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Rosella: She walks around with her tablet and hums.

Hailey: Perching on a tree branch to get a better view of the horizon, she paints the sky.

Rosella: She then sings softly to herself, not wanting anybody to hear her voice except her. 

Hailey: Her ears caught a lovely melody of music from afar. She stopped doing her work then craned her neck to search the owner of the voice

Rosella: "And we'll never be royals, royals it don't run in our blood," She sang. "That kind of lux ain't just for us, we crave a different kind of buzz."

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Hailey: Her eyes widened when she saw Rosella singing, although she wasn't sure. "Rosella?" she called out.

Rosella: She froze. Nobody hears her voice, except for one fellow animal spirit and her dad but nobody has heard her voice. She decides to play it cool. She looks up and sees Hailey and waves.

Hailey: She sees Rosella waving and she did too. "Never thought I'd see you here," she went down from the tree.

Rosella: She opens her tablet and types down: "Well, I decided to walk around camp today. It was boring just being in my room."

Hailey: She was about to tell her what she heard but it seems that Rosella wouldn't get at it. So she decided to play along. "I see, so where are you heading in particular?"

Rosella: She types: "No where in particular." She shrugs

Hailey: "Well, would it be okay if I go with you? I have absolutely nothing to do but paint, which is somehow boring now."

Rosella: She nods and types: "Like they all say the more the merrier!"

Hailey: "So where shall we go now?"

Rosella: She shrugs and types: "I don't know.... Maybe the strawberry fields if you want?"

Hailey: "Sure,"

Rosella: "Then let's go!" She typed. She walks with her to the strawberry fields.

Hailey: She followed her right behind.

Rosella: She typed "So, how are things?"

Hailey: She sat down at the grassy fields and sighed. "Same as usual."

Rosella: She typed, "Sometimes life in camp is the same life we have when we're in school."

Hailey: She thought for a while and pondered on Rosella's words. Then shook her head. "Can't get it."

Rosella: She smiled and typed, "You'll get it some day."

Hailey: She smirked. "Really?"

Rosella: She nods.

Hailey: She sighed followed by a whistle as the gentle breeze swept across her body.

Rosella: She stops as they reach to the strawberry fields.

Hailey: She picked up a strawberry and studied it very carefully.

Rosella: She tilts her head and wonders what she's going to do with it.

Hailey: She noticed Rosella looking at her so she smiled and nibbled on it a bit.

Rosella: She types down, "Good strawberry?"

Hailey: She shrugged. "Sorta."

Rosella: She typed, "So, how are you?" and tried to strike up a conversation.

Hailey: "Same as usual. You?"

Rosella: She typed down, "Yup, same." And made a >.< face.

Hailey: "So what are you thinking lately? Like any plans or something?"

Rosella: "What do you mean by plans?" She typed.

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Hailey: "Like for quests or capture the flag or any activities the camp has?"

Rosella: She shook her head no. "I don't have anything interesting going on in my head."

Hailey: "Okay," another awkward silence fills the atmosphere. "So you read books?"

Rosella: She typed, "I love reading books! My favorites are the classics like Sherlock Holmes or The Great Gatsby."

Hailey: "Then I'm guessing you love mystery type of books? Have you tried reading Deception Point and Digital Fortress?"

Rosella: "Deception Point is more of a techno-thriller than an actual mystery book like Holmes or Agatha Christie." She typed and made a >.< face.

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Hailey: "Yeah," she smiled. "Just sharin'. Have you read the 39 Clues series?"

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Rosella: She shook her head 'no'. "Should I?"

Hailey: Shrugged. "I just heard about it but never actually read it though," she pouted.

Rosella: She nods her head and awkward silence hits their conversation again.

Hailey: "Soo.." she tries to think. "What weapons do you prefer in combat?"

Rosella: "Bows and Arrows."

Hailey: "I have a bad aim," she shared. "How many years were you using bow and arrows?"

Rosella: "About two years." She typed.

Hailey: "You an expert archer?"

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