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Luthren Marks -Child of Thanatos
-Death's Puppet
Age:= 17 Height:= 5'5
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= United States
Species= Half-blood Main Weapon= Scythe, Kasurigama, Bare Hands

 – "Those who fear death shouldn't only fear Death himself, fear his puppets that do his work for him."


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Lina -Woodpecker Nymph
-Guardians of Woodpeckers

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Luthren: Luthren was walking down the road in town... He was planning on stopping by the coffee shop nearby. He closes his eyes, and yawns... he didn't have his kasurigama on him like usual, because he was still just a bit worried about what the mist made people see... He is wearing a brown carhartt-coat, and jeans, his necklace just visible at the top of the coat's zipper.

lina:in the storming winter she was wearing [1](the third one) as she sat on the tree at the park she pretended it was the MOST natural thing to do as she sips her hot chocolate staring at the people as they go bye

Luthren: Luthren walks by the park... he then realizes he must have taken a wrong turn or something, this place wasn't familiar. He stops walking on the sidewalk, and looks around for a bit beforwe he spots a girl up in a tree sipping something... Seeing the steam rise out of the cup, he figured it might be coffee or hot chocolate or something, and that maybe she knew where the shop was... "Hello" Luthren says, walking towards the tree.

Erlina: she turns to luthren her eyes full of wonder and curiosity The answer is A! she said out of the blue oh no wait!! she said pausing for a bit looking down its pineapple! she said once more we need it to get healthy!

Luthren: She seemed pretty hyper... Luthren smiled, and simply said, "good job, but what's the answer for where you got that drink?"

Lina: she tilted her head as she stared at luthren drink? she repeated looking around soon seeing the hot chocolate in her hand ohhh this!! she asked showing the drink in her left hand i got this from camp and walk walk walk to here ! she said in a hyper manner I dont know where here is...where is here?

Luthren: "I'm lost too... I know this is the park, but I have no idea where here is... I was hoping you knew..." So much for finding the coffee shop... 'Either way, now it's time to find our way back to-' Luthren stopped thinking as he realized what she said "Wait your from camp?"

lina: she nods enthusiastically yeah! I'm from camp! she said in her happy go lucky voice as she climb down the tree its sooo big!!! she widen her arms trying to describe camp to the young demigod and with her right hand holding the hot chocolate it is no surprise how most of it dropped out there's soo many people there nymphs spirits ghost demigods!! she continued unaware her precious hot chocolate was no more waaait...she pause suddenly I'm not suppose to tell people about camp! she said loudly now a bit panicked are you gonna kill me now!!

Luthren: Luthren grins, "Yes I'm tooootally gonna kill you, but first, careful with your drink..." He made sure to sound obviously sarcastic about the killing her part, cause she seemed like she would actually believe him otherwise.

lina: she threw away her cup and placed both her palms on her cheecks NOOOOOOO she yelled loudly now being scared not realizing her tiny gesture made onlookers turn to them waaait....I'm a nymph you cant kill a nymph! she said proudly looking at him then suddenly looking at her right hand wait where is my hot chocolate? she asked looking at her hand hmmm it disappeared

Luthren: not sure if she is kidding, he simply points downwards at where the cup was sitting on the grass. "You kinda flung it"

lina: she looks at the cup ohhh!! she nodded slowly now ... she turn back to luthren can you bring me to the candy store before you kill me?? she asked naively

Luthren: "I would, but I don't know where I am at the moment... we can walk back the way I came till I find my bearings again..." Luthren turns and looks down the road, making sure the candy store wasn't on this road...

lina: she looks super happy then lets race!!! she said happily as she ran the opposite direction

Luthren: He quickly follows after her. "Hold on, I think we should be heading in the other direction!"

lina: she stops and turn to luthren whats direction? is it a type of candy? is it delicious?

Luthren: He stops once Lina turns around 'not possible...' he thinks to himself when lina expresses that she doesn't know what "direction" is... "uhh... well, we should be going this way" He says, pointing back the way they came.

'Lina:she tilts her head how do you know thats the right way?? she asked lutheren ina semi serious voice

Luthren: "Well... I guess I don't, but it's better than heading further if we have no idea where we are" He explains, not sure if she is getting it

Lina: she wasnt paying attention as she saw a butterfly flew by butterfly....she said slowly as she started following the butterfly

Luthren: dumbfounded, Luthren isn't sure how to react to her at all. However, he knows he can't just leave her to wander around outside of camp alone... He wonders if she could fight of a middle schooler let alone a monster or BC member... Luthren slowly walks behind her, trying to keep track of where they are going the best he can.

lina: she stares at the butterfly blankly

OOC:want to meet my other naive char?

OOC: uh-oh xD sure

Luthren: He stands behind her, not sure what is going on anymore...

lina: xylia is that you?? she asked which ironically made the butterfly turned human

xylia: lina!!! she said simply hugging her dear friend sabrina send me to find you cause we have to go back...but where are we she tilts her head looking around

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