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  • Hosea: He's walking along near the strawberry fields with a rake on his hand. He's wearing a soiled CHB shirt and jeans, which pretty much implies he's been tending to the fields for quite a while now.
  • Roger: was sitting nearbye sketching him
  • Hosea: He walks a few more meters before noticing that Roger's sketching him, with his eyes fixed at him so that he can draw him accurately. He doesn't mind at first and continues walking before tripping on a rock.
  • Roger: sees him fall quickly put his sketch book down and helped him you okey?
  • Hosea: He stands up and picks up his pitchfork. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks. Oh, by the way, are you drawing me? I saw you sketching on this pad of paper."
  • Roger: nods yeah sorry bout that its just...rare chance to draw someone working at a the afternoon soo just wanted to draw that you want to it?
  • Hosea: "Unless it looks bad I wouldn't let you draw it. Can I see?" He points at his sketch book.
  • roger: sure no problem with me takes the sketch book gives it to hosea
  • Hosea: As soon as he sees the sketch of himself on the book, he beams with a smile. "Wow, this is really good! You didn't fail me at all."
  • Roger: shrugs I'm not that good yet but thanks for saying so..
  • Hosea: He gives back the sketch book to Roger. "Oh c'mon, you're something! Er, do I sound patronizing?"
  • roger: takes his sketch book and shakes his head I think the word is praising not patronizing...


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