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Blake and Kylie

Blake: Blake was sitting under a big tree that produced enough shade to protect Blake from the sun. As he sat there he had his red beats on his ears playing music from his iphone. His eyes were closed as he relaxed.

Kylie: Unbeknownst to Blake, she was sitting on a branch of the same tree he sat under. Her back rested on the tree's rough bark, a sketchbook sitting on her lap and a sharp pencil in her right hand. Her gaze is concentrated on the small blue bird that was resting in its nest, just a few feet away from her.

Blake: As Blake sat there he opened his eyes and noticed what seemed to be a girl sitting on top of one of then branches. Blake slide his head phone off his ears to around his neck. "Hello up there." He calls up to the girl.

Kylie: Not expecting a voice to call out her to her, she jumps slightly at the sound, accidentally rustling the leaves of the branch and scaring away the bird she was observing. With a sigh of disappointment, she looks down and smiles somewhat wearily at Blake. "Hello to you to you."

Blake: Blake smiled back to her. The girl was very beautiful, Blake thought to himself. "Sorry if i scared you..... May i ask what your doing up there." He says looking up to her.

Kylie: With her right hand, which still held lightly onto her pencil, she gestured at the nest before her. "I was trying to sketch the bird that just flew off. I didn't have anything to do with my free time so I thought I'd brush up on some drawing skills."

Blake: Blake look twords the nest which was now empty. He knew he was the reason that the bird flew off and he felt kinda bad. "Thats cool and im guessing im the reason your bird just flew off?" He asks.

Kylie: She grins down at him. "I'd love to say no you're not, but I must not tell lies."

Blake: Blake lets out a small laugh. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to." He says smiling up at her. "Im blake Shadows son of Hecate. and you are?"

Kylie: She nods her head slightly. "I'm Kylie, daughter of Apollo. Nice to meet you."

Blake: Blake stands up do to his neck starting to hurt so he can keep looking up at her. "Nice to meet you too. you're the first Apollo child i've met."

Kylie: Her grin widens a bit. "That makes me feel rather honored. Sadly, I can't say you're the first child of Hecate that I've ever met. You're probably..." She trails off while mentally counting in her head. "You're probably the 20th child of Hecate I've known? More or less, you're the 20th."

Blake: Blake smiles up at Kylie. "I cant say i'm not disappointed to be the 20th Hecate kid you know." Blake realized his music was still playing so he turned it off then looked back up at Kylie. "So what do you say you come down here so we can continue talking?"

Kylie: She grins down at him. "Hmm, that's a nice offer, but why don't you come up here instead? A song I love says after all, 'you can't pull me down'."

Blake: Blake smiled and began climbing up to the branch that Kylie was sitting on. He smiled at her as he climbed and then reached the branch sitting next to her. "Hmmm this was a better idea." He smiles at her.

Kylie: She shrugs nonchalantly, readjusting her position to provide enough space for the two of them. "Sometimes, change can make your day better."

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