She shrugs, not really caring anymore. She brought out a fashion magazine and began reading it, looking at Tony frequently. It was a how to stalk unnoticed article. What? She wanted to stalk them. Anyways, she made sure to sneak glances at the tied up Tony frequently, to make sure he was there.

Tony: he growls "OK, its fine, you can stalk us, happy?"

Riley: Riley slowly looks up from the magazine and looks at him, "Swear on the styx you won't interfere with me and leave me alone."

Tony: "Ok, I promise on the river styx"

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