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Christian Alexander ~ Son of Hephaestus
Christian woke up to the light coming through the window. He was still a bit tired but because of the light he was forced to wake up. "Agh stupid light" he said as he got out of bed. Christian was shirtless with only some basketball short on as he sat up in bed.
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More Info:

 Age: 19  Height: 6'3  Weight: 150 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
  Main Weapon: Two handed cross bow
 Accent: Neutral

Jude wb
He stayed asleep snoring, obviously still tired. The blanket was all over him and his arm rested on his face. Ring! Ring! "GAH!" He jolted up with the alarming sound of the clock. It continued until he pressed the stop button. He was still half asleep as he wiped the drool off his mouth with his hand. "What time is it?" he groggily asked to no one in particular as if he still wasn't himself.
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More Info:

-Lieutenant Counselor

 Age: 17  Height: 6'2"  Weight: 157 lbs
 Sexuality: Heterosexual  Relationship Status: Single, Not Looking
 Birth Place: Los Angeles  Main Weapon: CB Broadsword
 Accent: American
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Christian: Christian stood up and streched before looking to his phone and seeing it was 8:30 am. "It's 8:30" Christian said to Jude as he stood there stretching.

Jude: He wasn't able to register in his mind the am part. "Oh, okay," he said in between his yawn. "It's still nighttime. Good night..." He went back to sleep and covered himself under his blankets.

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Christian: Christian laugh as he saw his half brother fall back asleep. Christian then walked to Jude's bed and pulled the blanket off him. "It's Morning you dummy."

Jude: He felt himself uncovered. He groaned, "Ugh... mom, no... no school today..." He attempted to reach for the blanket but failed since Christian was still holding it. Realizing it was hopeless, he just dropped his hand and later he was again asleep.

Christian: Christian let out a small chuckle and then an evil grin formed on his face. Christian exited the room and soon came back with a cup of ice cold water. He stood over Jude's bed as he began to slowly spill the water on Jude.

Jude: As soon as the cold water touched his skin, he jolted up with a shout, "HOLY SMOKE!" Out of instinct, he accidentally released smoke screen that filled the room. He coughed when he inhaled the air. "Ugh! What in the world?"

Christian: Christian began to cough as he started to breathe in the smoke. "Gods Jude did you really have to let out smoke." Christian says walking to the widow and opening it so that the smoke would leave.

Jude: He held his breath and waved his hands in an attempt to let the smoke go away then when he was able to catch a glimpse of his surroundings, he saw his pillow and grabbed it fanning the air with it.

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