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Matt:He sits by the pond, a few pieces of paper and pencils strewn about, as he takes in the scenery and works on his scetch

Sierra: She walks over to the boy sitting by the pond and stands behind him watching what he's doing

Matt: He notices her precense, but says or does nothing, waiting to see what she will do

Sierra: She looks at him still with curiosity in her eyes "Are you a Child of Aphrodite?" She asks him with an almost edge to her voice the way all Children of Zeus did

Matt: He chuckles lightly "What makes you say that?

Sierra: "Because I might have seen you around the Aphrodite' Cabin" She said with the edge in her voice deepening 

Matt: In that case, yes. The goddes of love is my mother, daughter of Zeus. 

Sierra: "How did you guess that I'm a Daughter of Zeus?" She asked with the edge in her voice "And would you mind rying to tell your mother Aphrdite about a Daughter of Ares joining the Hunters of Artemis because I've seen her around the Artemis' Cabin?" She added the edge in her voice lessening

Matt: Your posture, your tone of voice and a few other small things. Add those together and it's the only logical conclusion one can draw. It's simple, elementary even. He finally turns around, and looks at her And I try not to get involved in Olympian politics. It makes life that much simpler 

Sierra: "Oh, ok" She said with the tinyest hint of a smile "Mind if I sit by you?" She asks almost but not close to carefully

Matt: He smiles back Go right ahead. As long as I get to put you in the picture.

Sierra:"Alright" She said with a little bit but not noticeable edge to her voice and she sits by him

Matt: He goes back to his scetch, and works though a generally enjoyable silence that settles

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