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Glen and Leo (28/07/2013)

Leo: She is sitting under a tree, smoking and reading a book.

Glen: Glen sits perched upright on the deck outside Deimos' Cabin, eyes wide and it appears as though he hasn't slept in weeks due to the new recurring nightmares of his step-father. He takes a cautious look around, making sure no one sees him, obviously not noticing Leo and grabs his legs before crying into them, hugging them tightly as the moonlight beams upon his messy brown hair making it seems lighter than it really is.

Leo: She isn't really focused on the book sitting in her lap. It is a commentary on her favorite poem, In Memoriam by Alfred Tennyson, and a rather boring one. She is only reading it because of an essay she has to write for the online course she is taking. Finally she decides that she had had enough, and closes the book shut. Taking a drag from her cigarette, she looks around lazily, and sees Glen. She also notices the way his shoulders are shaking and realizes that he's crying. Not really sure what to do, she hesitantly stands up and walks up to him.

Glen: His head is still stuck firmly to his leg, his eyes are starting to become red from the salty tears running down his somewhat pale skin. With what seems to be every step Leo takes closer to him he tightens his grip on his legs and his weeping becomes considerably louder. However having his eyes shut tight he sees and image of his step father in his mind and his eyes open wide, revealing how bloodshot and red they are. He then sees Leo out of the corner of his eye and looks up, his eyes damp and red and hair so messy it's beginning to fall into his face.

Leo: When he looks up, she is stunned by how much he looks like Ethan, that first night she ran away from home. Her heart clenches in her chest and she finds herself walking faster, wanting to comfort the boy who looks like her first love. She sits down next to him and cautiously puts her hand on his arm. She doesn't speak, not really sure what to say.

Glen: He gives her a small look of sadness before turning away from her, a tear runs down his cheek but he just wipes it away like it was nothing, but for some reason he doesn't try to make Leo go away as she is sorta a comfort for him to be around.

Leo: She frowns and scoots a tiny bit closer to him, "What happened?"

Skylar and Rhi:=

Skylar: He shrugs. "Stuff happened..."

Rhi: She bites her lip, "Did you guys...break up?"

Skylar: He nods. "Yeah but it was a long time six months...."

Rhi: She frowns deeply. When she and Skylar broke up, she had hoped that his relationship with Glen would last. At least, that way, she could feel that they didn' break up for no reason. Not knowing what else to say, she just lies down on the grass.

Skylar: He sighs and hugs himself. "Then I found this girl but she was a huge bitch and left me for no reason."

Rhi: She chuckles bitterly, "For a child of Eros, you're really unlucky."

Skylar: He snaps at her. "It's not funny."

Rhi: She puts her arms behind her head, "Didn't say it is."

Skylar: He rolls his eyes and grips his arm tightly.

Rhi: She bites her lip and hesitates for a moment before saying it, "I missed you."

Skylar: He sits up slightly. "You did?"

Rhi: She blushes lightly and hopes he won't notice, "I did."

Skylar: He laughs softly. "How can you miss someone like me?"

Rhi: She frowns and sits up to look at him, "What do you mean?"

Skylar: He shrugs. "I suck at everything, everyone hates me..."

Rhi: She huffs and looks away, "I'm not everyone. And I really did miss you."

Skylar: He sighs. "I suck though..." He ponders on this for a moment. "Not in that way...okay maybe in that way."

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