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Ooc: so this is a continuation of the Tim and Emilia Rp...So they went to the beach...

Tim: Well this will be fun." takes off his shoe and step right into the sands. 

Emilia: I know right . *Grins and takes off her shoes and rolls up her jeans* Race you to the sea!

Tim: Sees Emilia "wait for me" * He runs behind her

Emilia: *sticks tongue out and sprint towards the sea* Im gonna beat you!!!

Tim: Why are we running by the way?" he shouts as Emilia was obviously far ahead...

Emilia: Cos' I feel like it * she reaches the sea and shouts back at Tim* I win!!!

Tim: Catches up to her "wow, you're fast" So what do we do now?

Emilia: *Looks at him and raises an eyebrow* Have you never been to a beach? You just mess around... Volleyball or swimming?

Tim: "Don't really want to get wet so, volleyball?

Emilia: *grins and grabs a volleyball from her bag* Catch *she throws it and then sets up a net* 

Tim: Wow, you came prepered...did you have that ball all along  n your bag * helps her set the net*

Emila: *laughs* Yep, I swear I have the most random stuff in my bag *searches around in her bag and finds a chocolate bar* Here *snaps the bar in half and gives Tim half*

Tim: "How did you know that I loved chocolates" takes a bite "thanks"

Emilia: Doesn't everyone love chocolate? *takes a bite* Now volleyball time, who's serving?

Tim: Um...isn't this sports done by pair?

Emilia: Oh yeah well I guess I could get Willow to play with us..... You know anyone else who could play with us?

OOC: Pick one of your other chars?

OOC: sure

Tim: I know one, but I'm not sure, I think Lily has a date or something..." * sees Tracy walking, waves he shouts "hey, tracy" 

Tracy: Sees Tim " What is it ?"  starts walking towards them

Tim: We need another player, are you willing to play?Ohhh, and by the way this is Emilia, nemesis daughter, Emilia, this is tracy, my Peacock nymph friend, well i think we are friends...

Emilia: Hi Tracy nice to meet you. *they see a barn owl fly over to Emilia*

Willow: *Willow turns back into her nymph form* Hi you looked like you needed a fourth player. I'm Willow!!!

Tim: Nice to met you willow. I'm Tim, and this is Tracy"

Tracy: Hi there! * sees the ball, turns to Tim "we're hear to play Volleyball?"

Tim: Yup * sees Tracy reluctant at joining them "Oh come on. It will be fun"

Tracy:   Gives a sighs "Okay let's do this quick."

Emilia: I'm guessing me and Willow against you and Tracy? 

Willow: *Emilia and Willow get into position* Can we serve?

Tim: Yeah, sure" *he gets into position

Tracy: Walks toward Tim "Let's do this really fast guys..."

Willow: *Throws up the ball and hits it into the far left*

Emilia: *looks at Willow* Lets win this!

Tracy: *Looks at Tim* "Well they're competitive, say do you know how to play volleyball?

Tim: Hits the ball towards the right and passes thru the line meaning it's out "Not really!"

Tracy:"Wow, you're hopeless, Guess they have an early led"

Emilia: *Grins at Tim's fail of volleyball* Come on Tim at least hit the ball towards us * She serves*

Willow: *laughs at Tim*

Tracy: She hit the ball upwards."Set the ball to me Tim!"

Tim: He heard it and did it.He set the ball to awkwardly come towards Tracy.

Tracy: Even if the set was bad, she was able to maneuver herself to get a good spike aimed at Willow

Willow: *She dives for the ball and then sets it to Emilia* 

Emilia: Good one Willow! *she spikes the ball over the net*

Tim:He hits the ball. then his arms kinda hurt...

Tracy:She was forced to hit the ball over the other side with a weak force. Tim hit it wrong again "Tim! do it properly man!"

Tim: Sorry?

Emilia: You alright there Tim? * she laughs*

Willow: *She runs for the ball but trips and hits it so it goes backwards* Oops

Emilia: *Runs behind Willow and hits the ball but it hits the net* Oh darn!

Tracy: Smiles "Wow. we actually score a point"

Tim:"Okay I serve" Grabs the ball, hit it but was short and hit the net"

Tracy: "Really? we just scored 1 and now we trail again..."

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