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Jason Clove -Son of Boreas
Age= 16 Weight= 135 lb Height= 5'11"
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= American
Main Weapon= Two-handed sword Species= Demigod

  "Cold is fun, the North is ours,
so watcha say about icy showers!"

He walked around camp and went to the morpheus cabin in hope of finding Dina, a friend of his.

pamina:' she was sitting under one of the trees near her cabin she was sketching stuff on paper as she looked around at her surrounding hmmm ...she said to herself not realizing jason she continued on working as her cat that's been playing started to roam around going closer to jason

Jason: He sit down on the grass and started to read a book.

the cat goes to jason and tries to pounce him

Jason: While the cat pounces, Jason instinctively freezes the cat while shouting.

pamina: she hears the shouting thus instantly rant to the direction picking up the cat from jason I'm sorry...she said slowly looking down

Jason:"Oh, it's yours? I'm-I'm really sorry." he looks down as well.

the cat got crazy as pamina held her in her arms thus struggle to get out

pamina: houdini stop! she said half yelling at the cat

Jason: "Houdini? Sounds nice"

pamina: she laughed as she looks at the boy yeah I named her after that cause she has this tendency of escaping like houdini you know? she said smilling

Jason: He laughs "Sounds like something he would do." he admits.

pamina: she  saw him laugh which made her blushed and looked down I'm pamina but people call me mina for short...

Jason: "Oh, Pamina. That's a beautiful name. So then, you like Mina better? I'm Jason."

mina: shrugs i dont really mind cause both are my  name right? she said trying to smile

Jason: "That'ss right. I'll call you Mina, then."

mina: she lookds down thanks...she said slowly still clueless on what to say to the boy

Jason: He smiled warmly at Mina. "I'm a son if Boreas. Are you a demigod too?"

mina: she nods yup I'm a child of morpheus...she said slowly

Jason:"Really? I actually came here to find a friend of mie who was also a daughter of Morpheus."

'mina:ehh really whats her name?she said assuming it was his girlfriend

Jason: "Diana Machiavelli."

mina: ohhhh I think i've seen her once...she's pretty..your a lucky man...she said with a simple smile

Jason: "Why lucky? She's just my friend..."

mina: oh do you have this driedns with benefit kinda thing with her???

OOC:....her imagination is funny...anyhow sorry didnt see you replied >,<

Jason: "What?!?! No! She's just a normal friend..." He laughs charmingly.

mina: oh did she refused you?

OOCI have no clue where this is heading >,<

Jason: "No,no. I only like her as a friend. I'm single as a lonely pringle."

OOC: Me neither...

mina:oh that sad...she said looking down

OOC:can I bring suzaku? she'll make this relationship happen in less than 20 post I can guarantee it

Jason: "Why?"

OOC: No... Just kidding, sure you can :)

mina: she continues to look down not knowing what to answer to the boy. This keeps up for a few minutes UNTIL somone suddenly drop down from the sky

suzaku: BY THE GODS YOU GUYS ARE THE MOST BORING COUPLE EVER!!!the nymph whine loudly making mina turn to her

mina: suzaku? she said quite shock yet it didnt took long for her brain to response to her words wait what couple she said with a panic we're not going out!! she added quickly taking a step back we just met cause houdini pounce him and and and and he's not interested!! pamina explain in a frenzy

suzaku: she blinks a few times before she turns her attention to jason you like her?she asked as she point at pamina asking the poor boy directly

OOC:if i was in this situation I would kill feel like shooting myself...

Jason: "Well, that depends..."

suzaku: she raised her eyebrow depends on what??she asked carefully

mina: suzaku!! stop bothering him please! he doesnt like me cause I'm not pretty and ...she looks down making suzaku came closer to her and placed her hand on her shoulder

suzaku: can you stop the dude havent even answered yet...

Jason: He blushes madly"It depends if she likes me as well."

mina: she turns red

suzaku: you look like a tomato... turns to jason and you look like an aple which makes you two a perfect match now lets go on a date!! she said as she pushed suzaku and tried to take jason hands come on love cant wait !!

OOC:wow less than 5 post...

Jason: He only does't resist.

OOC: She's talented.

suzaku: she pushed the two a few steps before pausing soo in camp or out? she asked pretending to care

mina: she opens her mouth to suggest but was cut by suzaku

suzaku: out of camp! good thinking mina! she praised the child as she pushed the two along to the camp border but before you two can go on a date you two need a makeover...she grins making pamina turn pale

Jason: "What?"

suzaku: makeover time...she grins as she pushed the two to town

Jason: He smiles gently.

suzaku: pushes the two into a salon take care of them!! she yelled at the stylist

Jason: "But I'm fine this way!"

'suzaku: press her finger against her lipshush dear child i know what is best...she said slowly as she tried to push him see pamina is having fun...she said pointing at pamina who was already in tourture..

'Jason': "What should I get as a makeover?"

suzaku: cause your going on your first date with a beautiful girl! and when was the last time you went out?

Jason: "I said what not why."

szaku: she shrugs you choose yourself newbie..she said as she passed jason a pile load of shirts

OOC: and also you can pick what he wants to wear ><

winter festival

pamina: she was wearing this [1] as she read her book quietly waiting for jason

Jason: He wore a beige silk trench coat, a navy blue button-up shirt and some overly dark jeans as well as brown loafers. He got with Pamina and smiled "Looking good Mina"

mina: she looked up seeing jason she blusehd you look good too...she said slowly as she closed her book placing it next to her anyhow what are you doing here? she said looking curiously at him

- Jason: "Well, I guess I thought I'd find you here..."

OOC:waaaaaaiiitt what >< I thought we agreed that the makeover was before this? cause this is like a few months AFTER the first date where they're a solid couple etc etc

OOC: Right. Sorry I forgot

'mina: she blinks a few times really....i just came here cause suzaku said she had something important....she said slowly looking down before realizing what suzaku meant by 'important i think I just got trick again....she sigh as she laughed

Jason: "I guess I just got tricked too."

pamina: she blinked a few times how did suzaku get your phone number ?she asked tilting her head

Jason: "I don't know..."

pamina: she laughed maybe she is the great and wonderful suzaku she smiled at jason innocently

Jason: "Maybe you are the great and wonderful Mina"

pamina: goes red but I was talking about suzaku not myself..she said looking down

Jason: "But you're great and winderful too!"

pamina: she laughs once again winderful? new word is it??

Jason: "It's half Winter half wonderful. WINDERFUL!"

pamina: place it in the oxford dictionary maybe you can get some money from it she joked to him

Jason: He shrugged "Maybe I will. You know I have some power over cold... Or Ice..."

OOC:this event is close right? soo can we move it to our reg rp??

OOC: I guess so...

OOC:do you want to do it or do you want me to do it??

OOC: Chu plesae?

pamina: do anything funny and your gonna get nightmares for the next month...

Jason: He made an icecream cone and handed it to Mina "Is this too funny?"

pamina: she looks at the cone not accepting it just yet depends are you gonna put it on my nose and say i'm a snowman?

OOC:lets bring her twin *evil laugh*

Jason: He gets confused "I'm not going to....?"

pamina: oh ok then good...she said taking the ice cream cone its just...pamela did that to me when we were younger...

Jason: "She was your sister right?"

pamina: half...she corrected him

Jason: He bodded, remembering "True"

pamina: she sigh apparently everyone is my half sibling...nobody is true...

Jason: He hugged her "Aww thats not true..." OOC: Ok, thanks

pamina:' she was surprised with the hug thanks but seriously...

OOC:can we bring them out of camp? cause then her 'twin' could make an appearance

Jason: "What?"

OOC: ok yeah sure

pamina: she sigh once more looking away never mind...she said slowly when suddenly her phone rang a familiar tone hmmmm?? she raised her eye brow as her hand reached for her pockets taking out her phone interesting....she said slowly before looking to jason can we not...i mean...can we reschedule this? she asked as she took a couple step back cause I really need to.. just call me later...she said running to the direction of town

Jason: Worried he came running after her really discreetly.

mina: she noticed that jason was following her thus went to town the hard way hoping to loose him

Jason: He continued following her.

mina: after a few detours she reached her destination which was the coffee shop

Jason: He discreetly watched from outside the shop what was Mina doing.

from jason's view he saw pamina was greeted by 5 people 2 older couple 1 girl who almost look like her and two more younger kids

Jason: He continued watching and thought that the girl who looked like Mina was probably Pamela.

OOC:now what?

OOC: IDK You dramatize...

OOC:I have a writers block >< help?

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