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The Next Day

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After showering and getting ready, Drew decides it's time to take her on a proper date. While she was in her closet searchign for clothes, he quickly iris-messaged Caresse and a few other nymphs to set up the perfect date. He then leaves the cabin without her knowing, to go buy her a gift. Sadly, he forgot all about the fact the she had to go see someone, or do something..

Aeriel: Aeriel wondered to the forest where Eliam was. He smiled when he saw her and a shiver went down her spin. "What do you want Eliam?"

Eliam: "You know what I'm here for." He said as he stood up.

Drew: He's at the mall with Caresse, lost out of his mind. "What do I buy her?" He paces around the store frantically searching for something she'd like.

Caresse: "Um... You need to calm down. " She sits him down on a bench. "She's an Agalea girl, right? But she doesn't.. act it.. right?"

Aeriel: "I can't do that to Drew. Eliam, you don't have to do this."

Eliam: "Yes I do Aeriel. He is in the way of us being together. Do it or I will get rid of him permenatly." He stepped closer to her and caressed her face. "I love you Aeriel."

Drew: He groans exasperated. "No shit! She doesn't even act like her siblings."

Caresse: She raises her eyebrow. "No need to get hostile, bro." she thinks. "Um.. How about something that says. I'm simple but sexy."

Aeriel: She pushed him away and punched him with such a force he recoiled a few feet away. "I don't love you Eliam. You killed my cousin, and now you're doing this."

Eliam: He spat out blood and squinted his forehead. "You b*tch!" He said as he stood up and slapped Aeriel. He realized what he just did and panicked. "Aeriel, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." He induced a sleepish state on her, making her think that she was daydreaming. He went further and made himself look like Drew. He smiled at her, "Would a kiss make it better Aeriel?" He asked. 

Drew: "What the hell does that mean." he groans. "You know you're no help." he mumbles getting up. He decides to buy her a simple diamond, promise ring in a black box. "This is perfect." 

Caresse: She looks at him with a straight face. "You're helpless." she shakes her head before leaving the store. "I'm off. IM me later." she calls out. 

Aeriel: Drew was being more agressive than usual. He forced her onto a tree and pressed his lips against hers firmly, rarely coming up for air. "I think we should stop Drew. I have to go meet someone." She said sleepishly.

Eliam: He released her from her state and loomed over Aeriel casting a satisfactory grin on his face. "Remember what to do Aeriel, or someone will die."

Drew: He walks out of the store, putting the ring in his back pocket. He walks through the familiar, forest path and spots Aeriel. He grins. "Hey babe!" he calls out.

Aeriel: "Drew." She said and steped away as he came nearer. "What are you doing here?" She didn't expect do do it so soon.

Drew: He furrows his eyebrows, wondering why she'd taken a step away from him. "Just came to see you." he says. "You okay?" he asks, cupping her face. 

Aeriel: "No, not really Drew. We need to talk." She sat down in the grass and patted a patch of grass next to her, gesturing Drew to sit there. "I think you want to sit down for this."

Drew: He's a bit reluctant but he obliges. He sits next to her, his dark eyes search hers.

Aeriel: She tries to avoid eye contact with Drew. She would't be able to bare it. "I don't think it's going to work out. You and me." She said suprised that those words poured out of her mouth.

Drew: He somewhat forgets how to breathe, "Oh.." he says. 

Aeriel: She looked at Drew for a moment and felt heartbroken. She wanted to kiss him or comfort him, but all she did was stare at him. "It's not because of you, or last night, its just that..." She sighed trying to keep a calm face. "I don't want to see you anymore."

Drew: Well that hurt. he said to himself. He found himself growing angry. He looks at her, "Why?" he snaps. "Why. What the f*ck did I do wrong." he spat as his voice rose.

Aeriel: Aeriel shakes her head at Drew's outburst. "Nothing." She said honestly and glanced up at him.

Drew: He clenches his fists, and turns away. "Nothing." he sneers. "Nothing. How is it nothing? Something must of happened Aeriel." he stood up looking down at her. 

Aeriel: "I've already given my reason Drew. I just don't think our relationship will last. I mean it was fun, but I don't think it would have lasted that long." She said.

Drew: He shoots his head back at her, honestly enraged. He narrowed his eyes at her. He stopped himself from saying a few things and clenched his jaw. "I knew I shouldn't have dated an Agalea girl. You are just as bad as your cabin, more or less the Aphrodite Cabin." He reaches in his pocket and pulls out the box. He stares at it for a while before chucking it towards her. "I'm done." he grumbles walking away.

Aeriel: Aeriel was sincerely hurt by Drew's remarks and felt like defending her cabin, but that would have just lead to more confrontation. As she stood up, she picked up the black box from the ground. A diamond ring laid inside. She looked back at Drew who was already out of earshot. She clasped herself and collapsed to the ground. Tears streamed from her face, but no wailing accompanied the sorrowful tears.

Eliam: He clapped his hands and emerged from behind a nearby tree. He had been listening to everything. "Well done Aeriel." He said as he lifted her off the ground and put a finger under her chin. "You don't need someone who insults you that way." He kissed her forehead as she stood motionless. He laughed. "Come on Aeriel. You know there is some truth to what you said. I can make you much happier than he ever could. Just watch." He embraced her with a heartwarming hug, but she felt lifeless and stiff as if she were a living corpse.

Drew: He soon regrets what he had said to Aeriel. His anger had taken over him again. He sighs running his fingers through his hair. "Life is a b*tch." he mumbles. 


Once again Drew has been going to the bar with Caresse. Almost like deja - vu. He honestly didn't even remember what it was like without Aeriel. 

Aeriel: "I don't want to go in there Eliam! I think Drew is in there." She hadn't seen Drew in over two weeks and sweated looking frantically through the window to see if he was in there.

Eliam: "Come on Aeriel." He said as he practically dragged her through the front door. "It's going to be fine. You're with me now remember."

Drew: He doesn't look the same. Hell, he doesn't even look sane. His hair is a mess, and he has bags under his eyes from the loss of sleep. He sighs, taking a drag from his cigar. He rarely even smoked. Something he did when he was in really bad shape. This time Caresse had left early, promising to visit him in the morning so he was alone. 

Aeriel: She didn't notice Drew when she took a seat right next to him with Eliam by her side. She didn't know how long she had to keep this act up with him, but she hoped it wasn't that long. "Aren't you going to get me something?"

Eliam: He raised his eyebrow and smiled at Aeriel. "You don't drink though." Her face remained stolid as she stared at Eliam intensly. "Alright Aeriel. What do you want to drink?"

Drew: He thinks he's hallucinating when he hears her voice. He turns and looks shocked. "Aeriel?" 

Aeriel: She smiles at Drew thinking his a stranger. She takes a quick glance at him and says, "I'm sorry, but you must have me mistaken for the wrong person," and turned back to Eliam.

Drew: He looks as if he'd been slapped in the face. He soon gets a headache. "Aeriel, cut the act. I know it's you."

Eliam: Eliam rolled his eyes. "Really. F*ck off dude. You look like you should be on the streets."

Aeriel: She gave Eliam a deadly look and could have slapped him. "Don't." She said warningly. She took another look at the stranger and noticed that it was, "Drew?" She said wide eyed and almost fell out of her seat. "Hi." Her drink was placed in front of her by the bartender. She picked it up and sipped it. "Hope you have a good time. Come on Eliam."

Drew: "Do you even drink?" he asked her. 

Eliam: "She's tried a lot of things you probably don't know about. I thought her all of them. Even the trick from last night." He said as he put his arm around Aeriel and kissed her.

Drew: He snaps his head to Eliam, taking in his presence for the first time. He furrows his eyebrows. He then looks at Aeriel. "It took you two weeks to get over me." he says hurt echoing through his voice. He shakes his head. "Why did I even date you? Were you just toying with me?" he asked using the same line she had used on him.

Aeriel: Aeriel starts to get uncomfortable being between Eliam and Drew. She opened her mouth, but no words formed. After a long pause, she finally said, "Drew I broke things off with you because it wasn't going anywhere. You made me fell content and satisfied. I never really loved you Drew. I think its best you and I have some closure. Permanently..."

Eliam:"Don't worry Drew, I'll take better care of her than you."

Drew: He clunched his jaw. "The day we broke up was our anniversary. I had so many things planned for that day. And... you didn't even know or remember." He sighs, taking another drag from his cigar. 

Aeriel: "Drew I'm sorry that things turned out this way. It's just that...," She regreted having to say it again. "I just never loved you they way you think I did." She shrugged.

Drew: Ouch his brain told him. That must've hurt. He shakes his head. "What a whore." he chuckles taking another drag. "Have fun with her, man." he pats Eliam on the shoulder before walking out. Another place ruined by her. You can't go to the beach, forest or mall. Now add the bar. He was honestly hurt. Did she really mean all those things? 

Eliam: He grabbed Drew's shoulder and hit him in the back of the head. He proceeded to bend him over backwards and knee him in the spin. Eliam was fumed with fury. He turned Drew around and sucker punched him in his jaw repeatedly. "Say it again you little sh*t." He pressed him against the nearest wall and kneed him in the stomach.

Aeriel: "Stop." She intervened splitting the two up placing herself between them. She bent down and picked Drew up leaning him against the wall for support. "You okay?" She said calmly wiping away the blood stains from his face.

Drew: He coughed up some blood and groaned. Honestly not in the mood for a fight. He looked at Aeriel, she was so beautiful. He fought the urge to touch her, as in caresse her flawless face. He almost smiled. "I'm so sorry." he said. "For everything." he glanced back at Eliam, and a wash of dread came over him. "You deserve someone better than me, I was being selfish."

Aeriel: She wiped a tear from her cheek and shook her head. Aeriel kissed his cheek and walked away towards Eliam without a word.

Eliam: "Come on Aeriel. The young b*tch is done talking." He said as he put his arm around her and exited the bar.

Aeriel: "What the hell was that Eliam? Did you really have to do that?" She put her head on his shoulder. "All he did was–."

Eliam: "He called you a whore. You aren't that. You're better." He stops walking and turns to Aeriel. "I don't care if you don't like me or whatever, but I'm not going to put up with someone who treats you like a pile of shit calling you whatever they want to." He kissed her gently and caressed her face. "You shouldn't put up with it either."

Drew:He stayed on the wall and reminisced what had just happened. It seemed like just yesterday they were gushing over one another, telling the other they loved them. He sighed, the worst part was Drew didn't even know that Eliam was the bad guy. Eliam had made their first encounter seem like a dream that had faded.

Eliam: He smiled at Aeriel. "You wouldn't have to deal with him anymore."

Aeriel: Aeriel could have screamed at Eliam, but she just stared. "No!" She said. "You said you wouldn't harm him if I agreed to this stupid crap! If you touch him I swear by the gods I will drag us all down to the Underworld and make sure you experience hell." Eliam smiled at her with a gleam in his eye. She walked away from him in fuming with anger and rage.

Drew: He walks out of the bar holding his head. To make it worse someone bumped into him, that someone being Aeriel "Geez, man watch where your goin." He coughs not knowing who had bumped into him.

Aeriel: "I could say the same to you Drew." She walked off towards Camp Half Blood aimlessly. She drank a small bottle of alcohol as she made her way back towards her cabin.

Drew: "Hey wait." he sighs, grabbing her arm. Everything was so confusing to him. "Tell me why you broke up with me." As soon as he said it he knew she'd repeat the same thing she had said before, "Tell me the truth...please."

Aeriel: She looked back at Eliam who stared at her and Drew. "Not now." She said as she took another sip from her bottle. "Later when we're alone." She turned around and started walking.

Drew: He nodded then walked off. He knocked on the Apollo Cabin hoping to get some quick nectar and ambrosia.

Aeriel: She walked to the Aglaea cabin followed by Eliam who was a few feet behind her. She left Eliam without a bye and entered her room. She almost burst in tears when she hit her matress.

Drew: He succeeds and goes into his cabin. He tends to his own wounds as he sighs. He wished that he had crossed the River of Styx to avoid this mess. Candice Marie had given him the chance, now he regretted not taking it. All this drama was getting out of hand and gods, when was he going to be able to talk to her alone. Eliam was on her back 24/7. He pressed his hands to his temples soon getting a migraine.

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Aeriel: After an hour of morning, she picks herself up and schemes a plan. She looks out her window and watches Eliam walk back to his cabin leisurely. She jumps out and runs towards Drew's cabin hiding behind bushes and trees as she made her way. When she reached his cabin, she knocked on the door frantically hoping he would answer.

Drew: He groans his migraine increasing. He opens the door to find Aeriel. He was extremely shocked, lets her in, then scratches his head.  He clears his throat. "Um... hey." he says.

Aeriel: "We don't have that much time. His going to figure that I'm doing something since I'm not sleeping." She tried not to make eye contact with Drew as she pasted back and forth before sitting on Drew's bed.

Drew:  Once again he was looking at her beautiful features. Snap out of it Drew. She doesn't want you. his mind growled. He ruffled his hair and pulled out a cigar. He went into his drawer fumbling with the things before finding the lighter. He ignited it, it being to only source of light int the room, that and the stars. He burns the cigar's butt before taking a long drag. "No space, huh?" he says referring to she and Eliam's relationship.

Aeriel: She laughed at Drew's comment. It was probably the first time she laughed in two weeks. She was glad it was glad it was dim in the room. She blushed profusely as Drew smoked his cigar staring at her. Aeriel looked down at her hands and played with a piece of her shirt. Thoughts raced though her head. If she got caught with Drew..."I missed you." She said with a smile and wondered why she had said it. "But we aren't here to talk about that." She paused for a moment before saying, "Drew I broke up with you because...because he said he would make Candice send you back to the Underworld permanently if I didn't."

Drew: Hearing that made him 10 times better. Knowing that Aeriel might of possibly loved him, the way he loved her almost made his smile. "So you're saying Candice is behind all of this?" he asked. He knew she was a trouble maker but damn, give a brother a break. 

Aeriel: "I'm sure it's Eliam. Candice is just a tag along." She looked at a wall. "His been obsessed with me like this even when we were kids."

Drew: He furrows his eyebrows. "How do we get rid of him..?"

Aeriel: "Magic." She said. "I know a daughter of Hecate who can make a potion to completely obliterate his memory, but she said it's going to take a while." She said as she got up and walked over towards Drew. She touched his face and smiled. "It's a long shot, but it could work."

Drew: He held her hand there and smiled for the first time in a while. "Lets pray it does." He tries to resist the urge to kiss her, but fails. He cups her face and kisses her, "Gods I've missed you."

Aeriel: She hugged him tightly and began to cry. "I missed you too." She said weakly as she sobbed in Drews strong arms. "I'm sorry that I put you through this."

Drew: He hugged her tightly as well. "It's fine Aeriel. I'm sorry for calling you all those things. I-I didn't mean them." He pressed his lips against hers repeatedly, honeslty not getting enough of her. He kept muttering apologies as he savored her lips. 

Aeriel: She moaned softly as he kissed her neck. "Drew I don't think we should–." She stopped herself as he brushed his lips against hers. Aeriel started to unbutton her shirt as she kissed Drew.

Drew: He helps her before throwing off his shirt. He pulls her even closer his hands exploring her body, whilst trailing kisses on her neck. 

Aeriel: She leans into Drew more and takes off her shorts before tripping over the bed. She turns Drew around and lays on top of him as they embrace one another.

Drew: He stays quiet for a moment before speaking. "You think Aphrodite is messing with us?" he said with a chuckle. 

Aeriel: She smiles and laughs. "If it is, that means two things. A) she's worse than my mother and I pray to her that I ended up in her cabin. B) I'm going to have to have a chat with her after this is all over." She giggles.

Drew: He smiles lazily, happy to hear her giggle again. He kisses her forehead before yawning. "Two weeks is too long."

Aeriel: "No pun intended." She laughed. "But honestly, I misses your lips. Eliam isn't as good as you." She joked.

Drew: "Trust me, you were all I was thinking about." he said before pecking her lips. 

Aeriel: She heard a knock on the door. Her heart raced as she panicked wondering who it was. She scattered and put on her clothes immediatly. "Did you have anyone coming?" She whispered to Drew.

Drew: He shook his head.. "No... wait... Caresse was supposed to come over. I'll go check. Just... hide for now." He puts his shirt on and goes to the door. 

Ingrid: Ingrid grows impatient and stands back. She takes her wand out of her boot and points it at the door. Ingrid waved her wand while humming an incantation. She watched as the door flew open and smiled with satisfaction. She walked up the steps and into the dim room. She saw clothes scattered upon the floor and traced them to Aeriel and Drew who stared at her. "Locator spell." She said to Aeriel completely unfazed.

Drew: He blinks. "Umm. Who..?" he asks. 

Aeriel: "What are you doing here Ingrid?"

Ingrid: She scans the room and nods her head like she was in agreement with something. "That's what I came here to talk to you about. I'm almost done with the potion. Just missing one sterotypical ingredient. A piece of his hair." She rolled her eyes tapping her wand against the palm of her hand. "If you get that then I'll be done."

Drew: "Hair.. ?" he scratches the back of his neck. 

Ingrid: She turned to Drew and tilted her head. "Yes hair. In voodoo, we believe that it is an extension of the mind and a persons thoughts or memories. Basically every strand you have on your head is a collective thought or memory you possess. Don't ask how it works I just do I don't ask." She said holding up her hands in the air as if she were pleading innocent. "The memory wipe wouldn't work just by itself. It has to possess some conscience memory before it can actually work. That's why a strand of hair is a vital ingredient."

Drew: "Yeah.. but who's?"

Ingrid: "Eliam's of course. His hair. His memories."

Drew: He frowns. "How are we supposed to get that.. ?" He looks at Aeriel. "Does he shed? We can check your clothes." 

Aeriel: She shook her head. "No." She said as she ran her fingers though her own hair and sighed.

Drew: He turns to Ingrid. "Can't you just poof in while he's sleepin' and get out?"

Ingrid: She burst out in a hysterical laughter. "If I could I wouldn't have broken down your door." She pointed towards the broken door and looked back at Drew. "I'm a first time practitioner anyway." Ingrid twirled her wand in her hand and sat in a chair.

Drew: He frowns, looking at his door. "Right...."

Ingrid: She stared around and then noticed that it was silent. She took one look at Aeriel then bolted out of her chair. "I'm out. Whatever you kids were doing, keep at it. Remember to use protection." She cackled. Once she was outside, she pointed her wand at the broken door. It instantly repaired itself together. When the last piece was put in place, she walked away satisfied.

Drew: He exhales and looks back at Aeriel. "Did she call us kids?" He chuckled making his way over to her.

Aeriel: She laughed and shook her head. "She wouldn't say that if she walked in when we were about to..."

Drew: He places his hands on her waist, and kisses her. "You really wanted to go through?"

Aeriel: She nodded her head. "Unless you can think of anything else." ShAe kissed Drew back. "I'll do anything to protect you." She said and smiled.

Drew: "I'd die for you... re-die. If it's possible." He grinned. "And I honestly can't think of anything better than sleeping with you." he pecked her nose: "You're perfection on legs." He smirked.

Aeriel: She brushed her lips against his. "My bed has been cold a long time. I want you to warm it with me." She giggled.

Drew: "My pleasure." he kisses her. He picks her up and drops her on the beck, never breaking the kiss. 


Aeriel: She wakes up next to Drew. Her clothes are littered all over the floor. She gets out of bed and starts to rush over towards her cabin. As she turns around, she sees Eliam sitting in a chair shaking his head in disapproval.

Eliam: "Sloppy Aeriel. Thought you could do better."

Drew: He stirs, noticing the warmth leaving his coziness. 

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