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OoC-Caitlyn can start.

cait: she shrugs how about anywhere our feet takes us? she said quite clamly

OOC:ehh I'm a melon *taste self* I'm not delisious.. :(

'Allan:' Sounds like a plan to me. he spins around for a while. When he stops, he runs off in a random direction ,grabbing Caitlyn's hand and dragging her along as he does.

OoC-I'm not much of a melon person... but why the heck not? *Tastes Melon-senpai* hmm, not bad.

cait: she gets pulled hey hey hey I'm not a doll! she said trying hard not to fall down

OOC:0.0 I'm being eaten...>,<

Allan: he laughs as he slows down. Sorry! My bad, I sometimes forget some people aren't as fit as me...

OoC- XD It tastes so good... but I guess I can't eat all of you if I want to keep the rp going. Too bad.

cait: she finally manage to catch her breath I am healthy..she said defending herself but seriously I'm not a dog that you have to walk...

OOC:hahahha well you can eat me more next time ;)

Allan: You're right. It's just been a while since I've gone somewhere by choice. Oh, and I didn't mean to suggest that you were unhealthy. I mean, you look pretty good to me. Shaking his head, he says, Not in that way, you know. Not to say that I don't think you're attractive or anything, but... sighs I'm gonna stop talking until we get somewhere.

OoC- .....0.O

cait: I was just about to suggest that...

OOC:>,< sorry anyhow how are you?

Allan: the two walk in silence for a while, Allan afraid to speak out of fear that anything else he says will be taken out of context. And things seemed to be going so well... he thought as they began to approach the forest grounds/town/ lake.(OoC-your pick)

OoC-I'm doing all right. Getting ready for college is a drag, though...

cait: she looks down the silence was getting too awkward as they went to town ok...she said suddenly lets go for lunch? my treat she offered

OOC:ehhh collage?

Allan: He smiled, as he was both slightly surprised and happy. Uh, yeah that sounds good about now. And if you're still interested in doing something after, the theater is open. I haven't seen Godzilla yet. He said, pointing at the large building from where he stood.

OoC- College, yes. Besides that, I'm also working on some personal projects.

cait: this is totally friendship base correct? she asked a bit paranoid

OOC:personal projects?

Allan: Do you want it to be? he says, laughing. Is she... worried? He thought to himself.

OoC- A web series I'm writing a script for, as well as a Video game, also a story I'm writing.

cait: she quickly nods yes..please...she added quickly

OOC:0.0 wow !! web series? game? and wow! anyhow sorry for late reply >,< classes.

Allan- "Say no more. Let the totally platonic, mid-evening lunch and movie not date...BEGIN!" he said imitating the sound of a horn with his hands. "After you my female associate..."

cait: she blinks a few times before she nods lets go my male associate whom I'm totally platonic with allan..

OOC:you angry?

Allan: laughs. So where to eat...There a sushi place around here? He said, walking into town not far behind Cait.

OoC-OF Couse I Am!(not at all ^.^) You're too busy to talk to me now? HUH!? (It's cool, I just forgot to add some chat to my edit the other bad. So what's up with you?)

cait: she shrugs its been a while since I came to camp allan soo lets just walk around ok?

OOC: me? I'm happy as I can be as I got my internet back!!!! you?

Allan: Alright then. *singsong tone* Leeet's take a walk, take a walk...(whistles the rest of the song) soo...where have ya been? You said you weren't at camp for a while.

OoC- I'm doing good. Melon-senpai is back, The weather is beautiful, and I just finished one of my short stories a day ago.

cait: she scratches her head uhh long story...she said trying to avoid this topic

OOC:good to know!! anyhow like the keys?

Allan: Come on. Tell me something, please? He said, beginning to consider using his charms to get something out of her. If we're going to be friends, I should know some stuff about you, right?

OoC-I really liked the badge. Thanks ^.^

cait: she stops to think of what to tell the child of the love god knowing fully well what they would do thus offered a deal how about we make a deal ..I'll tell you my secret you will tell me yours? agreed?

Allan: Sure. It's a deal, he said, unsure of what he would actually tell her. Maybe I should, that's no good. Well, what about...that's it!  Well, the thing is, I have never really... ever had a relationship with a girl. Physical or otherwise... There was this time, at the place I was staying at, right before I was brought here. I had a little "power practice" with a lady, where I used my charms to get her to like me but... nothing ended up happening. More my fault than hers... He began to feel slightly uncomfortable at the thought, and the fact that he'd said it out loud.

OoC-Do you watch Anime, by any chance?

'cait: dont practice them on me....remember, platonic! she said stressing on her last word platonic anyhow hmmm well my secret is a rather funny know the myth of theseus?

OOC:I did but then I got busy >,< but I'm still a strict fan of one piece!

Allan: I remember, I do. Theseus...The hero that slayed the minotaur, right?

OoC: So I'm guessing that you haven't seen Attack on Titan, then?

caitlyn: she gave a nervous laugh yup that one...he's my ancestor...and my mom is ariadne...his ex...funny right?

Allan- I...guess. a serious look crosses his face You mind telling me what's up with you and the whole "platonic" thing? I mean, it's not a problem if you don't like me that way. It's just a getting a bit difficult not to take offense...

cait: she makes a >,< face sorry its just eros has been giving  me a very hard time i love department...soo I kinda on my careful with people especially after someone stole a kiss...she said clearly being truthful

OOC:super sorry forgot to add this anyhow i dont watch it but I do know about it and I hear the new season is coming soon right?

Allan: Huh. I can understand that. I hear my siblings are a little more in tune with our father's nature than most...

caitlyn: she looks away a bit annoyed that allan didnt want to drop the subject yeah about that the one that stole the kiss wasnt any of your siblings dont worry she forces a smile

OOC:sorry for replying late...wasnt up for being peppy >,<

Allan- He begins to laugh uncontrollably Wow! You do it too?! That's just...laughs

OoC- Are you alright, Melon-Senpai?

cait: she raises her eye brow what did you mean me too??

Allan: The fake smile. You're hiding your emotions behind a cheerful front. I thought I was the only faker in this place. Although, I can't be the only person here with baggage.

caitlyn: excuse me? she said clearly not getting him

"You hide the truth- what you feel, what you don't want others to know, the really dark things- behind a smile. It's effective with most people, but...he stops short, trying not to give his secrets away Wow. Listen to me. I must sound a bit off, huh? Lets whatever it was we were doing. Sound good? Great! He begins to walk faster

cait: his silence clearly did not make her curiosity falter what? she asked once more

Allan: (sighs) We're not making it to lunch, I guess... He says as he stops walking, turning around to face Cait with a serious expression. Okay, fine, I'll tell you a real secret now, but you'll have to do the same... " better this than forcing her under my control. I'd like not to have people against me before I even make any friends..." he thought.

cait: she blinks a few times. wha-? she said once more clearly not understanding his words and how about you hold onto your story while I call a cab? soo that we can think with our stomach's full agreed?

OOC:soo how are you?

Allan: Yeah...sure. Sounds good. (thinking) I'm starting to wonder if maybe both of us are crazy.... Maybe, if I stop talking like I said I would, I can get this "event" finished without looking like more of a wierdo.

OoC: I'm doing great. Just finished my first week of college, which was actually fun for me! ^.^ You?

OOC:same old same old anyhow collage? wow what are you taking?

cait: his silence scared her but she didn't want to push not wanting to go into another weird topic, thus she just walked to town and lead them to a pizza shop

Allan: "Wow." he said as they entered the pizza place. Considering this was his first time around pizza, it was needless to say he was happily surprised.

OoC-Economics, Composition, a community service seminar, and sex...

cait: seeing his reaction was quite shocked your first? she asked wanting some sort of comfirmation


Allan: He is only capable of nodding in response to her question.

OoC- it is not exactly as it sounds...but pretty close.

cait: she makes a 0.0 face how can you live without pizza!!

OOC: now you lost me...

Allan: he laughs gently Obviously, not well.

OoC-Well, what do you think a love and sex course would be like?

cait: she gave a little shrug anyhow pick a spot where we can tell our secrets while I pick up some pizza sounds nice to you? she said simply without pity

OOC:....I am at a lost for words on what to say... >,<

Allan: He was still entranced by the smell of pizza, but snapped out of it as Cait finished speaking Huh? Oh, right...yeah. walked over to a cubicle in the corner of the room and sat down

OoC: I had a similar feeling XD but the class seems interesting so far.

cait: she bought at least 2 pizza's as she brought them to the table but she didn't sat down just yet as she went back to the counter and bought one more pizza and at least 2 jugs of pepsi and placed all of it onto the table soo talk of embarrassing memory or just eat? she asked as direct as she can be

Allan: Well, it's not exactly embarrassing...More like traumatizing, he thought. But, I think we should eat, before the food gets cold. You eat pizza hot, right?

cait: she gave  a little laugh soo were choosing to divert the topic? nice choice, she said.

Allan: Rolls his eyes, before reaching for a slice of pizza, bringing it up to his mouth, and taking a bite. Wow. That is...really good. I wish there had been a place like this near my house.

OoC-Hey. sorry it took so long for me to edit. I've had some things to take care of irl. By the way, How are you doiing, Melon-Senpai?

cait: she quitely sip her soda and nods to allan yeah and then you have to wish for a gym ..she said simply

OOC:me I'm ok same old same old anyhow I undestand even my life is getting busier than ever >,<

Allan: He laughs through the food in his mouth. Swallows, then says I practically lived in a gym. My dad rarely ever let up on the exercises, or the martial arts practice, or the swordplay...I get tired just thinking of it.

cait: she raised her eyebrow how are you an eros kid??

Allan: What can I say? I'm a well rounded Demigod. He laughs Like I told you before. I've never been much of a lover, despite my heritage.

cait: dont start or else you'll regret it.

Allan:  What makes you say that? Your "previous experience"?

cait: she rolls her eyes playing with drink when your at camp for 3 years you tend to be ....different...she sid simply

Allan: Isn't different a good thing? "Takes a sip of his soda"

cait: depends on which side your on...

OOC:kalin!!! *takcles hug* missed you like crazy!!

Allan: Is there something you'd like to talk about? Cuz' it sounds like there is something you might really want to talk about..

OOC:*Hugs melon-senpai back, and spins her* Hey! Long time, no see! It's great to see you again(well, not see know what I mean). I missed you, too. So, how's the game of life going for you?

cait: she made a -.- face pick a topic other than love and I'll talk...she said flat out

OOC:.....exams has sap all my energy now I am a state of notingness >,< other than that I'm ok you?

Allan: Ok, you seriously need to get off of that whole love thing. I am just about the last person on this planet who wants to talk about love... he sighs, looking down. I'm crazy.

OOC- ''Holds melon-senpai There,'s okay. It's over ^.^. Im doing pretty good myself. For the most part... It's great to be back, however. I kinda stopped 'coming around here this place when college (and a few other wikis I frequent) began to pick up.

cait: she bites her lips not wanting to let her curiosity slip after a few seconds she took a deep breath and took yet another sip of her drink about we talk about our past? our mortal parents?

OOC:frequenting??? whaa???

Allan: looks at Cait, surprised.  Um...Sure. Downs the last of his drink. Well, as the saying goes, 'Ladies first'... He tries to put on a smile, but is visibly nervous aboout something.

OOC- XD I go to a few different rp wikis, more often than this place by far(may have something to do with this being the only rp I'm engaged in here...) There were a few special events at the other wikis I was a part of, that took quite a bit of my attention for a while, so I stopped hanging around here for a moment. tbh, I was never really active here in the first place. XD

'cait: she makes a -.- face oh so now its ladies first?? she said slowly as she think of what to say umm

OOC:ehh your on different wiki? and dont worry I'm starting to stop hanging out here myself....

OOC-Don't leave meh, melon-senpai! ;--; *Hugs Meloney* I can't lose the only person who still rp's with me here!

Allan: Stares at her, both interested and worried by what she might be thinking about

cait: she stares at her soda as if it was see through ummm, my dad died when I was 5...

OOC: aww dont be like that >,< anyhow interested ? if you want I'll even give you my power skips

Allan: That...that really sucks. But hey, at least you had some time with him. I don't even know where my mother is...

OOC-hmmm, sounds interesting. I don't need the power skips, though...wait, Melon-senpai, are you asking me out to another wiki XD?  

cait:yeah it sucked..but at least he died peacefully, I guess....she said slowly clearly not liking this topic Soo your mom left you? she said quite frankly I mean...she said realizing her words. You know?

Allan: Hey it's okay, no need to feel guilty. And, I mean, I guess you can't abandon someone if you were never there for them in the first place...he said, matter of factly. I was adopted when I was really young, so it never really bothered me. Dad made sure to take good care of me. Well, the one down here, not the one upstairs. Although I sometimes kinda hope that... He stops short, and sighs. Buuuut anyway, I grew up with my adopted father, and he taught me pretty much everything I know about, well, everything.  We were cool for a while, and then...

cait: The god side started to come out? she asked I can totally grandfather had a heart attack seeing a satyr...which killed him....she said looking down a bit sad

Allan: Yeah...A snake woman got my dad...he kicked it's ass, but... he sighs, closing his eyes as he remembers that terrible night. 

cait: she blinks that sounds cooler than mine...she realizes what she said no offense

Allan: He looks up at Cait, and laughs lightly. None taken. My dad always was pretty cool. Even then, when he couldn't completely understand what was happening, He fought like hell. I wish I could have told him...

cait"she nods if you want we can see an underworld demigod and go to the underworld...and maybe see him...

Allan: Not yet. he says, standing up. I have alot of work on my part before I look him in the face again. But maybe, when I am ready...he looks over to Cait. ...You could...come with me?

cait:' she makes a 0.0 face before giving allan a gentle smile of course...your a newbie..I would never leave you alone.

Allan: Thanks...I'd appreciate it. It'd totally be a platonic adventure, by the way... he says, laughing as he says it.

cait: she smiles well, as platonic as it can be you will soon find love..she said simply.

Allan: Heh, thanks foor saying, but I highly doubt it...he says, stretchiing his arm as he speaks.

cait: she laughs dont say too soon your dad works wonders...

Allan: Huh, you're right, I guess.

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