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roger and ariana

roger: looks around sooo...

Aria: Do you want to go get a coffee?

Roger: nods sound fun?

Aria: then lets go.

roger: ok lead the way smiles still hiding his ackwarness

Aria: she nods timidly and walks outside

Roger: looks at the sky....I'm bad at this...

Aria: Bad at what, roger? I don't see you being bad at anything

Roger: Ralking and anything assosiated with social contact

Aria: It's fine, I wasn't any social girl or anything. And when I was kidnapped it didn't help.

Roger: looks concerned kidnapped??

Aria: Yeah.

Roger: are you okey??

Aria: I changed from it. Stuttering constantly, not trusting most people. But on the bright side I improved my hearing.

Roger: nods not knowing what else to say

Aria: So tell me about your past.

Roger: loks around its the question??

Aria: she giggles Your kinda cute.

lina saying goodbye

Lina: was placing a letter on zach's doorstep

Zach: he starts to wake up Ughh...

Lina: steps back hoping he doesnt see her

Zach: he rolls over nd falls off his bed

'lina: let out a huge sigh of reliefe hoping he was tooo tired to hear her..

Zach: he yawns and starts to sit-up

Lina: bites her lips cause she cant go anywhere and hope he doesnt open the door yet...

Zach: he moans and goes back on his bed

Lina: walks away and heads to jacksons room to leave yet another letter

Jackson: he is awake, doing push ups and sit-ups, a towel around his neck and no shirt on

Lina: puts the letter on his doorstep but accidentally fell down

Jackson: he looks up then goes to the door and opens it Lina?

Lina: uuhhhhh...looks around no its someone else???

Jackson: he wipes his towel across his head Don't believe you. Why are you here?

Lina:looks away this is just a dream..

Jackson: Lina, I'm not dumb. Just tell me why you're here.

Lina: forces a smile hmm okey her... gives jackson a letter

Jackson: he reads it Oh. Your leaving? There is disappointment in his voice


OOC:don't have a clue what to talk about..

Ooc: rainbows?

OOC:reminds me of snikkle....wait is that how you spell it?

Ooc: skittles..

OOC:yeah that!!! I'm hungry!

Ooc: I'm eating a pack of skittles right now..I just dropped one

OOC:hahah I just ate M&M while driving....wait that's dangerous..

Ooc: Unless the M&M's turned alive and helped you drive while you eat them.

OOC:Me:weirdly enough that sounds *gets into a mad scientist costume* fun lets do it!!! brain:you spell scientist wrong....

Ooc: Actually, you spelt it right XP

OOC:me:yey your wrong *makes a your wrong dance* brain:I did that cause I wanted to see the dance

Ooc: I like unicorns

OOC:hmm really unicorns reminds me of this comic strip

Ooc: pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows...Mel, can you do version 5 coding?

OOC:well I think I can why??

Ooc: can you code Jackson's page like that please?

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