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Markus: Markus yawned as he stretched and walked out of the Thanatos cabin and stretched. He looked around the area.

Amelia: Amelia was walking out her cabin, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, when she bumped into someone. "Sorry." She sighs. Who had come to mess with the Thanatos Kids now?

Markus: Markus blinked as he held her steadily. "Woah! It's fine. You're my new half sibling right?"

Amelia: "If you're a Son of Thanatos, then yep." She smiles. "I'm Amelia Hunter." She extends her hand for him to shake.

Markus: Markus smiled cockily as he shook her hand. "The name's Darkwood, Markus Darkwood."

Amelia: Amelia raises an eyebrow questioningly, "Nice meeting you, brother. I think we'll get along just fine."

Markus: Markus nodded his head as he replied "Oh yes. We will..... So... Any guy caught your eye?" He stopped before smirking, "Hey.... That rhymes....."

Amelia: Amelia's cheeks turn pink, "What the Hades!" She exclaims.

Markus: He noticed Amelia's cheeks turning pink. "Oh? So I'm right! Who is he?"

Amelia: Amelia's cheeks turn a darker pink, hitting red, "Nobody! He doesn't even know I exist."

Markus: "Doesn't know you exist? Okay, now I've got to know who he is. It better not be a certain Mexican....."

Amelia: "Mexican? What? No..." She shrugs.

Markus: Markus blinked as he let out a sigh of relief before opening his mouth. "Thank goodness......" Then, his voice became a high pitched voice, an opposite of his usual husky voice. "So.... Tell Old Marky who is it....."

Amelia: Amelia laughed and shook her head, "Never in a million years, bro." She smiles, beginning to walk, "You coming?"

Markus: Markus pouted a little before nodding and following Amelia. "So..... How do you think about camps so far?"

Amelia: Amelia shrugs, "I like it. I mean, I'm not madly in love with camp, but I like it. It's grown on me the idea of who I really am and that I now have a new family."

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