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Asyline: Asyline yawned as she walked out of the blue cabin and she stretched, she spotted a familiar face. She smiled as she ran up to him, "Hi Tony!" She said, cheerily.

Tony: He hugs her greetingly "Hello Ms. Asyline"

Asyline: Asyline hugged him back warmly as she looked up at him. "Whatcha gonna do now?" She asked him.

Tony: he smiles "I don't know, I had an idea of either going for ice cream, or swimming"

Asyline: She looks up at him. "Mind if I tag along? It's pretty boring watching my counsellor being scared of water." She asked.

Tony: "Sure, I'd love that"

Asyline: The Daughter Of Poseidon smiled up at the taller boy as she walked to the town beside Tony. "So any girls you have fallen for?"

Tony: "Not yet, but I feel her close to coming" 

Asyline: She raised an eyebrow "Close to coming? Wow. That girl must be lucky to get a guy like you. I'm forever alone and have the fishes as company." She joked.

Tony: He gets startled "Why is that? I mean, I don't even know how to flirt and you callin' that girl lucky?"

Asyline: Asyline raised an eyebrow again. "You don't have to flirt to show that you like a girl, ya know?" She smiled sweetly.

Tony: He  puts a weird face "What do you mean?"

Asyline: Asyline dropped her smile as she scrunched up her face which made her look adorable. "W-Well.... I never given a guy love advice before since I'm not experience and/or I'm not a child of Aphrodite or Eros but...... Well..... For example: I prefer a shy but funny guy than any a flirtatious one out there."

Tony: He smiles at her face "Why?"

Asyline: Asyline shrugs a little. "I don't know....... Maybe because I feel more secure with them but what do I know? I don't have any boy that is going after me."

Tony: "I doubt that, Ms. Asyline."

Asyline: Asyline raised an eyebrow before turning her attention to the big ice cream shop. Her green eyes immediately brightened.

Tony: Noticing Asyline suddenly change her mood just by ice cream he laughs"Guess you like Ice Cream"

Asyline: Asyline turned to Tony and eagerly nodded her head. "I do! Ice cream is one of man's greatest inventions after all." She said as she stepped inside the shop.

Tony: "Truth to betold, ice cream is my weakness"

Asyline: Asyline looked him "Serious? Because you are sort of made of fire?"

Tony: "Nope, because when I start eating, I can't stop"

Asyline: Asyline gave out a soft chuckle as the musical sound filled the air. "Oh I know the feeling."

Tony: "What flavor are you getting?" 

Asyline: Her eyes brightened again "Mint and chocolate chip." She said as she walked to the counter.

Tony"Don't worry 'bout the money, he says, it's on me"

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she shook her head slightly. "I'll pay for my share."

Tony: "Don't insist on me girlfriend (he means it in a normal "friend way") I'll pay, I invited you"

Asyline: Asyline blushed a little before chuckling a little. "Thanks." She smiled as she gotten her ice cream.

Tony: He gets his and pays "Thanks" he says to the vendor and starts eating it

Asyline: Asyline walked to a two seated table as she sat down on a chair and began eating. She moaned, "This is delicious."

Tony: I know right?

Asyline: Asyline smiled a little as she are finished the treat. "So..... Somebody told me that....... You have a crush on one of my half siblings?"

Tony: "Not exactly one of your siblings" he answers.

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she placed her heads on her laced fingers and looked at him adorably. "Oh? Riley told me that you have a crush on a child of Poseidon......"

Tony: "Oh that little love monster" he mumbles. "Well, yeah, well, kind of, its --"

Riley: Riley had been spying all day on Asyline and Tony, when she decides to make a wonderful, yet random appearance. She walks to the table they were at, smirking like the little shit she was. "Good Evening, mademoiselle." She greets Asyline and turns to Tony, her smirk widening, if possible, "Monsieur. So, told Asyline already?" She bites back a giggle.

Tony: He sure wanted to kill Riley right there, in that right instant "Told her what?"

Riley: Riley sighs in mock disappointment. Looks like she's breaking the news to Aslyine. "That you have a huge immense crush on Asyline and would love dating her." She begins shaking, but desperately tries holding back her laughter.

Asyline: Asyline's tanned face scrunched a moment to take in all of her words before her sea green eyes widened and blushed a little. "E-Erm......I...... I need to help Stephen with stuff..... I'll see your later Riley, Tony....."

Riley: Riley rolls her eyes at Asyline's comment, "How bout' none of you leave until you tell each other how you feel? I'll be watching you idiot love-birds. I'm armed too, by the way." Riley smiles mischievous, finally letting her laughter out as she walks out the door.

Tony: He facepalms. "She's probably crazy" he says to Asyline

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she stopped on her tracks and rubbed her arm nervously while looking down. She bit her soft bottom lip hesitantly as she looked through the eyelids of her sea green eyes. "Y-Yeah." She pulled off an uneasy laugh and a fake smile.

Tony: "Soooo what do  you want to do next?" he blushes

Asyline: Asyline blushed a little too. She cleared her throat and attempted to change the subject with a red face. "We can go swimming......?"

Tony: He's sighs of relief since she changed subject. "Yeah, I love swimming, but I must go to my cabin first to put on my swimsuit"

Asyline: Asyline nodded as she looked at him "Mind if I follow you?"

Tony: "Nope, no problem at all" TIMESKIP UNTIL THEY GET TO THE CABIN he enters the cabin and asks Asyline if she wants to come in.

Asyline: Asyline nodded as she walked inside. She waved to the several Hephaestus campers as she followed Tony.

Tony: He enters his room and gets his pants off, good thing that he conviniently had his swimsuit below, so he didn't have to change it. He leaves his pants on a basket where he puts the clothes that need to be washed. He then gets his shirt off, revealing his bare chest and abdomen. He then claps. "I'm ready"

Asyline: Asyline's face went a little red as she looked straight ahead. "Let's go......."

Tony: He gets out of the cabin "You comin'?"

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she nodded while sneaking glances at his stomach. Her hands itchin to just touch them.

Tony: He puts his arm around her shoulder, hoping she won't get it off. "Soooo you like swimming?"

Asyline: Asyline chuckled as his arm brought her closer to him. "Well..... You are talking to a Daughter Of Poseidon so yeah. I do love swimming."

Tony: He blushes hoping he is not being too stupid"Uhm, good point. I also like swimming"

Asyline: Asyline looks mildly shocked. "You like swimming? Not a lot of Hephaestus campers like swimming? Right?" She asked

Tony: As you said, not many, but some do, like me. Let's say that fire and water are not BFFs

Asyline: Asyline chuckled a little and nodded slightly. "Yeah. They don't." She said as she felt very secure around Tony's muscular arm.

Tony: As they get to the beach, he looks at it and remembers that he used to go to the beaches every so often. "In Mexico we have amazing beaches"

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she remembers her home town. "In Manhathan...... We have..... Skyscrapers....." She wrinkled her nose.

Tony: He smiles "Those are cool too."

Asyline: Asyline shrugs as she sighed. "Not when you're living in the city area and every time you wake up is to car noises and gangsters fights." She sighed again.

Tony: "You, Ms., need to relax", he says hug-carrying her all the way to the water and then puts her down "Better?"

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she visibly relaxed in the water. Her dry clothes floated in the water. "Yes......"

Tony: The water is freezing cold, but he shrugs it off. "Nice huh?"

Asyline: Asyline nodded a little before nothing that Tony was shivering a bit. She placed a dainty hand on his biceps. "You're cold....."

Tony: "Yeah" he says "maybe a hug will help."

Asyline: Asyline playfully raised an eyebrow. "Do you really want to keep warm or a hug from me?" She joked.

Tony: He hadn't thought about a "hug" from her, he really just wanted to be warm, but, after thinking about it.... what about both? "Probably both"

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she laughed. Her head moved back a little before she stopped and wrapped her arms around his torso.

Tony: he smiles and blushes madly, but then puts his arms around her. "Look at the sunset Ms. Asyline, it's beautiful, huh?"

Asyline: Asyline shifted her head to see the orange sun. "Yeah..... It is beautiful....."

Tony: He looks at her face and asks "May I kiss you?"

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she looked up and blushe a scarlet red. "O-Okay......"

Tony: He slowly gets closer and kisses her softly in her lips.

Asyline: Asyline's green eyes widened a little before they eventually closed and she placed her hands around his neck. She responded back eagerly.

Tony: He puts his arm in the small of her back  and pulls her closer to him.

Asyline: Asyline sighed dreamily as she kissed back a bit roughly.

Tony: He keeps kissing while smiling. He kisses he in a deep kiss.

Asyline: Asyline sighed before pulling away for air. "That was......" She said with flushed cheeks and a rigid breath.

Tony"That was what? Did you not like it?"

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she shook her head. "N-No! I.... Really like that....." She said as she hid her red face in his 'chest.

Tony: He pulls her closer to his chest. "Want to try it again?"

Asyline: Asyline shyly nodded before she tilted her head up and closed the gap between them.

Tony: He kisses her very deeply and hugs her forcefully putting his arm around her neck

Asyline: She smiled into the kiss as she closed her eyes again. She opened her mouth slightly.

Tony: He keeps kissing her

Asyline: She opened her eyes as she smirked a little. She thought of a plan as she clamped her mouth shut. No tongue action too.

Tony: He notices what she was thinking and he says " I wanst thinking about that"

Asyline: She blinked as she pulled back. "I know. But I just want to be cheeky." She smirked before she dove inside the water.

Tony: He doves inside and looks at Asyline with a what? Face

Asyline: Asyline shook her head slightly as she swam up to him. Her green eyes were sparkling happily as she smiled. "Do you..... Want to breath in the water?"

Tony: "MMMM... Sure!"

Asyline: Asyline chuckled a little as she concentrated and made a water dome around them.

Tony: "Niceeeee"

Asyline: Asyline chuckled again as she looked up and smiled sweetly at him. "What's gonna happen now? You're my first kiss....."

Tony: "You are my first kiss too" he says and pulls her closer to him by her hips.

Asyline: Asyline,By Instinct, placed her dainty hands around his neck as she drew herself nearer to him. "I'm glad that I was then."

Tony: "Then I'll need to be the second one as well..." he says as he slwoly gets closer to her lips"

Asyline: Asyline leaned closer and smiled a little when both of their lips connected. She closed her sea green eyes.

Tony: He smiles as well and sighs. "You're truly beautiful Ms. Asyline" he says between the kiss.

Asyline: Asyline blushed a little as she said, a bit sadly. "I'm not beautiful, not even pretty."

Tony: "If you're not pretty, where do you leave me? Then I'm as horrible as a worm. You're beautiful, don't ever think that you're not again. Ever" knowing that she probably will argue, he kisses her and puts one hand on her hip and the other on the small of her back.

Asyline: Asyline blushed a little as she opened her mouth to argue but stopped by Tony's warm kids. She smiled a little as she kissed back and wrapped her hands around his neck.

Tony: He pulls her ad close as he can and instinctively gets his shirt off while still kissing Asyline, he then pulls her ad close as he can.

Asyline: Asyline blushed as she instinctively placed her hands on his toned chest. She bit her bottom lip softly and blushed softly when she felt his abs.

Tony: He falt her soft hands on his bare skin. He deepens the kiss with passion.

Asyline: Asyline blushed when she felt him deepened the kiss. One of her hands molded into his hair and she run her fingers through his brown hair while the other one caressed his abs.

TonyHe smiles and breaks the kiss. "Wanna come to my cabin?" he asks "Looks like people are starting to look at us. " he says looking at the people in the cost looking at them.

Asylin: Asyline's tanned face was still red as she smiled shyly and nodded, "Y-Yeah...." She said after she had her breath.

Tony: TIMESKIP UNTIL THEY GET TO HEPHAESTUS CABIN  "Sooooo this is my cabin..."

Asyline: Asyline chuckled and nodded, "Yeah... Which I've been here before." She waved to the Hephaestus camper.

Tony: He guides her toward his room, which is painted orange with beige stripes. He lays down on his bed, and pats next to him, gesturing her to come over.

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she walked over to Tony's bed and sat beside him. She laid her head on his shoulder and sighed happily.

Tony: He kisses her head and hugs her.

AsylineAsyline's smile widened as she leant into the kiss on the head and hugged him back, though her hands couldn't hug all of him.

Tony: Since he had put his shirt on again to the Hephaestus, he takes it off again and lays on the bed. 

Asyline: Asyline smiled as she hesitated for a moment before slipping off her flats and lying on Tony's chest. She smiled and snuggled closer to him."

Tony: He puts an arm around her and gets his shoes off as well. He brings her closer with his arm, as close as he can. Her lips just an inch apart from his.

Asyline: Asyline looked up and smiled at him as she placed a soft kiss on his lips before placing her head on the crook of his neck.

Tony: He smiles "Ms. Asyline, I love you" he admits

Asyline : Asyline smiled into Tony's skin. "I love you too...... And don't call me Ms anymore." She looked up and playfully glared at him.

Tony:" Ok.... Asyline"

Asyline: Asyline's smile widened as she took her place on the crook of his neck. She kissed the skin before snuggling near his neck.

Tony: He smiles at the kiss, and runs his fingers through her soft hair.

Asyline: Asyline smiled as she outlines the muscles of his abs and she smiled.

Tony:He shudders a bit at the feeling but then gets used to it. He puts his arm under the back of her shirt and caresses her back 

Asyline: Asyline shivered when she felt his hand caressed her back. She got used to his hand as she relaxed and let him caress her back.

Tony: He hugs her and kisses the corner of her lip.

Asyline: Asyline smiled as she hugged him back and her smile widened when he kissed the corner of her lip.

Tony: "What do you wanna do?" he asks as he puts his hand on the small of her back.

Asyline: Asyline shrugged as she think of an activity to do. "I don't know...... What do you want to do?"

Tony: "I don't know, " he says and kisses her neck "Keep kissing, watching a movie.... what?"

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she moaned softly, "We'll... Watch a movie."

Tony: "Ok... which?" he says keeping kissing her neck.

Asyline: Asyline bit her bottom lip as she clenched her fists on the bed sheets. "Anything...... You pick....."

Tony: He kisses her frequently a bit lower "Uhmmm what genre are you in the mood for?" he says and pulls her closer to him.

Asyline: "Hm..... Comedy?" She suggested as she raised a shaky eyebrow at where he is kissing.

Tony: He gets back to the neck. "Hmmmm.... Freaky Friday?" he asks

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she ran her fingers through his brown hair. "S-Sure....."

Tony: "Why are you so shaky?"

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she looked at Tony. "Well.... You are a great kisser..... And when you kissed my neck.... I..... Shaky...."

Tony: He laughs when hshe calls him a great kisser "I'm not a good kisser..... Sooo. if you get shaky it means you like it, or you don't?"

Asyline: Asyline's green eyes widened as she blushed and looked down. "Erm.... I.... I do like it......"

tony: "Good to know" he says and keeps kissin her neck, every time with more passion

Asyline: Asyline moaned a bit loudly this time. "Great.... You're going to assault me with kisses everytime right?"

Tony: "Would you like something else? I'm just trying to please you..."

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she looked at Tony. "I like it..... Now let me please you....." She said as she started to kissed his neck.

Tony: His eyes widened as she kissed him,  he moaned.

Asyline: She smirked a little as she continued kissing his neck. She nibbled his neck.

Tony: He keeps moaning and puts his hands on her hips.

Asyline: Asyline smiled as she kissed his neck one last time before she trailed down and placed a kiss on his abs. She laid on his chest as she smirked, "Am I doing a good job?"

Tony: "Fantastically" he says and flexes his abs.

Asyline: Asyline laughed a little as she laid down so her back touched his chest. "Sp you've been here longer than I've been. Any psycho ex girlfriends or admirers I have to look out for?"

tony: "Nope, not really... YOu?"

Asyline: Asyline thought for a moment before cheekily smiled, "Well....... There's this guy that I dated back when I was fifteen....."

Tony: "Anddddddd....."

Asyline: "And he's pretty cute now. I think he still has a thing for me........"

Tony: And his name is......

Asyline: Asyline thought of a name as she said cheekily, "His name is.... Markus......" She smiled.

Tony: And he is a demigod.........???

Asylin: "Yes.... And why do you ask?"

Tony: "So then he is at camp?"

Asyline: Asyline nodded her head, "Yeah........"

Tony: Make sure I get to meet him.

Asyline: Asyline chuckled as she kissed his nose. "I'm sure you will....."

Tony: "Why did you break up with him?"

Asyline: Asyline shrugged, "I can't remember..... I think it was because he liked this girl....." She scrunched up her face.

Tony: He's crazy to think that someone might be better than you" he kisses her lips softly

Asyline: Asyline blushed a little as she took a moment to take in the information. She kissed him back softly too.

Tony: He moved his hands toward her hips and got closer to her.

Asyline: She moaned softly as she began to be pressed against his chest. She let out a happy sigh.

Tony: He presses her against his bare chest and shifts one arm around her and moans.

Asyline: Asyline smiled a lite as she laid her head on his chest. "You're so warm......"

Tony: "Thank you?" he says wondering if it was a compliment. "One of the Perks of being a Hephaestus child." 

Asyline: Asyline's face flushed fri embarrassment about herself. "Oh yeah....I'm so stupid.....

Tony: He smiles. "You're not stupid.... You ust lack mental abilities..." he teases

Asyline: Asyline blinked as she looked up and tried to act mad but failing miserably at it with a bright and big smile on her lips. "That hurts my feelings...." She teased back.

Tony: He smiles. "I'm sorry... It was my intention."

Asyline: Asyline playfully hit his muscular arm before snuggling into his chest.

~Time Skip~

Meeting Markus

Asyline smiled as she walked hand in hand with Tony beside her. Her sea green eyes were sparkling with joy as her long wavy brown hair was in a ponytail.

Tony: He walked besude Asylina through abmeadow and talked with her until they got to the Thanato's cabin. Tony then bumps into someone. "Watch Out! I'm with my girlfriend here..."

Markus: Markus looked down as his eyes widened. His insult at Tony started to be stuck to his throat. "A-Asy is your girlfriend?"

Tony: "Yeah why?" he says and then looks at Asyline. "Do you know him?" he whispers

Asyline: Asyline paled a little as she whispered back while having a cautious eye on him. "Yeah. He's Markus...."

Tony: His eyes widen "You mean Markus- as in your ex-boyfriend?"


Would you like to keep the rp where Tony meets Markus? I mean, with Asyline and everything?


When? Should we make a timeskip?

Probably..... Maybe two months later.....

ok..... you make the timeskip. and say that asyline walks with Tony holding hands or something cute like that, adn then Markus suddenly appears.... idk

Okay. You post first then I'll do the time time skip.

OThought it was your time to post, im really sorry

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