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Nina dobrev
Daughter of Morpheus ~ Owned by Margaery
Posted on 17:47, January 10, 2015 (UTC)

Not being as active lately, she stepped out of her cabin to breathe in the fresh air and sit on the steps to the cabin. She was starting to heal from the pain she had received before and felt a bit better from it. She had a cozy blue sweater-dress on and a pair of archer boots. She watched everything, looking around for something to do, she couldn't be a loser for the rest of eternity.

19 years old
119 lbs
Toronto, Canada
Sword with "Shine Bright Like A Diamond" inscribed on in script
She's got a heart so pure, I bet she has flowers growing between her ribs and liquid gold running through her veins. I bet her lips taste like the sun's warmth and her hands feel like home.

soon after time two figure emerge from a distance one was a girl wearing a stripped t shirt and jeans matched with some sandals next to her was a boy who was wearing some casual wears (t shirt with a peace sign matched with some slacks and like the girl sneakers) both seems to be arguing as they came closer to the cabin

suzaku: you should have said something!the girl said half screaming

max: he shrugs I did he said simply as he saw a girl near the cabin we should really ask someone before we get lost again...he said without even waiting he approach the girl hey...he said calmly

Diana: As she watches the boy and girl argue, she wondered if they were doing some new random crazy movie-type of thing. She wanted to make popcorn, but didn't want to risk the chance of what happened next. As she saw them approaching her, she bit her lip, realizing it wasn't some weird movie. "Oh. Uh, hi. So, what do you need? Not to be rude or anything I thought this was some type of crazy Apollo film and now I'm guessing it isn't," she babbles for a bit until she looks him back up in the eyes and stops talking. She sighs.

max: he laughed hearing her words as the girl came closer to him

suzaku: your cute the girl said directly you should totally date her max! she added quickly to hteh boy making the boy sigh

max: one moment your blaming me for world hunger the next your telling me to date a girl what else do you want from me suzaku?he asked a bit annoyed

suzaku: she rolls her eyes oh come on she's cute and your single right? suzaku asked to the girl

max: he leans in close to diana's eardont listen to her she's crazy...

diana: she craned her neck and blushed, feeling weird after babbling to a stranger. She sounded like she was high, so as she attempted to sound better and regain her posture. She was confused with the girl and said, "And you are?." The girl was so direct, not like anyone she had met before. "Wait who's Max," she said struggling to catch up. She looked up at the boy and realized he was Max. "World hunger? Wait. Am I on a TV show now being pranked? I swear I didn't enter any win a boy contest!," she said wondering what was going on. "How do I know he doesn't pick his nose," she muttered quietly. "Crazy's one word," she said wide eyed. As she was about to ask a few questions to them both, not understand them, her hand went up in the air, close to slapping max's face. She gasped, her eyes going wide, hoping she had not hurt the boy.

max: he steps back as he place his hand on his face not wishing to say anything he kept quite think the girl was scared of him

Suzaku: thats a good wakeup call! she said happily anyhow no this is not some show....but sometimes we do feel like we're made by this people who like to see waht happen with our lives for fun...she said simply anyhow I'm suzaku and the boy you just slap was max...and I think slapping him was a very bad thing you should apologize by going for coffee right max

max: max made a 0.0 face what no! he said quickly

suzaku: she grins and that means yes in his language he doesn't speak english she whispered to diana and I'll accompany you two on that coffee cause I'm hungry too soo lets go guys!! she said making her own plan as she walked forward

max: he blinked a few times but we were suppose to see ryusei....he said weakly before turning to diana sorry about her...he said slowly but as you heard I'm max and you are??

diana: "She stared at Suzaku for a few minutes before shaking her head a bit weirded out. "Wait really? I mean not to be rude or anything but you seem like one of those comedians that come to random places and make people think they are getting pranked!," she said shaking her head and trying to open her eyes wide as if something different would happen if she did. She considered this. "Maybe. Maybe not," she said warming up to the girl a bit, but still thinking she was crazy. "Suzaku. Max," she said trying to get a feel of it. "I'm going to say your name a lot so I don't forget," she said nodding. "Coffee?," she said slightly. "Uh well, why not? I did slap him," she thinks. "Yeah, let's... do it," she said nodding her head. She got up, walking toward the girl, not sure what coffee shop they were going to but it was easier to follow. As she heard Max say no, she shook her head. "Okay maybe not...," she says slowly. "He doesn't speak english? But that is english. Because if it isn't english than what am I speaking. Swedish?," she said fumbling with her hair. She goes near him. "No harm, she's fine," she says smiling a little bit. "Diana Renee. Just a girl who found out she was a daughter of Morpheus nine months ago or so," she says shrugging like it was nothing. "Do you really want that coffee by the way? Because i'll seriously pay--," and then she glances at suzaku. "and I don't know what to do if I don't besides an apology, which I am sincerely sorry about."

max: he laughed seems like i have to cause my friend there...he said pointing to suzaku is already half way ...he sigh as he politely gestured his hand implying to diana to walk first ladies first...he said as politely as he can giving her a little bow and a gentleman style smile

diana: she smiles, shaking her head. she glances as her, "Yeah might as well right?," she says laughing a bit and then shutting up. She was not going to be so welcoming as last time. "Ladies first, hmm?," she says shaking her head once again and starting out to follow Suzaku.

maxi: he walked behind the two not wanting to get slap again quitely as he looked up thinking of the events

suzaku: she came a bit closer to diana whispering making sure max couldn't hear soo what do you think of max?? she asked out flatly

diana: She scratched the back of her head. "Well I just met him. I guess he's cool. Kind guy. Confident," she says nodding not even sure why she's doing this at all. "Why are we whispering again?"

'suzaku: oh thats easy cause I'm ...she stops dead in her tracks looking behind to max and then to diana never mind let just say you two are gonna have fun....she said simply as she skips to the coffee shop

diana: "Cause you are what?," she says a bit suspiciously. "Fun. What do you mean by fun...," she manages to muster a bit confused, but went along with it. Out of all the crazy things she heard, it was easier to go along with it. She attempts to catch up with her as she skips.

max: he sees the two girls skipping as he sigh thinking how suzaku made him go out today why today out of all the days...he said quitely..

suzaku: as she skips she play a very interesting song I'm gonna hook you uppppppp gonna get the money from your parents...she sang happily to the coffee shop

diana: As she walked to the coffee shop, she wondered where this might lead her, what might happen, and what's her role in all of it. Although she had not understood the girl at all, she was hoping to find out. "At least it got me out of the cabin, right?," she had thought silently to herself.

max: he heard suzaku's song and expected diana to react but he saw she didnt react thus thought nothing of it as he walked to town this is gonna be a looong day...he said to himself looking down to his shoes

suzaku: she looks back at max for a couple of minutes before abruptly stopping stop before coffee you two need a make over!! she said as if being in charge of the two demigods

max: no....he said simply as he walks pass her

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