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Tuppence and Hanz

They Meet

Magic, Puppies, Psychopaths Oh My!
Date Started: 9 June 2014 Date Ended: ???
Users: Bach and Mel Characters: Tuppie and Hanz
Location/Setting & Plot
Camp Half-Blood

They start out at camp, go in town for a bit, then back to camp. Lots happens.

Main Characters
Tuppence Hanz
Tuppie one Hanz2

Fynn, Fynntop
Abandoned Puppy, Abandoned puppy 1Abandoned puppy 2
Landon, No Image

End Summary


  • Tuppie: It's nearly 3pm by the time Tuppie rolls out of bed, she realises she's hungry, famished even as her stomach is actually physically growling at her, so she throws on some clothes (as seen in picture), glances at herself in the mirror to make sure she doesn't look too horrible. She tosses her every day bag across her shoulder and heads out into the common area of the Dionysus Cabin, it took some work, but after a month of having to live with all the other animal guardians, she finally convinced Alexander to let her have one of the spare rooms in the Dionysus cabin, her patron. She missed partying with him desperately, among other things, and was still pissed off at Demeter for making her go to camp. She pauses at the refrigerator and grabs a red bull to drink on her way into town. As she heads outside, she yawns and squints at the bright sun, as she slowly walks towards the general direction of the entrance/exit out of camp, she fumbles in her bag for her sunglasses and isn't paying too much attention to where she's walking because of it. She also hasn't realised yet she forgot to put on shoes and is walking bare foot.
  • Hanz: was walking around the camp as he stared at the sky trying not paying any attention to where he was going also as he tries hard to forget everything he went through with Circe as well as trying hard to overcome his need for the elixir he come accustom to when he bumps into Tuppie
  • Tuppie: At the moment that her and Hanz bump into each other, it isn't /too/ hard of a bump but enough to surprise her and cause her to drop the sunglasses she'd just been about to put on her face, "Hey, what the....." She looks at Hanz and sees that he's kinda cute, and though annoyed at bumping into him, she doesn't cuss him out. "oh, sorry, I wasn't really paying attention to where I was walking." At that she looks down and suddenly realises she's bare foot. She looks back up at Hanz and now her face is a bit flushed from being annoyed with herself she forgot to put on shoes. She looks over his shoulder to realise she's closer to the Big House than the cabins now. She looks back at the cabins, back down at her bare feet, then back at the cabins, "f*** gods damn it, I do this EVERY freaking time." She sighs but doesn't actually explain what she's going on about, though if Hanz is observant he probably can guess it's about her not having shoes on. She also hasn't moved to pick up her sunglasses that are on the ground an about a meter from where Hanz is standing.
  • Hanz: when they bump into one another he almost lose balance but manages to stay on his feet but he kept quite for a few moments not hearing what she said as he was totally focus on his thoughts thinking of what to say and after a while he looked up into her eyes sssss...takes a deep breath as he struggles to clear his throat sorry..its my fault too I wasn't focus on ...the..takes a few more moments to thinkroad? sees something her sunglasses on the ground and picks it up for her struggling like before this is yours? his hands was shaking as he offered Tuppie her sunglasses
  • Tuppie: She gives a quick smile, a bit rushed, but not rude or anything like that. "Oh right." She takes them from him and mumbles a thanks, but she becomes quite focused looking them over to check for any scratches and because of this didn't notice his hand shaking, she takes a corner of her shirt to clean off the dirt also carefully, as if handling a precious fragile item. "Oh phew, no scratches." She smiles satisfied with herself and puts them on, then gets a better look at Hanz without the sun glaring in her eyes. "I don't think we've met, I think I'd remember meeting a cutie like you, name's Tuppence, but you can call me Tuppie if you want." She smiles and offers her hand to shake.
  • Hanz: when Tuppie took back her sunglasses Hanz slowly pulled back his arm struggling not to shake and shiver as he looked at Tuppie as she clean her sunglasses getting a better view of her seeing how she was a girl and quickly became reminded of Circe he snap trying hard to keep his cool telling himself it wasn't her. As he was busy in his thought he was not paying attention to what she was saying but saw she held out her hands for his he debated on whether to shake her hand or not but saw it in her eyes the kindness he once felt long ago thus extended his hand to shake her Lewis ...
  • Tuppie: She repeats his name back to him, "Lewis....Lewwwis.....I knew a Lewis once, or wait, maybe his name was Louie, actually I think it WAS Lewis, but he thought it sounded smancier if he pronounced it like Louie." She doesn't seem to care that she's babbling to this guy she just met about things that were completely random. "So how long have you been here?"
  • Hanz: blinks a few times as he hears her talk pulling back his arms once again as he try to focus on each of her words trying hard to know what it all means well..he takes a deep breath I never knew a girl by the name of tuppence before and I think that's a nice name...his voice became slower with every word that came out of his mouth as he take a deep breath once again trying to think clearly soo where were you heading?
  • Tuppie: She looks at him and tips her head at an angle like she's suddenly curious about something, something about him finally hit her, maybe a bit of the shaking or the nervousness, she wasn't sure exactly but it suddenly occurred to her that Hanz was acting perhaps nervous. Though on the other hand, she'd been told many times in the last couple of years that she was exceptionally pretty (even by Dionysus himself) so maybe she was making him nervous, but she wasn't sure if she'd ask him why he was nervous just yet, and the question about where she'd been going suddenly reminded her she'd forgotten to put on shoes. "Oh I uhhh, well I woke up seriously starving and I was going to go into town to get something to eat, cuz like there is nothing good to eat in the Dionysus cabin right now, well plenty to drink, lots of wine, but I think I'm in the mood for Chinese," she babbles on, at some points she talks so fast it might be hard for Hanz to follow her every word. "But then I bumped into you and realised, I freaking forgot to put shoes on again, I'm ALWAYS forgetting shoes, up on Olympus I like never had to wear shoes, especially when I'd hang out with Dionysus, shoes are such a mortal thing...." She sighs and looks back at the cabins, she hated the idea of having to back track all the way there to get them, she was sooooooooo hungry, but she couldn't go into town without shoes.
  • Hanz: he blinks a few time trying to give Tuppie his full attention before turning his attention to her feet seeing her point before taking his own shoes you can take mine if you want offers her his shoes anyhow Chinese food? he said repeating his words what's that??
  • Tuppie: She giggles, not in a mean way like she's making fun of him for offering his shoes, but as he doesn't know her that well he could take it that way by mistake, "But if I wear your shoes, what will you wear?" As she asks this another demigod is walking by, tall, dark hair, skinny he doesn't give the any notice until she suddenly calls out "Fynnnnie" and gives a smile like she clearly wants something, but at the same time isn't ignoring Hanz either.
  • Fynn: He stops and gives her an annoyed look, "What th f*** do you want Tup, and I told you not to call me that, my name's Fynn." He looks over at Hanz rather dismissively, "Who's this, some newb camper?"
  • Tuppie: "Don't be such a rude jack***, this is Hanz, Hanz this is Fynn, Fynn's mom is Hecate." She smiles like she just made thee best match in the world introducing these two, even though Fynn hates meeting new people.
  • Hanz: he was busy in his thoughts as Tuppie and Flynn began talking his body was shaking trying hard to get accustom to trying hard not to snap as his nails buried deep into the skin of his arm I'm gonna be OK... he said under his breath as he looked down trying to calm his nerve down but when he heard his name being called out he looked up and stared at Tuppie then Flynn uhh yeah I'm a....clears his throat as he tries to think of the appropriate word to put in
  • Fynn: Being that he is a borderline alcoholic and has done more than his fair share of drugs being from a rich crime family in Europe, he looks Hanz up and down, "Dude are you detoxing? Either that your you've got some really bad anxiety or some shit cuz you look like you can't stop shaking."
  • Tuppie: she seems to have no idea what Fynn is talking about, as she's never done drugs and never really known any addicts, at least none that she knew about, and definitely none that were going through any detox process, "Detoxing? What's that, some fancy new diet?" As she says it Fynn rolls his eyes at her ignorance.
  • Hanz: he laughs a bitter laugh when he heard the word detoxing yeah I'm an addict..but its not the stuff your use to he rubs his arms as he gave a weak smile looking at Flynn with a pathetic smile as he thinks of the proper word to say to them both telling them his condition an elixir that gives you youth and its not.. ...he suddenly looks down remembering how many times that thing was force down his throat trying hard to just keep a cool composure its not something you wanna try not now....looks at the far side of camp his face was grim as he remembered what he went through all those aeons not ever....
  • Fynn: He gives Hanz a raised eyebrow type of look like he's thinking to himself, man whatever that shit was it seriously f*cked with his head but at the thought of being given youth he also thinks about how his father would probably give anything to deal the stuff in mass quantities. "Well, if you need anything, I've got this shit that's supposed to make detoxing off shit easier, though it's not like free, I don't know you well enough to give you that shit for free."
  • Tuppie: She interrupts him and gives him a look, "Oh come on, whatever it is if he clearly needs it, at least give him one, I'll make it up to you later, along with the favour you're about to do me by summoning my shoes here so I don't have to walk back to the cabin." She bats her eyelashes at him.
  • Fynn: He sighs and gives her an annoyed look, then looks over at Hanz, then back at Tuppie, "Ok but it'd better be worth it." He reaches into his pocket and pulls a blue pill out of a plastic baggie and holds it up to Hanz, "only take half at a time at first until you know how it makes you feel. It might make you throw up but that's fine cuz you should feel a bit better after, if it helps and you want more after this you can find me at the Hecate cabin, I take all forms of payment, including favours for later dates. It isn't a cure or anything, it just makes thee symptoms of the detoxing less severe. If it works for shit like cocaine and heroine, I'm sure it'll at least help you come off that youth shit you were on....."
  • Hanz: stares at the blue pill then turns to Flynn what kind of favour....cause I learn my lesson about getting things easy..remembers what Circe had done to him and its not a price I want to pay...
  • Fynn:: He shrugs, "like you can either pay me in drachmas, dollars, or Euros. I also take trade if you have something you think I'd want, like video games, shit like that. I'll do loans but you'd have to pay me back in interest. AS far as favours, that's generally only if you can't afford any of the other options and you're desperate to feel better. Last time my friend Jorah needed a little something something he didn't want to spend the cash so he just did my errands for a week, like going to get my take out food, picking up groceries, shit like that. Don't worry, I won't make you have sex with me." He winks, half joking, half serious.
  • Tuppie: She punches Fynn in the arm and he swears in German under his breath, "Can't you see he's nervous enough without you hitting on him, and where are my shoes, I want my shoes." Fynn rolls his eyes and makes her sandals appear on the ground in front of her, she thanks him and turns back to Hanz. "don't worry, he may come across like an asshole, and well he is one, but he won't take advantage of you either or ever ask you to do anything that is immoral or fair."
  • Hanz: At the mention of sex a gazillion of memories came flying in making him remember all those 'tricks' Circe did to him which made him snap WHAT THE SEX ? AM I JUST A DUMB DRESS UP DOLL TO PLAY WITH ...DON'T YOU SEE I'M HUMAN AND I HAVE FEELINGS TOO..he continued to curse and bad mouth but stops half way as he looked into his hands shaking of either fear what he become or anger of the monster he turned into he let out a bitter laugh once again looking away at least I was ...

Tuppie and Fynn both look at Hanz like O.O, Tuppie takes a step back

  • Tuppie: "It's OK, I said he wouldn't take advantage of you like that, just take a few deep breaths." She'd seen a demigod flip out like this once before a few months before she came to camp while at a raging party that Dionysus had thrown. It was clear that whatever reasons he'd been on the addictive elixir stuff hadn't been entirely his choice and she didn't want it to get any worse or cause a bigger scene. When Fynn starts to roll his eyes again, being a bit annoyed that Hanz clearly couldn't take a joke, Tuppie reached out and slapped him across the back of his head before he could even get a word out.
  • Fynn: "Gods damn it stop hitting me bitch." He looks at Hanz, "Look I'm generally an asshole, but I don't like rape people or shit. You may want to consider seeing someone, cuz you are clearly suffering from post trauma stress shit, or whatever it's called. If the pill helps the detox symptoms, and you want more, all ya gotta do is give me like 5 bucks a pill, no cash, no pill cuz I don't appreciate being treated like some rapist all cuz you can't take a joke, trauma or no trauma." He turns and leaves, not bothering to say goodbye to Tuppie.
  • Tuppie: "I uhh sorry about him, he really isn't the kinda guy that would rape or hurt anyone, he just has a really asshole-ish sense of humour. But his twin took off again without a word, he's always doing that to Fynn, and his brother Luk is like the only person Fynn actually genuinely cares about so, he always acts an even bigger ass when his brother pulls this shit." she fidgets with her sandals, putting them on, then off, then on, as the whole situation made her a bit nervous.
  • Hanz: seeing Flynn left and Tuppie feeling guilty he kept quite knowing fully well it was his fault I'm sorry its just...hard with everything ...looks down looking genuinely sad as he buried his nails into his arms hoping to leave a mark to remember his mistake its just....I had it bad...with Circe...and all...I'm sorry...
  • Tuppie: "Circe? you had to deal with that crazy bitch? I've heard stories about her from Dionysus, he's not a fan of her, I guess she turned one of his favourite kids one into a guinea pig, he never forgave her for it." She acts like this is the first he's mentioned Circe, maybe he's mentioned her already, but if he has she hadn't been paying attention at the time.
  • Hanz: he flinches at the mention of Circe's name as he press his nails harder into his skin making him bleed please...he looks down not realizing the blood don't mention her name....
  • Tuppie: "Uh, you're the one that mentioned her name first, if you don't want to hear names, you probably shouldn't bring them up to begin with, that's not very bright." She says in a matter of fact tone, and then slides her sandals back on for good this time, yawns and scratches behind her neck and suddenly her stomach makes a low but audible sound of grumbling indicating she's still quite hungry, if not hungrier.
  • Hanz: laughs as he looks up into the looking at the stars above but realizing its morning there is none yeah I guess I'm not being smart to say her name but he looks up to the sky and clouds hoping to find peace orion ...he said out load not realizing those words escaped his lips his voice sounds calming as if that star gave him peace but soon snap out of his daze and look back at Tuppie.... sorry...soo umm Chinese food?
  • Tuppie: She licks her lips at him saying Chinese food, "mmmmmmm yes please." She pauses then it occurs to her that the way Hanz said it could either be an invitation to go there together, or just reminding her that was her original point of being out. "Want to come with?"
  • Hanz: raises both his eyebrow looking around as he rubs his arm trying to make the pain go away as well as stop himself from shaking Uhhhh sure..I doubt I have anything else to do here other than trying to calm myself
  • Tuppie: She smiles eagerly, "Yep, nice long walk, maybe some food, good cup of tea. If your nerves are frazzled you probably shouldn't have anything with caffeine in it, that'll just make it like LOADS worse." she motions her head towards the exit out of camp for him to just follow along.
  • Hanz: he blinks a few times hearing Tuppie's words before seeing her exit Caffeine he repeated the word being still new to the modern lifestyle before he shrugs so... ...he stops trying to remember the words he should say trying not to be mean or arrogant lead the way Tuppie..
  • Tuppie: She smiles and swings her arms a bit as they walk, as they cross the camp border she does a quick glance around and sniffed the air a bit, she wasn't a demigod, but she knew what it meant to be near one, and she does NOT like surprises, "So what's your story?" she asks, but then adds, "Or whatever bits of your story you feel up to telling." She figures as fidgety as he seems and as badly as he freaked out just saying the name Circe, he probably didn't have a happy story, but to her a person's story wasn't always about their life's events, but what they liked to listen to for music or who their friends were.
  • Hanz life? he laugh a bitter laugh laughing at her words as he turns to Tuppie   sorry....he stops thinking of the words he should say in hope to not offend Tuppie I didn't mean to laugh its just I don't have that much to tell you he said looking up nothing much to tell cause I cant remember half of it ... sorry once again he said giving Tuppie a simple smile hoping for her to forgive his rudeness for laughing at her question
  • Tuppie: She shrugs, "Well life isn't always about events, sometimes it's just like what things you like or what makes you happy or places you go when you want to feel relaxed." She looks up and realises they are at the main road into town and takes a right hand turn, slows down to make sure Hanz keeps pace with her, and then keeps walking
  • Hanz: shakes his head lightly No I cant remember anything I'm sorry ... he said turning to Tuppie with a sad smiled as he was feeling grateful she slowed down for him allowing him to catch up the feel of the town as this being his first time out to town when he suddenly stops and looks up but... he rubs his arms slowly trying to remember or think of what to say I do have one thing....I always see this girl crying..she says something...I cant remember what..and then it all goes black he stops thinking of what it was its not a memory...I think he said looking conflicted but its all I have to give so does that count?
  • Tuppie: She gives him a quizzical look, "You mean you don't even know what things you like? Like do you ever read books, or listen to music, or do you like nature or go for walks, stuff like that."
  • Hanz: shakes his head No Tuppie..I..don't... he as if choke on the last word as he looks down trying to wonder what to feel about his confession I didn't have anything .... he continues as he rub his arm showing how uncomfortable he was telling her this all his voice was a bit sad as he looked to Tuppie with sad eyes the elixir took it all away.. my everything.....he turns away from Tuppie trying to control his feelings wondering whether he should be angry or sad, suicidal or just plain old glad as he continues to be in his thoughts wondering this all
  • Hanz: As they start to get into the part of town that has the businesses she stops suddenly and turns to him, "So...." She looks as if she's trying to figure out a puzzle, "the stuff she made you drink, it just made you her puppet, no free will of your own? No memories of your life before you drank it?"
  • Hanz: shrugs somewhat like that..yeah....he rubs his arms a bit more vigorously clearly not liking this subject at all soo how about you? what's your side? he asked trying to make her talk and go out of the subject..
  • Tuppie: She let's the topic go and turns to start walking again, noticing they are only a few blocks from the Chinese restaurant, "My side of what?"
  • Hanz: I don't know ...was the first thing he could say as he never had a chance to brush up his conversation skill being still new to the life outside of Circe's island he looked around trying to get some ideas anything I guess...his voice almost sounded like a squeak as he as he continues to rub his arm trying to calm himself from going aggressive as this was the longest he had ever went without the elixir now looking down being scared that Tuppie will notice his distress
  • Tuppie: she shrugs as they near thee door to the Chinese place, "I'm still not sure what you mean by side, I don't really have a side of anything. I mean I don't even share a room, so the whole room is mine, not just one side." She opens thee door for Hanz, and noticing he physically seems to look like he's having a rough go at it, she adds, "If you want we can get the food to go and eat it back at camp, you might be more comfortable there."
  • Hanz: the sight of the restaurant being its busy state scared him a bit seeing how many people in the place fearing that he'll lose his patience and go berserk like before thus he looked to Tuppie with his eyes in fear trying to think of the words he could say when he finally open his mouth I doubt it would make a difference...he said sounding rather weak that place have a lot of people this place have a lot of people...he added showing how his patience was running out as his voice begins to raise but before he stop himself when he saw a few people looking at him when they heard his voice raise which made him looked down ashamed sorry but you choice Tuppie..cause to me it wont make any difference....he said a bit gloomy
  • Tuppie: "I don't see how it wouldn't, there's plenty of places around camp where there aren't people crowded around eating. I'd say having people spread all out over a huge area, forest, ocean, tons of buildings, is completely opposite from having like 30 or more people all crammed into one room. You wait by the door, I'll go in and order the food and then come back out. Is that OK?"
  • Hanz: he actually managed a chuckle as he looked up at Tuppie I would like that..he nods as he finally managed to calm down it sounds like a good idea..thanks..Tuppie...
  • Tuppie: She nods, smiles and heads into get the food. She was actually quite surprised with herself, it had been ages since she felt she had any type of protective helpful nature about herself. She'd spent so much time partying and goofing off with Dionysus she'd forgotten what it meant to help others. She got to the front, and ordered some general things, like a variety platter of food figuring there had to be something on it that Hanz might find he liked, once he tried it. It took only 10 minutes for them to get the food together, which she was thankful for as leaving him all fidgety and nervous back at the door was making her a bit nervous for him. As she made her way back to Hanz, she was beginning to realise that she was sorta on her way to making herself like his guardian, like he was some hurt and injured animal that she needed to guide and fix. When she got to the door/corner where he was waiting for her, she smiled and held up the big bag of food, "All set, I know a place at camp not many go, it's a little clearing by the forest brook, really pretty there, and lots of shade out of the hot sun."
  • Hanz: as he saw Tuppie walked into the door of the restaurant he looked up as he went into his thought as his senses was still tingling of the 21 century being trap by Circe and only a few days out of that place everything he saw everything he feel was new to him and was completly glad to Tuppie to whom understand his standing which was still shaky he let out a sigh as he saw Tuppie walking out from the corner of his eyes which made him turn to her seeing how many things she brought need help? he offered feeling obligated as she was doing all of this for him as he gestures his hand offering to carry a few of the stuff she had with her
  • Tuppie: She smiles and nods and passes him the smaller bag, normally she'd probably pass the guy the bigger bag, but with Hanz so shaky and fidgety she didn't want him to accidentally drop the bigger bag. She nods her head in a motion to indicate to follow her and she starts walking back the way they came. "Good thing camp isn't like in the middle of New York City, you'd probably have dropped dead of an anxiety attack by now. It's crazy crowded in the city. I was only created like a little over 2 years ago, but a lot of that time I spent travelling and partying with Dionysus and some other nymphs and demigods so I got to see a lot of the mortal world."
  • Hanz: he smiled as he took the small bag from Tuppie looking inside the bag and seeing a lot of things in the bag, After a few minutes he looked back up and saw Tuppie walking away which made him a bit started before stating to walk himself, walking at Tuppie's pace as he listen to her story nodding his head at every word she said trying to understand it all as well as trying hard not to drop the bag but one word got to him travelling he said with a chuckle that's sounds fun...I wish I can do that..
  • Tuppie: She smiles and nods, "There's lots of different places in the world. For the first few months I was content just being a guardian of Lynx," she pauses, "That's a type of wild cat..... But then Dionysus took a liking to me, and after that I started partying with him, and travelling, and just hanging out around in nature seemed boring compared to all that." She sighs and looks a bit down, "But then Demeter was upset and made me come here, told me to stop partying or else." By this time they are almost back to the turn off road to go towards camp.
  • Hanz: or else.....he repeated those words that he knew soo well being repeated often by Circe his voice sounded as if he was in a daze as the memories overflow within him remembering of his bad days he stop struggling to forget it all thus hope a huge breath of fresh air would before trying to catch up to Tuppie well if it helps I'm thankful for Demeter...if it wasn't for her I won't be meeting you he tried to make his voice sounded natural but his body refuse to.follow it yearn for the elixir he hated this made him shiver but he tried to keep it to a minimal for the small.bag was still with him
  • Tuppie: She shrugs, not in a 'I don't' care' way, more like a pouty yet polite 'I guess so' way. "Yea I suppose that's one way to look at it, and at least Dionysus left me with a credit card and plenty of Drachma." She turns slowly onto the road into camp so that Hanz can keep up.
  • Hanz: at the moment he saw her shrug a millions of thoughts come flowing inside his head as the gesture reminded him of the time he first came out of Circe's grasp it made him felt guilty and the sight of camp did not help as he remembered those looks and stares but he put it all behind him trying not to show the fear on his face hoping that it wont ruin Tuppie's mood well at least its money...'he said showing how he was broke
  • Tuppie: She nods and adjusts the large bag of carry out, when a thought suddenly occurs to her, "Have you thought about talking to a child of Mnemosyne? They could help you alter the bad memories so they don't feel so bad. For as long as you had to deal with things, maybe it would help you move on...." She looks over at Hanz and gives a sweet sympathetic smile.
  • Hanz: her suggestion made him turn to her giving her a look of fear the thought of him losing the memory he was desperately trying to gain I cant ...he said looking up to the sky cause its my past I cant forget it like that but not all of my past is bad...he said trying to show how he was scared to take her offer even if there was a part of him that wished he could just do it and move on start a new life but the image of the girl made him ignored that part I cant...he repeated his answer as the thoughts once again come rushing in
  • Tuppie: She shrugs, "I didn't say remove them, I said alter them, make them seem less harsh, or make some of the better ones stand out more, maybe bring back some old forgotten memories that were really good. So you'd have more balance between the good and the bad." She shrugs again, and continues walking, as they reach the entrance to camp she suddenly hears some soft muffled sounds coming from about 20 meters into the forest to her left, she couldn't tell if it was crying or moaning but she sensed it was an animal. She stops abruptly and turns to her left, peering into the thick bushes on that side, "Do you hear that?" She had to admit part of her was glad for the distraction, she didn't want to be mean and she understood he'd gone through a lot, but he seemed to take a lot of the things she would say wrong or out of context and it was starting to annoy her, but she didn't want to say anything or let it show because she felt too bad for him.
  • Hanz: at the moment she mention the sound he looked around, as his face showed how he was being on his guards as he turn to the bush it sounds like an animal...
  • Tuppie: She pauses and has this conflicted look on her face, part of her just wants to get back into camp to eat, another part of her isn't too keen on being outside the borders with a monster attracting demigod for longer than necessary, especially one so emotionally fragile as Hanz. She wasn't even entirely confident that he could fight a monster in his condition, but it did sound like a hurt animal, and she WAS supposed to protect animals. Finally she sighs, the battle over making a decision finished, she sets the bag of food down by one of the pillars holding up the Camp sign. "I guess I'd better go see what's wrong and what kind of animal it is. Are you OK here? Or you can come with me, which ever you are more comfortable with." She takes a few deep sniffs of the air, "I don't smell any monsters around."
  • Hanz: at the sight of her putting the bag down he followed the gesture and put his bag down as well I'm coming cause I think you need some luck he said looking at the place where the sound originated and I think that thing needs luck too.. he gave a little nod hoping to convince Tuppie he was ok as he gave her one of his most convincing smile even if his voice was a clear distinction of how he was not doing so fine after walking so far
  • Tuppie: She smiles reassuringly and starts into the over growth of bushes, "I think it sounds about 20 to 30 meters this way." She motions with her head in the direction of an old abandoned shed, that's been unused for so long no one remembers what it was for. As they get closer to thee shed, the sound of whimpering gets louder.
  • Hanz: as they got closer the sane part of him took out his weapon which was a few daggers from his pockets as despite his mental state he was still good in his talent as a huntsmen be careful he said clearly worried of what was in store for them
  • Hanz: She looks back at him and tries not to freak when she sees him pulling weapons, "Dude, what are you doing, you'll scare it, put those away, I told you I didn't smell any monsters. And whatever it is it sounds too small to be anything large as far as mortal animals go."
  • Hanz: he gave a sigh as he kept his weapon inside his pocket sorrry but you can never be to careful he said still showing how he was in high alert
  • Tuppie: "Yea I realise you have to worry more about monsters than I do, but I'll smell them long before they get near us, think of me like your personal monster detector when we hang out." She smiles and comes up to the abandoned shed to find a small abandoned puppy (see images at the top of the forum) that looks tired, hungry a helpless. "Awwww poor thing, it looks barely old enough to be away from its mum." She moves closer slowly to see if the puppy will trust her to let her close. "It looks scared."
  • Hanz: at the sight of the little pup he let out a huge sigh of relive as his worst nightmare (or second one at least) was not true but at the moment he let down his guard a gun shoot was heard
  • landon: awww man I missed he voice said as a figure came out, it took a few steps out of and from there you can it was a man with dark brown eyes with dirty blonde hair wearing regular clothing (t shirt and jeans) but what stood out was what was in his hands...a gun... ello hanz long time no see..he said as he point out a gun toward him and I see you have a date what a pretty girl she is...hello girl I'm landon and I hope you don't mind dying today...he said with a smile and a simple bow
  • Tuppie: She glares at Lando, not liking his tone or how hee acts towards Hanz, who clearly alreaedy had enough problems in his life because of all the shit with Circe he won't talk about, she can't even fathom what's going on with this ass, "You don't scare me."
  • Landon: at the moment he heard tuppie's words he laugh like it was a joke you got a funny one here hanz....he said in his usual voice.. or do you want me to call you with the name I use to call you? lewis?
  • hanz: at the moment he called him lewis he flinchedleave her alone she has nothing to do with us....
  • landon: at the moment he saw hanz flinched and his mouth formed an evil grin that made you know he had somewhat of an evil grin that made you know he was up to no good oh really lewis? he said empathizing on the part to where he call out his name but sadly thats not for you to decide... he said now pointing the gun to tuppie
  • hanz: at that moment he step in front being the wall that separated the gun and tuppie leave her alone he said once again this time with a firmer voice which is a struggle considering his current mental state
  • landon: awww is this all the thanks I get from saving you? he said in such childish voice
  • hanz: circe was a better master than you ever were landon...leave..he said his body was truly shaking both scared of the outcome as well as of his addiction
  • Tuppie: Some very large wolves start coming at them from various directions, all snarling/growling at Landon, 2 move in to stand near Tuppie, and a Few more move in behind Landon, "You probably should have thought about cornering Hanz further from camp and not while he's with someone with telepathy, camp's being alerted right now, and as we are right at the border, it'll only take them seconds to get here."
  • landon: he turns around and saw the wolves and made a grin as a small fireball slowly formed in his hands and you should have asked me my god parent....he gave his evil little smile
  • Tuppie: She rolls her eyes clearly not impressed and doing a good job at hiding her nerves, "You also shouldn't underestimate me."
  • Fynn: Another wolf trots up behind Landon growling, and suddenly turns into Fynn with a few incantations he does a custom spell and attempts to throw a bolt of electricity at Landon's hand with the fireball to throw him off, "Ahem, am I late for the party, tsk tsk, I'm the only one that can f*ck with Tuppie."
  • landon: flyns bolt of electricity hit his right arm and to whether he felt the pain or not, it was unknown for his dark brown eyes as emotionless as it can be looked at at his hand raising it up as his grin was wipe out when the lightning hit he examine his hands trying to know the feeling he was feeling pain...he said in somewhat twisted voice before turning to flyn that.... hurts....he said his voice was casual indicating he felt zero pain, as his emotionless face turn to him his face slowly formed into a grin different from the grin before the party...he said slowly clenching the arm that was hit by lightning before .. has just begun... he said before pointing his gun (which was on his left hands to a few of the wolves shooting at them
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