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Candice and Scott Encounter

Candice Marie: She lays underneath the shade of a willow tree drunk with boredom. She sings, "Skinny Love" by Birdy as she sways her hands to the motion of the wind laying on her back. "Come on skinny love just last year...Pour a little salt we were never here..."

Scottt Grey: Hewalks along the path making his way around camp when he hears a beautiful voice and begins to follow it until he finds Candice. He silently listens to her not making a sound until he steps on a tree branch.

Candice Marie: She hears the sound of a twig break underneath someones shoe and immediately stops singing. She scans the area looking for the source of the sound, but isn't about to find it. "Hello. Is anyone there?" She asked getting up, walking towards where she think she heard the noise.

Scott Grey: Scott walks up behind Candise seeing she is going the wrong way and taps her on the shoulder. "Excus me but i'm over here." Scoott say Slightly smiling.

Candice Marie: She turns around to see an attractive guy who loomed over her smiling. Candice somehow managed not to gawk at his comely features, but instead stood motionless "Hi." She said said shaky.

Scott Grey: When the girl is fully turned around Scott see how beautiful she is and is suddenly at a lost for words. "You have a beautiful voice." Scott say slightly shaky but then smile at the girl once more.

Candice Marie: She blushed profusely by Scott's comment and smiled warmly at him. "Thanks..." She said as she stuck her hand out for Scott to shake. "My name is Candice Marie, but most people call me by either Candice or Marie. Pick your poison." She said in her thick Australian accent.

Scott Grey: "Nice to meet you candice, I'm Scott Grey." Scott say grabing Candice's hand and instead of shaking it he kisses it like a gentalman.

'Ca'ndice Marie: "The pleasure is mine." She giggled innocently. "What are you doing out here? No one really knows this place." She tilted her head towards the meadow in between the looming trees covered in pink leaves.

Scott Grey: Scott looks at his surroundings and smiles. "I found this medow acouple days ago when i was exploring,You see im kindda new to camp been here about 3 weeks." Scott says picking up sun flower growing from the grass and gives it to Candice.

Candice Marie: Candice smiled at him. "I came here a month ago all the way from Australia." She said. "It was a harsh transition, but I managed."

Scott Grey: "Wow all the way from Austrailia guess that would explain you accent." Scott smiles at Candice. "So who is youor godly parent,Mine's Apollo." Scott ask do to not knowing her parentage.

Candice Marie: "Melinoe. Goddess of ghost and ghouls." She said as she made a scarry face.

Scott Grey: Scott makes a scared face just joking around. "Haha cool my dads the god of sun." Scott say the last part about his dad with fake excitement but smile looking to the sky then back to Candice. "So you wanna hang out and do something."

Candice Marie: She nodded her head. "Yeah sure. Do you wanna build a snowman?" She joked.

Scott Grey: Scott smiles at Candice knowing she is joking. "Sure lets do it." Scott says picking up a ball of snow and smiling at Candice.

Candice Marie: She laughed at Scott. "What are you planning to do with that?" She asked.

Scott Grey: Scott smiles. "Oh nothing." Scott say walking away slowly then turning around softly throughing the snow ball at Candice. it hit her leg softly then scott laughs.

Candice Marie: She stuck out her tonge and made a snow ball. She accidently hit him in the face and laughed innocently. "Sorry are you okay?"

Scott Grey: Scott laughs aloud and wipes his face with his hand. "Ya i'm good and good shot." Scott smiles and throws another snow ball at Candice hitting her.

Candice Marie: She wipes the snow off her arm and stuck out her tonge playfully. "It's cold out here." She said. "You want to go to my cabin? I have a fireplace."

Scott Grey: Scott walks up to Candice and wraps his arm around her gently then smiles at her. "Sure lets go i pretty cold to." Scott beings walking with Candice under his arm the two of them warm.

Candice Marie: She blushed as Scott wraped his strong arms around her. She kindly looked away slightly embarressed as they walked towards the Melinoe cabin. "Just a warning. Don't freak out when we get in there."

Scott Gery: Scott looks to Candice under his arm with a kindda worried expression of what he might see. "Umm ok." scott say hugging Candice closer to him. Scott being a son of Apollo has a warm body.

Candice Marie: As she walked the steps she was about to open the door when she said, "By the way, I wouldn't stare." She said and opened the door. The interior of the cabin looked tattered and dilapidated. The furniture occasionally moved due to some of the ghosts their mother sent over to be servants. Along the walls are words that describe all the different ways a person can die and become a ghost. Candice Marie took off her coat and threw it in the air. A ghost appeared out of thin air and caught the coat. He hanged it on a hanger before puffing in a green smoke.

Scott Grey: Despite what Candice said about not staring scott begins staring at almoust everything in the cabin. Scott shakes his head the takes his cout of and put it on a hook next to candice's. He then walks up next to Candice and says. "It's kindda wierd in here, Im not used to seeing ghost Hehe," Scott says with alittle uneasy to his voice.

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