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The Beach

Kenzie: After a half hour of walking, Kenzie and her new bestie, Xylie, made it to the beach. Just to be one the safe side, Kenzie brought her two-piece bikini just in case they were to go swimming.

xylia: being her naive self she truly forgot their destination and for a couple of times almost wonder off from the path if it wasnt for kenzie whom lead them to the beach. thus when they reached the beach she was truly surprise ehh its the beach!!

Kenzie: She looks around and beams at Xylie, walking backwards to talk. "Yup! You said you wanted to show me something at the beach, remember?"

xylia: she makes a 0.0 face I did she said as she began to think hmmm oh yeah the shells !! she said as she picked up one of the shells lying around the beach putting it near her ear there's the ocean!! she said happily as she heard the sound in the shell

Kenzie: She bounces excitedly, getting closer to see for herself. "Can I hear, Xylie? Can I? Can I?"

xylia: she gave an exited nod as she passed the shell quite oblivious of the fact that flat shell dont give out ocean sounds and t how the sound she was hearing was the ocean itself

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