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  • Cait: She busy looking for azure to when she bumps into arthur ops sorry...
  • Arthur: Arthur bent to pick up the stuff he dropped It's okay. Have we met? I'm Arthur. He smiled gently.
  • Cait: she takes her stuff back thanks I need this gps to look for azure anyhow nice to meet you Arthur I'm Cait. Are you new?
  • Arthur: As a matter of fact, I am. Nice to meet you. Arthur streched his hand towards Cait. So, who's your godly parrent?
  • Cait: she smiles as she obidently shakes his hand Ariadne, goddess of mazes yours??
  • Arthur: Astraeus, the God of the Stars. Arthur creates a small golden star in his right hand and gives it to Cait. 
  • Cait: makes a 0.0 face clearly impress wow cool!!!
  • Arthur: That's prety much everything I can do, for now. What's your power? Arthur then created a small sphere of light and has sent it towards the sky. Oh, and that too.
  • Cait: she laughs someone's being full of tehmselves anyhow I cant do that much things just make a maze..she shrugs not that fun..
  • Arthur: A maze,huh? That's pretty awesome for combat, you know? Anyway, can I help you with something? Arthur looks at the star he made earlier. Oh, by the way, keep it.
  • Cait: she laughs as she take the star thanks its a good night light I guess anyhow I was looking for my cat you seen her??
  • Arthur: Um... I haven't, but I can help you look for it. Arthur smiles kindly. How does it look?
  • cait: like a cat blackish blue with a saphire on her coller...but careful she scratches..
  • Arthur: Thanks for the heads up! Arthur looks under a near tree, but nothings there. Here kitty, come!
  • Cait: she laughs hearing his words you never had a pet before have you?
  • Arthur: Not really. Pet rock doesn't count? Arthur smiled again. So how do we find it?
  • cait: she laughs at his answer nope sorry arthur..
  • Arthur: So how do we find it? Arthur looks around. And how does it look like?
  • cait: she rolls her eyes we find azure by walking and looking around camp for her ..while we're doing that I can show you camp sounds fun right?
  • Arthur: Sure, I just came here a day ago, so I only know where my cabin is. Arthur was still looking around, trying to find Cait's cat.
  • cait: she grins as she puts her hands around arthur as a sign of friendship then your in luck ariadne kid are good at showing the road like how their pets are good at getting lost...she said adding the last one soo any idea's to where she might go?
  • Arthur: Arthur shakes his head. I have no idea, he's your cat after all. Now, if you were a cat, where would you hide?
  • cait: she stops to think hmm how about we go to the beach tehre's a clift there and maybe she's there?
  • Arthur: I hope you're not planning to throw me of a cliff. Arthur smiled again as he was looking around, looking for the cat.
  • cait: she laughs no way your a newb but campers do that to you on the ..hmm I dont know your 2nd week? soo look forward to that! she said as she lead them to the beach
  • Arthur: You're kidding, right? Arthur looked frightened. I have some bad memories with water, so please don't do it. Arthur was still looking for the cat, but now he was looking above, on the roofs. 
  • cait: she once again laugh as she shakes her head I'm kidding come on I wont do it no worries she said as they reached the open sea you ok?
  • Arthur: Arthur was shivering. Y-yes. C'mon, let's find Azure. He remembered the time when he almost drowned.
  • cait: from the corner of her eyes she saw him shivering thus step infront of him you sure you ok? she asked her eyes was full of worry fearing Arthur well being
  • Arthur: Yes, I'm fine. Let's just find that cat and go. His smile faded as they pproached water.
  • cait: she shakes her head how about we just go for lunch first then find azure...she said a bit motherly toward arthur come on..she said gesturing him to town
  • Arthur: He sighed as a sign of relief. He checked his pockets. I don't have any money, except for these Drachma I got yesterday. He took out several golden Drachmas from his pocket and showed them to Cait.
  • cait: she shakes her head no dont worry it'll be my treat come on she said as she started to walk but suddenly turn to arthur inside or outside of camp? she asked
  • Arthur: Your treat, your choice. Arthur grins. I'm in a mood for italian, how 'bout you?
  • cait: she nods italian acctually sounds nice but we need to get out of camp for that to happen or you want me to call in a favour? she asked looking at luke with a grin
  • Arthur: What do you mean by a favour? Arthur is clearly confused.
  • cait:' well its dangerous to get out of camp soo if you want to stay safe Ill call a friend and ask her to cook for us some italian food..
  • Arthur: It's okay... I like to live on the edge. Arthur smiles. For example, this morning, I woke up at 9 A.M... He is being sarcastic. As I said, your choice.
  • cait: at 9? I diidnt sleep at all she confess anyhow if you want to go to town that much I guess we can go....
  • OOC:ummmm if you go to town I'll make a drama...and if we dont go to town drama will still happen just it wont involves guns (wont kill luke dont worry) soo which one?
  • Arthur: Why didn't you? It was a peaceful night... Oh well... I was never in that city, so let's check it out. *He smiles*
  • cait: she gave a nod but his smiles scared her a bit luke I'm not interested in a special relationship of any sort she confess but can we be firneds? she said a bit scared of the answer
  • OOC:you angry at me??
  • ArthurArthur immidiatly bursts to laugh. I'm only interested in friendship too. I just like to smile. He smiles. See?
  • OOC: Nope :)
  • cait: yeah but your a guy and as a girl you cant help but just feel catious around uhh..she stops to think of a proper answer you? she said gesturing her hand to luke but seems like we're totally platonic right?
  • OOC:anyhow like the keys?
  • Arthur: A bit... How far is the town?
  • OOC: Pretty cool, nice job
  • cait: well we can take the scenery route to where it will take a couple of minutes or the rough and short route to where only those with guts take...your choice ..but we can just take the normal route that everyone knows,...
  • OOC:soo you liked it >,< I thought you hated it when you didnt say anything about it
  • Arthur: Let's just take the normal route... It should be safer, right?
  • OOC: Sooo sorry, I had some internet problems, wasn't able to answer earlier. I am at my cousin at the moment so sorry if I respond late again.
  • cait: she shrugs I did ask and you are the newb so lets go newbie...
  • OOC:its ok dont worry :)
  • Arthur: Is that supposed to be an insult? Arthur laughs. If it was, you're not that good at it. He pats her back. 
  • cait: she gave a little shrug  I'm never good at insult

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