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Bal's and Candice's Date

Bal: He was waiting for her on top of Half Blood Hill with his usual attire. He wondered what is taking her so long. He only carried his hidden blade just in case monsters would show up.

Candice Marie: She walked leisurely with a sullen mood. She stopped at a nearby tree and leaned on it. From there she could see Bal, but he wasn't looking in her direction. She nervously ran her shaking fingers through her hair. She put on a superficial smile and walked in a relaxed, calm manner.

Bal: He saw her coming and grinned at her. "So, you ready to go?" He asked her.

Candice Marie: She nodded. "Sorry, I took so long. There was some...complications."

Bal: "Complications?" He asked her, worried if there was something wrong.

Candice Marie: "Um...had to kill a hellhound. It tore my dress so I had to buy a new one. Somehow the store was out of dresses, so I bought a Camp t-shirt, but then I ran into a friend from Aphrodite cabin, and she made a dress out of it. So, that's my life." She smiled and laughed.

Bal: "I don't mind what you wear anyways, as long as we will have a great time. So, let's go?" He said, as he point his thumb to the bus stop. 

Candice Marie: "Yeah." She nodded. "Where we headed to today?"

Bal: "I never been to the town before, let's go there." He told her at the bus stop.

Candice Marie: "Agreed." She said and smiled.

Bal: The bus came and they rode on it in silence. He wants to start a conversation, but he doesn't know how. He just sighed and watched the window.

Candice Marie: She was pondering whether to tell him the truth about what happened, but she decided not to. "So...," she started. "Have you ever been ice skating?"

Bal: He raised his eyebrow, wondering where she got the topic from. "Um, no. I never tried it before." He told her honestly. "What about you?"

Candice Marie: "Yeah, I used to do competitions when I was six, but that's about it."

Bal: "Really now?" He asked, now interested with the topic. "So, you won all of them?" He asked her.

Candice Marie: "Most of them. My aunt was a Winter Olympian and taught me during the summer."

Bal: "Wow, I guess in runs in the family." He told her, teasingly.

Candice Marie: "Yeah, you could say that." She smiled at Bal and looked down. She wrapped her hand around his...

Bal: His heart skip a beat for a second before going back to normal. He didn't want to make Candice feel down, so he kept hold on to her hand. Not that he didn't like it. The bus stopped at the town and they got off.

Candice Marie: She walked with a bounce in her step as she held hands with Bal as the got off the bus.

Bal: "Now what?" He asked her, not knowing what to do in the town. He never really go out much, so he doesn't know what kind of fun things they can do.

Candice Marie: "I heard that there was a carnival in town. I've never been to one before." She smiled.

Bal: "Then let's go there. I never been to one too anyways." He told her.

Candice Marie: The two walked hand in hand. Candice had a bounce in her step as she leaned against Bal while they walked as the sunset on the horizon.

Bal: He smiled at her. But, as they walked his mind was on other things. He doesn't know how to say this to her, but right now, she should have a great time.

Candice Marie: She saw the lights approach as they headed towards the carnival. "Wow..." She said as she observed the rides and people passing by buzzing with contentment. As she entered the carnival with Bal at her side, she spotted a machine weaving pink cotton. Her eyes widen and she pointed towards the machine, "Candy floss!" She said in amazment.

Bal: He tried to control his laugh by her childish behavior. "Yeah. You want one? I can buy you one." He asked her.

Candice Marie: She looked up at Bal and nodded her head fast. "Yes please." She said almost instantaneously.

Bal: He nodded and bought her a cone of it. He smiled and gave it to her as he pay the man in charge.

Candice Marie: She laughed as the candy melted in her mouth. "Thanks. You want some?"

Bal: He nodded and took a bite as well. He doesn't like sweets so much, but this one taste good. "That is good." He told her. "So, where to?"

Candice Marie: She turned around to scan for anything that caught her eye. As she turned, she almost dropped her candy floss. A roller-coaster mounted above her. She pointed at it with wide eyes.

Bal: He turned and gulped. He wasn't really keen with the idea of him sitting in a ride like that. But, he couldn't just say no to her. So, he pulled a brave look and nodded.

Candice Marie: She kissed him on the cheek and dragged him with her towards the coaster.

Bal: He blushed for a bit as he was dragged with her towards the ride.

Candice Marie: She finished the last of her candy floss and put the cone in a nearby trash can. Surprisingly, there was no one in line, so she just walked up towards the front.

Bal: Bal was scared on going on the ride for a bit before he sat next to Candice. He tensed as the ride started to move.

Candice Marie: She smiled at Bal with glee like a mad woman and 'whooped' as the ride started to move.

Bal: He trembled as they went to the top. He thought of everything in his life so far and thought that he would die. He made a silent prayer to his dad that he would be alive after this, but all he got in his head was a voice that said "Really?" before the cart fall and begain moving at top speed.

Candice Marie: She yipped for joy as the roller coaster sped down the rails at a breakneck speed. "YAY!" She said entusiastically.

Bal: Bal on the other hand scream like a little girl. In his head, his dad was laughing at him. He cursed for a bit as the ride move from left to right.

Candice Marie: She watched the people below them as they sailed through the air as if they were flying. She laughed the ride spun upside down and spirled like a twister.

Bal: He kept screaming until they reach the end of the line. When they got off, Bal almost wanted to kiss the floor. He was glad he was back where it is stay.

Candice Marie: "Do you want to go again?" She asked practically laughing.

Bal: "NO!!-- ehrr I mean, we should give others a chance to go on the ride." He said, point at the people in line.

Candice Marie: "Fine with me." She took her hand in his and walked around the carnaval. She spotted ar mirror house to their left and gestured towards it. "Wanna go there? Always wanted to go in one."

Bal: He nodded and they went inside. Once there, their reflection was seen all over the place.

Candice Marie: Candice looked at a mirror that enlarged her head and waist. "Very flattering" She said posing in front of the wavy mirror.

Bal: Bal went to a mirror that made him look fat. He couldn't help himself but grinned at his reflection.

Candice Marie: She laughed at Bal as he posed in the mirror. Her smile faded as she reminisced back before the date when she was talking to... "Bal." She said. "I need to tell you something–." She was interrupted as an arrow flew past her and sunk into the mirror next to her. "It's a trap! RUN!"

Bal: He saw the arrow and nodded. He took her hand and they rushed to the door. When they were near the door, he threw a flashbomb inside and close it shut. He looked at her and said, "Let's get out of here." He told her.

Candice Marie: She nodded as the raced towards the bus station. She felt a tug in her shoulder. Someone had struck her in with an arrow. She screamed in pain as she stopped to pull it out. Blood stained her hands. A group of crazed nymphs surrounded them. The leader was apparently the one wearing an ox mask. Her eyes grew wide as she identified who they were. "Maenad's." She whispered.

Bal: He looked at them in anger. He knew they can't take them with Candice hurt. "We have to get out of here." He took one of his special bomb, the "Mist Bomb". He threw the bomb on the ground and ten pairs of Bals and Candices appeared in front of them. The Bals yelled "RUN!" and all pairs scathered in different directions. The Real pair took off to opposite from the station.

Candice Marie: She saw two of the Maenad's follow them in pursuit. "Hang onto me." She phased the two of them and summoned her Banshee. The creature wailed, but the sound passed through the two of them as they were phased. The Maenads fell from shock and clasped their ears screaming.

Bal: "Come on! We will take the cab back." He said, looking for a cab.

Candice Marie: She turned around, and a bus stopped at the bus stop. "Or we could just take the bus back." She pointed her thumb.

Bal: He nodded and they went towards the bus. Candice got on first but as Bal did the same, an arrow almost hit him. The bus driver saw this and though there was a gun fight nearby. He close the door before the son of Hermes could get inside. Before he could turn, the bus is already miles away. He cursed and ran to another direction hoping he could go back to camp in another way.

Candice Marie: As soon as Candice got on the bus, she dropped and fell onto her face. She passed out on the floor covered in her own blood. When she awakened, she was already in the infermery at Camp Half Blood.

Bal: "Looks like you are awake." Bal said, sitting up straight. He was covered with bandages, but compared to her, he looked ok. "I got here as soon as heard you were in the infirmary." He told her.

Candice Marie: "What happened?" She moaned. Her head throbed with pain as she  pressed her docile fingers against it.

Bal: "Don't know. We seperated on the bus. I got a ride from a biker that was going here. When I got here, they told me you were found at the entrance, bloody and unconsious. Good thing some of the Demeter kids found you and got you here." He told her.

Candice Marie: She coughed. "I don't remember anything." She said weakly." As she stretched she winced and pulled down her sleeve. She saw where the Maenad hit her, but there was also a black rash. Around the wound, her veins appeared a blusish-purple color. "What the–."

Bal: "Hades, what is that?" He said in shock. "Wait here, I am going to call an Apollo kid or something." He told her as he dashed off.

Candice Marie: Tears came to her eyes as she poked the black spot on her shoulder. "Poison." She mumbled to herself. She slapped the palm of her hand against her forehead.

Bal: He came back with a few healers and started to work on her wounds. It took a while, but after a few healing, they manage to heal her. Bal smiled and thanked the healers.

Candice Marie: "Thanks." She smiled weakly.

Bal: "Yeah, sorry if our time together wasn't that good." He told her.

Candice Marie: She laughed out loud, but quickly winced from the wound. "Trust me. I've had worst...much worst." She smiled. "This was a ten compared to others."

Bal: He raised his eyebrow. "You give a 10 to being poisoned?" He asked her.

Candice Marie: She tilted her head and nodded. "You have no idea what my last date was like." She said looking off into the distance wistfully.

Bal: "Good to know that I am your best date so far." He told her, laughing a bit.

Candice Marie: "If you really are wondering, my last date ended with me in a boat wiith my boyfriend. He almost raped me, but accidently pushed me out. I got knocked out by hitting my head against the side of the boat and then someone ended up on shore the next day. Then my cousin found me and that was that."

Bal: "Whoa, sorry about that. So, have you, you know, seen him again? But, if you don't want to talk about it. I wouldn't mind." He told her.

Candice Marie: "No, he drifted off to sea and drowned. They found massive cuts along the side of his body. Think that some shark did it, but I think otherwise." She said looking towards the window.

Bal: He looked at her sadly, as he doesn't know what to do. "The past is in the past. So, let's just forget about it, ok?" He told her.

Candice Marie: She turned her head and squinted her eyes. "How can I forget something like that?"

Bal: "Well-- umm--" He thought of an answer, when another voice beat him to it. 

Jack: "You replace them with fun thoughts!" he said coming out of the window. "Hey, Bal!"

Bal: "Jack! How long were you there?!" He asked him, worried if Candice didn't want to share that info with anyone else.

Jack: "Up to the forget part." He told him, then he looked at Candice. "Hey."

Candice Marie: "Who are you?" She said as her vision blurred from dizzyness.

Jack: "The name is Jack. And, you don't look so good. Here." He summon a bag of ice and place it into her wounds.

Candice Marie: She looks at Bal and then back to Jack. "Are you two related or something?"

Jack: Bal looked like a rock hit him, while Jack laughed in his best laugh. "What? No. There is no way I am related to someone as uncool as him." He told her.

Candice Marie: She smiled. "It's okay I understand." She said jokingly and laughed with Jack. The effects of the mophine kicked in and she suddenly felt woozy.

Bal: He was about to rush towards her, but Jack stopped her. "Whoa dude, relax. The mophine is just doing its thing." He was told by him.

Candice Marie: She looked at Jack thinking he was Bal. "You look cute today." She giggled. "Did you do something with your hair?" She rushed her fingers through his hair. "It's so soft." She giggled at Jack. "I wonder if anything else is soft." She kissed his lips.

Jack: Jack looked at her in shock as she kissed him. He pulled him away and pushed her down. He looked at Bal and said. "Sorry dude. I didn't mean--" 

Bal: He stopped him and said. "It is ok. I understand."

Candice Marie: "That wasn't nice." She laughed and summoned a banshee that wailed at the two while Candice clapped her hands in enthusiasm.

Bal: By impluse, he threw a Shine bomb at the Banshee which causes it to explode from the strong sunlight.

Candice Marie: She passed out and hit her head on the back of the bed with a smile on her face.

Bal: He looked at the bed and found Candice asleep. He sighed for as less she wouldn't do anything stupid. He looked at Jack. He may be an idiot and a flirt, but he is skilled when it comes to healing. There is no Apollo kids at the moment, so he has no choice but to ask him. "Can you take care of her?" He asked him.

Jack: Even until then, Jack was still in a daze. Though it wasn't planned, that was one of the best kisses he got. He got back to reality when Bal asked him to watch over her. He nodded and watched as Bal left. He wondered what was between them. He hoped it wasn't serious. He sat down and started checking on her as she sleeps.

Candice Marie: Her eyes fluttered as she woke up. She was still on the morphine. The doctors must have given her an overdose by accident. When she woke up, she thought that Bal was still Jack. "You were watching me over me?" She giggled. "Like last night." She burst out into laughter. "You're so hot when you do that." She caressed his face.

Jack: He blushed at her. The temptation to kiss her right there was too damn high but he resist it. It wouldn't be right, even for him. He looked around for a way to heal her. He looked at desk and found a nectar. He looked at her, and did the best Bal voice he could say. "Um, are you ok?" He asked her.

Candice Marie: She nodded her head. "I've been better." She said swaying her head and rubbing his legs. She leaned off the side of the bed and kissed Jack passionately. "You have the softest lips Bal." She said as he sucked her neck. "They tickle." She giggled.

Jack: He moved away from her lips. Damn this girl is a kisser! He said in his mind. He took a good drink of nectar in his mouth and force feed her with his lips. The effects of the morphine should wear off if he do this. After he gave her everything, he looked at her and said. "I am sorry." 

Candice Marie: "Bal you're fine. No need to be sorry about anything. Your lips taste like cherry's...or berries. Hey that rhymes." She laughed. "Could you help me take off this hospital gown? There's suppose to be nothing underneath. I want to see if that's true."

Jack: He mentally hit himself on the head. Of course, the effects wore off slowly. He said in his mind. "I think you should know that yourself." he told her, distracting her as long as possible.

Candice Marie: "No fun! I'll just take it off myself. It's not like its the first time you've seen anyway." She said dizzy.

Jack: He looked at her. By the looks of things, the effects are wearing off. "It is. And, I want the first time to be a lot more.. special, if you know what I mean." he told her, hoping she wouldn't do it.

Candice Marie: She stopped as she untied the first string and tilted her head. Candice looked at Bal. "How long have you been here?" She asked completely forgetting what happened.

Jack: "All the time." he told her. He wondered if she is ok already.

Candice Marie: "I feel weird." She touched her lips and shrugged tossing the idea to the side. "Did anything happen?"

Jack: "Um, uh, nothing." He lied to her.

Candice Marie: "I had this strange dream about making out with you for some reason. I'm not going to lie, it kind of felt...good." She teased with Jack.

Jack: "With someone like me? I know it felt good." he told her, with a grin. The truth is, kissing with her also felt good to him, but he would try to tell her that.

Candice Marie: She laughed at Jack. "You're so funny."

Jack: "For girls like you, I intend to be." He told her, raising his eyebrows up and down.

Candice Marie: "Cute." She said. "Are you sure nothing happened? I mean my lips feel really weird. See touch them." She leaned into Jack closely.

Jack: The temptation was so strong that he couldn't resist. He kissed her and said. "Yeah, that happened."

Candice Marie: Candice sat motionless in her bed and tilted her head. "Ummm...Jack?"

Jack: He then realized what happened and turned paled. "Oh my Gods, I am so sorry." he told her. "I think I should go." He told her and left before he could even hear her reply. 

Bal: Bal was walking towards the Infirmary to check on Candice when he notice Jack was running away. He frowned and wondered what happened.

Candice Marie: She squinted her forehead as Jack left the room and Bal entered it. "Um..."

Bal: "Hey, what's with him?" He asked her.

Candice Marie: "He kissed me. I don't know why though." She said sleepishly.

Bal:  "Don't tell me he told you about the kiss already?" He said, a bit shocked.

Candice Marie: "What kiss?"

Bal: He paled even more. That kiss wasn't the kiss she was talking about. "Um, uh, Nothing." He lied to her.

Candice Marie: "Well, I still don't know why he did it. I mean I didn't do anything to provoke him." She put her hand on her forehead.

Bal: He tensed for a bit. From what he understand, it must be that Jack got tempted to kiss her again. "Um, I don't know too." He told her.

Candice Marie: "I guess we'll never know." She shrugged. "Maybe I should talk to him later." She said.

Bal: "Yeah, I think you should." He told her. "So, how are you feeling?" He asked her.

Candice Marie: "Good. Still dizzy." She said.

Bal: "It must be from the Morphine. It will wear off." He told her.

Candice Marie: She nodded. "So what are you gonna do today?" She asked.

Bal: "I don't know. Work on my project I guess." He told her.

Candice Marie: "What project?" She asked.

Bal: "A bomb." He told her.

Candice Marie: She widened her eyes when Bal said that to her. "Um...did you say a bomb?"

Bal: "Uh, yeah. Why?" He said, as if it was nothing.

Candice Marie: "Nothing..." She said and shook her head thinking she still heard wrong. "Why are you making that?"

Bal: "Because I want to and because I am bored." He told her. "Wanna help?" He asked her.

Candice Marie: "I'm fine." She said quickly.

Bal: "Don't tell me that you are scared?" He told her as if it was funny.

Candice Marie: She shook her head.

Bal: "So, why not help then?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

Candice Marie: "To scared to." She admitted.

Bal: "See, you are scared. But, don't worry. This bomb isn't letal. It is just a payback to Bal." He told her.

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