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  • suzaku: she was alone by the beach looking at the sunrise her brain was thinking a million thoughts as she stare at the sun rising in the horizon
  • Jamie: Jamie, who was also sitting on the beach, looked up and saw Suzuka on the other side. Hidden behind a sand dune, she probably couldn't see him. Jamie stood up and walked to her.
  • OOC: we can see how they're chemistry is and then maybe it will be romantic
  • suzaku: after a few minutes she saw the sun rising slowly turning the deep blue sky into a mix of red and orange the image spark a memory she longed forgetten, a memory of her siblings and of chronos...the suvivor...she said slowly not thinking anyone would hear her mutter
  • OOC:as much as I love to say yes to that she's dibbed >,< sorry but I can give you someone else?
  • OOC: nah it's fine :) 
  • Jamie: Jamie smiled and sat next to her. "Hey"'
  • suzaku: at the moment she heard someone's voice she turn her head to see jamie she look  defensive as she examines him what do you want??
  • OOC:but I do want a love rp with you >,<
  • "Whoa, there." Jamie put his hands up in a cute child like way. "Just wanted to say hi..."
  • OOC: patience grasshopper :)
  • suzaku: she rolls her eyes then let me say bye...she said getting up
  • OOC:but suzaku isnt the kind type >,<
  • Jamie: "Whoa, tough." Jamie laughed, standing up with her. 
  • suzaku: she rlls her eyes but keeps quite as she kept on walking trying to be away from jamie
  • Jamie: Jamie follows her. "I hope you don't think I'm stalking you..."
  • suzaku: she glares at him leave me alone...
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