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Matt taylor

Vaughn -Animal Spirit
-Guardian of Golden Eagles
Age= Immortal     Height= 6'1"     Weight= 178lbs     
Sexuality= Asexual     Health Status= Healthy     
Nationality= Olympian     Accent= American
Creator= Zeus     Main Weapon= Spirit Powers

 – "Nothin' bad with dreamin' high."


Suzaku ~ The trouble maker

"Never judge a book by its cover "
Character's Bio

 Age: Immortal  Height: Normal  Weight: Normal
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single (but dib)
 Birth Place: Unknown 
 Accent: None
 – "Sometimes time is the best teacher"

Character's Powers

 Cloud Nymphs Powers

  1. They can cause small clouds to become extremely dense which forces them to fall from the sky, the larger the cloud the more energy is used
  2. They are able to create small solid clouds and use them as a projectile weapon
  1. They can create and solidify a wall of clouds, can only block one attack
  2. They can temporarily cause her body to become intangible, but the longer she stays intangible the more energy she use
  1. They can create a small cloud, solidify it, and uses it for transportation
  2. They can change aspects of her appearance to become a vague image of something else
  1. They are able to observe the world from a bird's eye view by looking into a pool of water
  2. They are able to levitate and float near endlessly
  3. They have a telepathic/empathetic connection with nature and other nymphs, it is the strongest with creatures in the sky
  4. As they are nymphs they do not age, remaining eternally young.
  1. They often have their head in the clouds
  2. They tend to have very whispy laid back attitudes

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Vaughn: He was in his eagle form soaring across the sky looking down at the demigods as they did their thing. He loved the feeling of flying with the wind blowing against him because it made him feel so relaxed... so fresh. While doing so, he watched over the children of Zeus and also the other eagles as well.

suzaku: she was up in the sky lying on a cloud. She was wearing a purple colored t shirt with a teddy bear design matched with some worn out jeans. Her long hair was free as she looked at above trying to find something she could never find. It did not took long for the girl to give thus with a heavy heart she closed her eyes trying to forget her reality and hope her dreams might be better

Vaughn: Up ahead, he noticed a girl lying on a cloud which caught his attention. He thought it was interesting to see someone up there in those gas formations and so he dashed to her and watched her as she appeared to be in "cloud nine". He couldn't really talk, not when he is in his animal form.

suzaku: she was asleep for like 5 minutes before she had that feeling of being watch from years of experience she got up and look around a bit cautious now for all those bad experience she had in the skies hello? she yelled expecting a reply but then from a she noticed an eagle she scans the eagle more closely basic animal nymph...she said slowly just because they can change into animals they think they're better...

Vaughn: Despite the fact that he was in his animal form, he cleary understood what she said and he raised an eyebrow... if eagles did have them. Anyway, he couldn't really do anything but fly to stay up. If he transformed to his human form to reply to the girl's complaint, the probability of him falling was a hundred percent so the idea was a big no no. He decided to just stay there and continue amusing himself as he watched the girl and wait for anything interesting to happen.

suzaku: the fact that the eagle continue to stay up near her made suzaku realize her intuition was correct, the eagle was in fact an animal nymph hmm wonder why there was no ....she asked slowly when she soon realized the reason oh yeah they cant fly...she said slowly looking at the bird if you want my cloud can fit us two but I am hungry..she said slyly

OOC:suzaku is a tiny bit evil soo be careful

Vaughn: He was definitely confused and had zero idea of where she was going with that kind of conversation. He was getting tired of flapping and flapping his wings. He thought of just leaving the girl and let her do whatever she wanted to and then rest but it might appear rude considering the fact that he did not even say a word before leaving especially that the girl already knew he was a nymph. Oh, but she could never be too sure. How was she even certain that he was a nymph and not some normal eagle flying there? Anyway, he needed to go back down or else he'd grow weary and just drop from the sky. His creator surely wouldn't want that. So he flapped his wings even faster, could be a wave of goodbye, and then headed down. If he were to meet that girl again, he'd be able to answer.

suzaku: she laughs as she sees the eagle and tries to do a telephical link with the eagle trying or maybe make the eagle stay a bit longer for her to forget...hey little birdie come and play!! she said loud enough

Vaughn: He heard a voice in his mind as he landed and turned into his human form. He looked up squinting his eyes and blocking the sunlight with his hand. He immediately thought that it was probably the girl earlier who he was hearing. "Huh... another nymph like me, maybe?" he assumed telling himself. He tried to reply to her though telepathy and said, I won't last long up there.

suzaku: she rolls her eyes as she made the cloud go lower to help vaughn what a bore...she said slowly as the cloud was now above the lake at camp happy now newbie? she asked sarcastically as she got up facing the animal nymph circling him hmmmmm you have a nice body...she said slowly as she place her right hand on her chin you must be taken...she said outloud looking at the spirit directly in the eye right?

OOC:welll thats a good way to break the ice suzaku way to go!!

OOC: At least you're trying to spice things up :P

Vaughn: "Excuse me?" He crossed his arms not quite amused when she called him a newbie. "Look, girly, I'll take the nice body as a compliment but calling me a newbie doesn't sound quite right." Then he added as a response to her last claim, "Me? Taken? Ha! You're dead wrong. You are complimenting me way too much." He laughed.

suzaku: she was started when she heard his voice but it lasted a few seconds before she let out a laugh awwww how cute the newbie is angry! she said simply as she tries to mess up vaughn hair soo cute and the newbie didnt found love yet? awww...she said as she laugh once more well maybe eros have a big plan for the you newbie...

OOC:....she's provoking him...seriously >,<

Vaughn: He flicked her hand away before it even touched his hair as he jumped back not wanting his hair ruffled. "Hey, watch where you're touching, sister," he said trying to keep his cool. As a response to what she said, he acted as if he was brushing off some dust on his arms and said nonchalantly, "Oh, but is love really necessary? I don't think so."

suzaku: she laughed harder boy your hilarious!! you should be in the circus!! she said shaking her head but seriously newbie...trying saying those words to aphro...or better yet when ares is around! and lets see whether you would change your opinion on that tiny fact on how love is not important...suddenly she snap her fingers realizing one tiny fact oh were an eagle...that means...she turns to him the big guy himself made you didnt he?

OOC:zues wasnt the one that made her soo she's not entitle to respect him

Vaughn: "Pffft," he said flipping some of his hair. "Who cares about what other gods say? It is my creator who I please and not others." He then continued raising an eyebrows at her, "If you mean by Zeus, yes, he is the big guy that made me." He spread his arms as if presenting something he's proud of... oh, himself.

  • suzaku: she rolls her eyes looking at vaughn and his personality no wonder love haven't found you yet...your a narcissus...she suddenly realizes something and place her hand on her mouth if that is too big of a word to you it means that your already in love....but with yourself...she said sarcastically looking away to the horizon being reminded of the past its sad...she said in a very mature voice disregarding the childish tone she had before...
  • Vaughn: "Oh, but you see," he said. "That's the point!" he explained with much conviction. "You can't love another... if you do not love yourself!" He folded his arms and realized that he's been talking too much of himself. He cleared his throat and asked, "Well, how about you, miss? I have been talking about myself all day but know nothing about you. Now, speak."
  • suzaku: she raised her eyebrow as she cross her arms to be fair newbie I dont even know your name or do you want me to call you newbie forever? she said trying to avoid knowing the man
  • Vaughn: He then realizes her point. "Oh, gods, really? I haven't introduced myself yet?" he asked feeling weird that they seemed to be takling for a long time and yet he hasn't told her his name yet. He clears his throat and his chest out with his hand on it as he starts with his introduction. "I am Vaughn and please refrain from referring to me as newbie. I despise it, really," he says but still keeping his cool.
  • suzaku: she cross her arms as she shakes her head not satisfied with the nymph arrogant and over confident? what a deadly pair...anyhow I'm suzaku....she said simply ignoring the hand
  • Vaughn: He just shrugs and smiles in a sarcastic manner ignoring her unnecessary comments. "And what are you?" he follows up her statement with a question.
  • 'suzaku: alive? she said simply shurging vaugh comment off
  • Vaughn: He scratches his chin not knowing anymore what to say or where their conversation is going. "I see, well, you seem like a very busy creature like I am so why don't we just go back to our own businesses, hm?" He forces a smile on his face.
  • suzaku: she rolls her eyes yup we're done with one another...she said as she moved the cloud the the pavilion making it super close to the ground you can have that cloud I'm hungry ta ta newbie...she said before jumping down the cloud and heading to the pavilion waving to vaughn not looking back at him
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