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Masen: He walks around camp, bored.

Monique: She sits in the grass looking down and making a small flower grow around her index finger.

Masen: He spots Monique and morphs into his panther form, before going towards Monique. He lays his panther body besides her.

Monique: Although she didn't know a lot about animals, she liked the panther that had layed beside her. She not knowing that it was a nymph, caressed the panther's head and behind its ears.

Masen: Even If it wasn't very noticeable, Masen felt his cheeks go light pink.

Monique: Since the panther didn't hurt her, she rests her head on its belly.

Masen: Masen wiggles a bit, before going calm. He accidentally morphs back into his human forms and hopes that she didn't notice. His cheeks were redder than a tomato, too.

Monique: She gasps and turns red when she notices the boy. She inmediately gets up. "Pardonnez moi!!" she corrects herself. "I'm sorry" she says in her french accent. 

Masen: Masen chuckles, "Don't worry. I liked the caressing behind my ears, though." He smiles.

Monique: She doesn't exactly know how to respond "Uhmm... You're welcome...?"

Masen: Masen smiles, "I'm Masen, Guardian of Leopards."

Monique: "Monique Alexandre... Daughter of Persephone." she hands him the flower she had grewn earlier.

Masen: "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He says cheekily.

Monique: She blushes instantly in a light shade of pink "Thanks, Masen, you are beautiful too" she replies while smiling.

Masen: "Oh I know I am." He flips his imaginary long hair.

Monique: "We both know then..." she pecks his cheek.

Masen: "Oii! My cheek!" He pouts.

Monique: She feels kind of sad, thinking that he didn't like it. Her smile fades away and she puts her hand behind his ear and massages it, knowing that he did like that.

Masen: Masen chuckles, "That tickles, y'know." He smiles, kissing her cheek. Wow. That was random.

Monique: She turned red but, acted like if nothing happened "Uhmmmm.. I thought you liked it??? "

Masen: Masen shrugs slightly, "I like getting kissed in the cheeks by pretty girls." That was random too. Huh. Weird...

Monique: She was unusually attracted by Masen, so in a spontaneous impulse, she cupped his face and kissed him softly in the lips. Why would she do that?? "Would geeting kissed in the lips by a normal girl count too?"

Masen: Masen was shocked. Nevertheless, he got over it and kissed back, ignoring her comment.

Monique: Now she was dumbstruck, she didn't really think that Masen had liked it.... However she did like it, so she put one arm around his neck and another started to mess with his hair.

Masen: Masen pulls away after a while, "But, but... You're a demigod. I'm an animal spirit." He frowns.

Monique: She thinks about a song that had the phrase that she wanted to say. She didn't quite remember the song.... Voila!   She remembered. "I really don't care"

Masen: Masen smiles and kisses her nose, "Then neither should I."

Monique: She shakes her head and smiles. "We shouldn't"

Masen: Masen smiles, the thought still in his head. He was immortal. She was not. How would this work out?

Monique: As if connected, she thought the same. If something important did happen between them, what would happen when she died? 

Masen: Masen had already pushed his thoughts away and was smiling at her, "What do you want to do now?"

Monique: "I don't know..... you?"

Masen: Masen quietly pulls her to the lake, "Here we are."

Monique: "Looks nice..."

Masen: "Most nymphs and spirits tend to come here... It's calming." He smiles.

Monique: "Demigods are more into fights...."

Masen: "Yeah, well, that's what causes our species to go endangered or extinct."

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