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  • Mae-Ri: She walks around camp aimlessly, with no particular destination. After a while she ends up climbing a tree and sitting on a branch and swings her legs like a toddler.
  • A cat suddenly comes and stares at Mae-Ri like looking for its prey
  • Mae-Ri: At first she doesn't notice the cat but when she does she stops swinging her legs and stares back it at. She keeps the stare for a while before blinking and grinning, "Aw, I lost the staring contest!"
  • the cat continues to stare as it goes to Mae-Ri as if a tiger trying to pounce its prey but before it manage to attack a girl comes and cought it in the air
  • Cait: tries to calm the cat few hours back and already getting into trouble Azure sees Mae- Ri oh sorry was she bothering you?
  • Mae-Ri: She looks at the girl and shakes her head, "Nope~! We were doing a staring contest...I lost though.."
  • Cait: raises her eyebrow staring contest against a must be one of the animal nymph..right?
  • Mae-Ri: She turns into a koala and back again in front of Cait's eyes, "Yep~! That's me!"
  • Cait: looks surprise wow soo cool!
  • Mae-Ri: She nods and swings her legs like a toddler again, "It is~! Lady Artemis made me to protect the koalas."
  • Cait: nods soo which means you were under her then you came to camp right?
  • Mae-Ri: She nods slightly, "Well, I was in Australia then I travelled the globe for her, checking koalas in captivity - if that's what you mean?"
  • Cait: looks surprise you were in Australia I've missed that place last time I was there I went rock climbing and kayaking sooo fun right?
  • Mae-Ri: She nods before looking confused again, "What's rock climbing? Do you climb cliffs?"
  • Cait: faceplamsits....dangerous you shouldn't do it....realizes something ehh I don't now your name...sorry I'm cait and you are ?
  • Mae-Ri: She smiles goofily, "Mae-Ri~!"
  • Cait: looks surprise it sounds a bit like merry like you know merry Christmas
  • Mae-Ri: She tilts her head slightly and blinks a few times before grinning and clapping her hands, "It does!! So I'm a reindeer now? Or a Christmas Koala?"
  • Cait: makes a 0.0 face boy I must be missing lina cause I swear I'm seeing here everywhere now.... anyhow sure you can be a raindeer of santa
  • Mae-Ri: "Who's Linda?" She makes an :o kind of face.
  • Cait: shakes her head she's a friend of mine she's the guardian of woodpeckers and have been missing for quite some time now ahhh forget about it she can take care of herself ..I hope suddenly azure manages to get out of caits grip and pounces over Mae-Ri
  • Mae-Ri: She squeals and swats her hands, aiming to hit Azure, "EEEEEK!"
  • Rafi: manages to catch azure before she hits mae ri seriously only after 5 hours back and your already causing problem azure anyhow who is this lovely lady smiles his flirty smile to mae ri
  • Mae-Ri: She tilts her head before smiling and swinging her legs once more, "I'm Mae-Ri~! The Christmas Koala! And you?"
  • Rafi: laughs no wonder Azure likes you she was born under a Christmas like just like me tries to say something when cait cuts him ooff
  • Cait: Stop right there rafi please no more breaking hearts..
  • Mae-Ri: She tilts her head and blinks a few times, "You can break hearts? Like literally?"
  • Rafi: looks at Mae ri wow you sound just like a girl we know..
  • Mae-Ri: She blinks and smiles again, "Who? Is she cuter than me?" She pouts.
  • Rafi: gives the cat to cait as he bows and takes her hand to kissed it gently every girl is pretty in their own way but your beauty shines the best especially here place his free hand in his chest in my heart winks
  • Cait: claps hand how many girls have you tried that on?
  • Rafi: ignores cait as he smiles to mae ri whats your name?
  • Mae-Ri: She tilts his head again, oblivious to the arguing they're doing, "Mae-Ri, Like I said before~!"
  • Rafi: gets the connection of Christmas and laugh a bit with her obliviousness your cute gives her yet another flirty smile
  • Mae-Ri: She giggles and claps her hands, "I know I am!"
  • Cait: takes a deep breath and knows fully well where this is going thus threw Azure to rafi anyhow he's rafi a rainbow nymph
  • Mae-Ri: Her eyes widen, "Rainbow? I love rainbows!"
  • Rafi: smiles then you must love me
  • Mae-Ri: She smiles sweetly, "I said rainbows, not rainbow nymphs~"
  • Cait: claps her hand ouch rafi you just got burned!
  • rafi: shrugs you have to get burn sometimes to get lucky
  • Mae-Ri: She looks confused again, "Rainbows can't be burnt, can they?"
  • Cait: holds in her laugh oh don't worry this one can cause its a special rainbow
  • Mae-Ri: "How special?" She stares at Cait with interest and question in her eyes.
  • Cait: nods very cause this one yells of pains like now suddenly pinches rafi hard on the arm to which made him scream of pain
  • Rafi: tries to brush off the pain was that really necessary?
  • Mae-Ri: She smiles and claps her hand, "That was fun to watch! Again! Again!"
  • Cait: laughs a bit and this rainbow nymph does chores too..
  • Mae-Ri: She blinks again, "He does?"
  • rafi: raises an eyebrow nope no way sorry turns into a rainbow and runs away
  • Cait: grins from ear to ear and that is how to make a rainbow leave..
  • Mae-Ri: She grins, "Cool trick! How do you make a rainbow appear?" Her last statement is said with a tilted head.
  • Cait: thinks quickly as she took her bottle and made a rainbow science is your best friend..
  • Mae-Ri: She makes an 'oooh' sound before smiling, "Who's Science? Can we meet him?"
  • Cait: makes a are you joking face not if you can time travel..
  • Mae-Ri: She pouts, "Aw, I bet he was nice..."
  • Cait: nods depends on which science your talking about cause I'm more a fan of newton and he's hot..I think..
  • Mae-Ri: She looks worried, "Mr Science has a fever???"
  • Cait: scratches head in biology yes..
  • Mae-Ri: "I hope Mr Science gets well soon!!!"
  • cait: nods agreed
  • Mae-Ri: She scratches her head before grinning again, "We should write him a get well soon card!"
  • cait: makes a 0.0 face get well card?
  • Mae-Ri: She nods excitedly, "Yeah! One of those cards where people wish other people to get better." She tilts her head, "Those exist, right?"
  • cait: shrugs what about we go to the market and see??
  • Mae-Ri: She grins, "Yeah!" She then claps her hands, "It has to be a good one though!"
  • cait: thinks and wants to point out her fault but decided to go wth teh flow or we can make one our self
  • Mae-Ri: She giggles and nods, "That's even better! We could fill it with love, right?"
  • cait: nods a bit skeptic sure if you want I can even call in some of my love nymphs friends to add more to the love...
  • Mae-Ri: She goes wide-eyed and begins to swing her legs, "Really? Yayayayayay!"
  • cait: smiles shall we start?
  • Mae-Ri: She tilts her head, "Where?"
  • cait: nymphs santuary?
  • Mae-Ri: She blanks out for a second, "...Where?"
  • Cait: stops as she takes mae-ri hands let me lead you to where it is cause I'm an ariadne kid you'll never get lost with me leading the way she said calmly before winking at mae-ri soo dont worry and just follow me ok?
  • Mae-Ri: She nods, giggling slightly, "Do you have a GPS built into you?"
  • cait: she laughs at the thought as she lead them to the nymph sanctuary maybe...she stops for a moment turning her head to mae-ri putting her fingers on her lips but its a secret ok? She winks before continuing their journey to the sanctuary


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