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OOC: Yes, you did not read it wrong >.< It's "kun" hehe xD

Meet Me at the Pouring Rain

Soo-yeon: soo-yeon while taking a nap under the shade of the tree and feeling the summer's air breeze is listening to her playlist with her earplugs on relaxing and enjoying by herself

???: He holds a blanket in front of her and lets it down blocking the sunlight. "Your beautiful skin might burn." He flashes a smile.

Soo-yeon: she slightly opens her eyes when she noticed that the sunlight is blocked and raised her left eyebrow as she looks the uknown man, indicating for him to start speaking on who he is

Jordan: He kneels down while still holding up the blanket and grins at the lady. "Hi, I'm Jordan. Sorry to come here all of a sudden." He chuckles.

Soo-yeon: she furrows her eyebrows at Jordan "Er, is there something you need?"

Jordan: He shakes his head. "Nope!" He pops his mouth as he says the end of the word.

Soo-yeon: she nods slowly while she locks her eyes on his "I'm Soo-yeon, Daughter and Lieutenant of Themis' cabin?" a smirk etches on her face as she unplugs her earphones

Jordan: Instead of saying, Ooohhh, he whistles it instead. "Nice!" he says. "I'm a son of Apate, by the way." He adds, "Just a normal camper." Soo-yeon: "well, the head Counselor left so yea." she shrugs

Jordan: Thinking about the cabins--Themis and Apate--neither of them have no counselors and so he gets quite confused. "Sorry, I didn't quite get what you said there. What did you say about the counselor?"

Soo-yeon: "Oh, sorry to confuse you, what i meant was our Counselor left so the Lt. of our cabin became the new head and i became the new Lt." she tilts her head

Jordan: "Aahh," he replies nodding. "Interesting." Later he hears thunder rumble making him look up the sky. Earlier, it was clear but now it's gray. It starts to drizzle. "What?" Good thing he has the blanket which they can use in case none of them has an umbrella. Well, he doesn't so that only leaves the girl. "Uh... hey, you have a--" Lightning cracks followed by a terribly loud thunder and rain starts to pour heavily. "WOW," he exclaims. "The weather seems to be having a bad case of mood swing." The blanket is beginning to get wet. He gets closer to Soo Yeon to cover her. "Come on! Let's go somewhere we won't get wet!" he shouts in the midst of the noisy sound of rain and thunder.

Soo-yeon: she lifts her hands as the rain drops into her palm, she tensed up and squealed a bit a thunder rumbles and when Jordan covered her with the blanket, she ran with him. After a few more running steps they found a shelter and stayed there for a while. Soo-yeon feeling bored once again lifted her palm on the rain feeling the cold sensation of the rain droplets and soon walked slowly under the rain :o

Jordan: They stayed under the shelter of a strange rock formation--two big rocks stood parallel to each other acting as the pillars that supported the other big rock on top which served as the roof while the biggest of them all rested behind as the support for the three. But the rocks seemed so old that they seemed to be one. Their balance was amazing. Jordan sat on the ground and squeezed the blanket as water dripped from it. Then he saw Soo Yeon go out and walk under the rain. He shouted for the sake of her hearing him despite the sound the raindrops made, "You might get cold!"

Soo-Yeon: she just smiled at Jordan who was shouting for her to get back to the shelter, instead of obeying him she lifted her head upward catching all the cold rain drops directly to her face. She hasn't seen rain for a while and this time it made her excited at the same time nostalgic for she always love to play under the rain when she was still a kid the difference was, she still have his dad.. She runs away from the shelter and from jordan and end up bumping hard on a stranger who turns out to be a man, she drops on the ground exclaiming

Chuluun: It just started to rain hard. Good thing he had an umbrella with him. As he rushed, headed to the cabin, he wasn't able to notice that someone was in the way and so they bumped into each other making him bounce back and fall on his behind down the ground with a thud, dropping his umbrella. "Ow!" he exclaimed rubbing his back. The rain was starting to soak him wet and so he looked for his umbrella and immediately reached for it.

Soo-Yeon: she stood up immediately even though her back is aching she gave the unknown man a worried look and bit her lips "I'm sorry." she feels guilty on the soaked man

Jordan: "Soo-Yeon!" he called as he ran to her. "Are you okay?" He was also getting soaked since he didn't have any umbrella with him.

Chuluun: He stood up with his umbrella to shield him from the pouring rain and he brushed the dirt of his pants and shirt. "That's fine," he just said quickly and then he saw another guy come to the girl. He furrowed his eyebrows and added, "You guys really should pick another place to date."

Soo-yeon: she raised her eyebrows at the guy "You're mistaken. We aren't dating." she felt sudden lost of temper just by looking at this guy "Don't speak when your not really sure of what to say."

Chuluun: He raised his hands in surrender but his expression stated otherwise. The look on his face showed a rather sarcastic surprise and a mix of apology. "Okay, okay!" He just said as he dropped his hands, "No need to let out all that sass on me, girl." He pulled the collar of his gray jacket and then tucked his hand in the pocket of his jeans as he started walking away.

Soo-yeon: she laughs hard enough for the guy to hear "What? afraid to get beaten by a sassy girl?"

Chuluun: If he didn't get wet, he'd probably keep up with the sass competition but then he was also a practical person and didn't want to get sick so he chose to ignore the girl and let go of that matter.

Jordan: He put his hand on Soo-Yeon's shoulder and gently pulled her to face him. "Hey, let's just get back to the shelter for now," he said. "You'll get sick."

Soo-yeon: she took deep breaths before following Jordan it made her fun that for once in a while someone really made her want to punch someone so hard for pissing her off, the cold rain also helped her to relax. She closed her eyes shut for a second before turning to Jordan giving him a smile "thanks."

Jordan: He eventually led Soo Yeon back to the shelter and he was soaked wet all over again. "Man, I wonder when the rain will stop?" he asked to no one in particular. He sneezed. "Oohh boy," he said, "not a good sign."

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