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Jesse: *Jesse is laying on a hill nearby camp staring at the cloud* Man......

Celestiana: A silvery snowy owl rests on a brach of a pine tree uphill closing its eyes for daylight is blinding for the noturnal creature. 

Jesse:*Jesse stands up and examines a nearby pine tree when he spots the Sliver Owl* Ah! I wish I had my camera....I wonder....*he digs a stale cracker out of his pocket,then climbs the tree in attempt to feed the owl* Would polly like a cracker? *He slips and falls off of the tree* Ouch!

Celestiana: Sensing the presence of another being nearby, it slowly opens its one eye and sees a guy come and attempt to feed her but falls to the ground with a thud making the owl flinch in shock. It quickly spread its wings and flew away from the branch and as it came close to the ground, it transformed into its human form and lands just in time in a kneeling position near the fallen guy. "Are you alright?" She tilts her in wonder. Her dirty blonde hair is tied into a bun and she is wearing her peach colored sleeveless dress extending up to her knees which has black edges designed on it. She paired it with her black doll shoes as usual.

Jesse:*he looks at her trying to comprehend what he justs saw,he then looks down  murmurs to him self saying somthing about Acid, and looks back up* Hello......Mrs.Owl......I am Jesse? *He stands up,and looking into Celestiana's eyes* Your a pretty little bird huh? 

Celestiana: She knits her eyebrows in confusion. She doesn't have the slightest idea what acid he is talking about but then she is also taken aback when he called her mrs. "Um... I'm a miss, sir," she corrected. She adds to reply to the last thing he said, "Uh... thanks, I guess?" She finds it somewhat awkward saying she's little like he is actually talking to some pet bird.

Jesse:Erhm,im sorry...I am Jesse,the prince of peace ! Well eh no ones ever called me that before.*his voices lowers in a amost serious tone*..Im just a peace forgotten old peace nymph ...

Celestiana: "That's fine," she replies. Later she realizes... "Prince of Peace? Isn't that... Jesus Christ? Or so I've heard." She shrugs then she stands up as well brushing off the dirt from her knees and from her dress. "Well, I'm Celestiana but I prefer being called Tiana." She extends her hand as she introduces herself. "Seriously, if you call me by my full name I'll ignore you," she says bluntly. That's just how she is sometimes--straight to the point.

Jesse:Well Tiana...*he shakes her hand* Whats your story? Like who created you? You're obviously not a demigoddess....

Tiana: She puts her hand back to her side and says with a slight tilt of her head, "Oh." She smiles gently putting her head up again. "Glad you asked." She explains, "I am a nymph. Guardian of the Owls created by the Great Lady Athena." She is always proud to present herself as Athena's creation. 

Jesse:Gaurdian Of Owls,Huh? It must be nice to have a puropse...*he gazes away almost as if he were lost in the past*

Tiana: "Don't we all?" she casually replies. She looks over the horizon as she remembers her past, perhaps, like what Jesse is doing now. "Before, I wasn't really a nymph. I used to be nothing but a mere owl and Lady happened to notice my existence and skill for survival. Being the goddess' very symbol as what people know, she gave me a task to watch over her daughter and I did." The breeze gently blows on her face, some strands of her hair flowing along with it. "Years later, the gods decided to make animal nymphs to be guardians for their special animals, of course. And that was also the time when Lady Athena blessed me with a human form."

Jesse:*he glances back at Tiana* Our pasts are not that different...*he sits down under the pine tree* Harmonia created me and my brother to protect the innocent mortals,and demigods alike from violence. I once stopped riots,and mass was glorious...but my brother ruined that.....

Tiana: "Your brother... ruined that?" She wondered, "How? I don't mean to pry your past but if it's okay with you..."

Jesse:He grew bitter with taking orders from the gods,and ran away from his duties.After many years of serving Harmonia I grew sad,so  she decided to retire me,and send me here *he looks down*

Tiana: She gently nodded, not in agreement, but just to show she actually listened. "I see..." she said, "I'm sorry..."

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