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There is a knock on Lucifer's door. Outside stands Roxanne, beaming like a five year old in a toy shop. She wears a leather jacket over a green sweater, jeans and converse. Her hair hangs in loose curls, framing her face. She is holding what looks like a Christmas card in one hand.

Lucifer: He steps out, wearing his Spartan armour. His hair is wet and matted to his head, and his skin glistens, as he had just gotten out of the shower. When he sees her, his face picks up, and he hugs he quickly, "Γιεά, Ρωξάνη! Merry Christmas, as I'm told had passed recently."

Roxanne: She grins and hugs back, "My name sounds so pretty in Greek. Hi, Merry Christmas!"

Lucifer: " Y festus anni, Amor." He smiles warmly, his teeth almost glowing white.

Roxanne: If possible, her grin widens. "See, I read up, and now I know that that means happy new year." She stands up on her tip-toes and kisses his cheek. "Happy new year! On that topic," she hands him the Christmas card, which is actually an invitation.

Lucifer: He beams as he opens it, reading the text inside.

The invatation reads:

Lucifer of Troy, else known as Xenophanes,

You are hereby invited to the Annual Ball of the Alix royal House

Which will be held on December 31st, 2013 at 9 PM

At the Royal Palace, Alix.

Dress: Formal.

Attached to it, is a small note:

Lucifer, I enjoyed meeting you in November. Hope you join us. Best wishes, Marius Tyrell.

Lucifer: His eyes widen, and he pulls Ro into his arms, holding her tight, "Oh grazie, Roxanne. This is quite the honour!"

Roxanne: She laughs and wraps her arms around him, "I did nothing, honest. I wasn't sure I'd get one myself, actually!"

Lucifer: He kisses her forehead, "Oh please, the Princess not getting invited? That's a bit much. I cannot wait to escort you, if I may."

Roxanne: She scoffs, "If my grandmother wasn't in this weird good and forgiving mood, I wouldn't be there. I had a fight with her on her birthday." She smiles up at him, "Sure thing."

Lucifer: He releases her, inviting her into his room before shutting the door behind her, "Hold on, Ro. I will just need to change out of my armour."

Roxanne: She walks in and, almost shyly, sits on the very edge of his bed.

Lucifer: Within seconds he had his chest plate off, letting the heavy chuck of metal fall to the floor with a sharp clang. Standing there with a naked chest, he takes a few seconds to undo the straps and hinges on his boots before getting into a nice t-shirt. He ducks behind a small divider, changing from the battle skirt he was issued into a pair of skinny jeans. He plopped onto the bed next to Ro, his face buried in the sheets, "*Muffled noises. Muffled noises*"

Roxanne: She chuckles and reaches out to play with his hair, "I didn't quite catch that, love."

Lucifer: He rolls over, smiling up at her, "What day is the dance? Also, what day is today?? I haven't the best concept of time."

Roxanne: She smiles back and continues playing with his hair, without really realizing it. "Today's the 30th, the ball starts tomorrow at 9 pm. My mother wants you to join us for dinner before that, though."

Lucifer:He sits up, stretching out his arms, "So that means we go today, oui? I do not know how Balls work."

Roxanne: She finally realizes what she's been doing and takes her hand back, blushing ever so slightly. "Um, yeah. A jet is going to pick up in about an two hours, so we just have to get to the airport."

Lucifer: He can't help but chuckle as he notices her blush, "What does it mean by "Dress: Formal"? Shall I wear my armour? It seems rather formal to me."

Roxanne: She stares at him for a second or two, tries really, really is hard not to laugh, but fails miserably and covers her mouth with her hand as she giggles uncontrollably.

Lucifer: He cocks his head to the side, "What? When I served, the uniform was considered the best thing to be wearing for special events."

Roxanne: She manages to get a grip after a few moments, "Sorry, sorry. It's just that, and I don't mean to disrespect you in any way, if a mortal sees you in your armor, they will mistake it for a Halloween costume."

Lucifer: He lies back in a huff, "What is Halloween? And why does it include wearing armour?"

Roxanne: She briefly explains everything about Halloween, hoping he won't get mad. "Anyway, I asked my uncle to buy you a tux to wear, I hope you don't mind."

Lucifer: He sighs, "What is a  tux?"

Roxanne: She smiles a little, "It's a kind of suit, very formal, just the right thing for a ball."

Lucifer: He stands up and extends his hand, so as to help her up as well, "Shall we make our way to this 'jet', then? I can fetch that horseless chariot, if you would like."

Roxanne: She takes his hand and allows him to pull her up, "Thanks." She straightens her clothes and nods, "You should probably get some clothes with you, you know, to change into after the ball so we can get back here?"

Lucifer: He reaches into his wardrobe and pulls out another pair of pants and a nice flannel shirt, "Passable?"

Roxanne: She grins and nods, "Looks like you're good."

Lucifer: He exits the room, asking her to close the door behind her before holding the front door open for her, smiling, "Allons-y, Ro."

They walk out of his cabin, pass the Big House and walk out of camp. They carry on walking down Half-blood Hill, until they find the familiar black SUV waiting for them.

Roxanne: She grins as her driver walks out of the car and opens the door for them, "Happy New Years, Remy!"

Lucifer: He nods at Remy, "Bonjour, Remy."

After some small talk, they both get into the car and Remy starts towards the airport. They arrive nearly an hour later. Roxanne walks out, thanking Remy and wishing him a happy 2014 again.

Roxanne: She smiles at Lucifer, "Okay, now we just have to get on board. Have you been on a plane before?"

Lucifer: He wears a puzzled look, "Plane?"

Roxanne: She chuckles, "Oh, great." She takes his hand in hers and leads him through the airport, explaining as much as she can.

Lucifer: His eyes are wide, "Through the air!? That's what those things are? They look just like Stymphalian Birds!",

Roxanne: She laughs, "I guess I can kinda see that, too. But yeah, through the air. It's very safe though, so there's nothing to worry about."

Lucifer: He looks uncomfortable, "I will, uh, take your word for it."

Roxanne: She smiles at him and squeezes his hand, "It'll be okay, really."

Lucifer: Her touch comforts him, and he can't help but blush slightly, though it's barely visible through the glow he always gives off, "Thank you, Roxanne. We will be together on this plane, yes? I don't think I'd make it alone."

Roxanne: She nods and trails cirlces on his hand with her thumb, "Of course."

Lucifer: He smiles and hugs her quickly, "May we board the 'plane', then? Get it over with already?"

Roxanne: She nods again, they get past secuirity and shit and finally get to the private jet that will fly them to Alix. They sit next to each other, but they're the only passangers anyway.

Lucifer: He holds her hand tightly, and he looks visibly uneasy, shity eyes, erratic leg movements, "So, how does this work? Are we flying yet?"

Roxanne: She smiles, "We're not." She helps him with the seatbelt before doing her own, just as the air hostess starts telling them about safety features.

Lucifer: He takes a deep breath nd mutters a short prayer for safety before sinking into his chair, "When will we start?"

As he asks, the plane starts taking off.

Roxanne: She smiles and squeezes his hand, "Relax."

Lucifer: He holds her smaller hands with both of his, squeezing it slightly, "I trust you, Roxanne."

Roxanne: She lets him hold her hand and hums quietly, hoping it will distract him. As the take off and the climb are done with, she reaches out with her free hand and touches his shoulder. "The scariest part is done with."

Lucifer: He lets go of her hand slowly, and he smiles warmly, "So do we just sit here for a few minutes?"

Roxanne: She laughs, but it's cut off by a yawn. "Sorry." She smiles, "Minutes? Try a few hours. Around 8."

Lucifer: He nods, "so there isn't anything to do? I expected the flying chariot to have more on it."

Roxanne: "There's a TV, and just as the air hostess, I have no idea," she chuckles. "I've slept through most of my flights. I also have my iPod, so if you want to listen to music..."

Lucifer: "I'm not familiar with the music of today, it changed quite a bit between Rome and early America, has it changed again?"

Roxanne: She nods, "Quite a lot. But, don't worry, I like to think of myself as a person with a good music taste." She takes out her iPod and hands him one of the earphones, before putting one in herself. She puts it on shuffle and the first song that comes on is "I Wanna Be Yours" by Arctic Monkeys.

Lucifer: He smiles and nods his head, "It has changed quite a bit. There is much less organ in this than in Mozart's EPs. What more is there!?"

Roxanne: She grins and searches through the song list until she finds an Eminem song, "Well, there's this thing called rap." The song playing is Déjà Vu, because, duh, favorite.

Lucifer: He smiles and nods his head to the beat, "I quite like this! So many different genres now, almost as if they were novels!"

Roxanne: She nods and yawns again, "Mhm..."

Lucifer: He chuckles and pulls out the ear bud, "Why don't you get some sleep, Roxanne. I will alert you when we arrive."

Roxanne: She glares at him half-heartedly for laughing and nods. She scoots closer, unbuckles her seat belt and rests her head on his shoulder, drifting to sleep fairly quickly.


He nudges her slightly, trying desperately not to disturb her even though he's freaking the f*ck out because the descent has begun, "Ro? Ro the chariot lowers itself!"

Roxanne: She jumps up, her eyes snapping open, "What happened?!" She looks around, and takes a deep breath. "Gods, you scared me!" She sits back down, putting the seatbelt on again. She rubs her eyes and smiles at him, "Don't worry. It just means we'll be there soon."

Lucifer: He blushes quite a bit and sits there meekly "I'm sorry, Ro. I was worried."

Roxanne: She shakes her head, "It's okay, I understand."

Lucifer: He bows his head, "I'm sorry..."

Roxanne: She smiles and presses a quick kiss to his cheek, "Don't worry about it."

Lucifer: His eyes widen slightly, and he mumbles something incoherent in shock. Before he can collect himself, the air hostess was at their seats, escorting them out. Outside the jet was a full security escort, big burly men in suits and shades. Being surrounded by bigger, scarier men while unarmed put Lucifer on his toes, and he had Ro follow close behind him as they were led to the palace, though there wasn't really a need for him to be so on edge.

Roxanne: She puts on her best princess smile and waves at the secuirity men, most of whom she's known since she was little. She follows Lucifer. Noticing his unease, she decides not to comment on it. When they get to the palace, the time is already 5 pm, while the dinner is to start in half an hour. A man in a suit, probably the butler, leads them to the throne room. Once there, they see a tall, beautiful woman in her early forties standing by the window.

Butler person: He bows, and says, of course in French, "Your Highness, Princess Roxanne Sophia Anna-"

Queen Evangeline: She laughs, cutting him off, and turns to them, smiling charmingly, "Emile, I am fully aware of my daughter's name. Now, if you would please..." she trails off, moving her head to the side, towards the door.

Emile: He nods and leaves, bowing one last time.

Queen Evangeline: She grins and walks up to them, pulling Ro in a tight hug. "Oh, I've missed you so, dear! How are you?"

Roxanne: She laughs, "Mom, it's getting hard to breath here." She hugs her mother back, before pulling back. "I missed you too," she says with a smile and looks at Lucifer. "Mother, this is my friend Lucifer, he is from Camp. I'm sure uncle Marius talked to you about him?"

Lucifer: Upon hearing this woman was the queen, Lucifer dropped to a knee and bowed his head. He held out his hand, and in it appeared a glowing yellow sword, decorated and gleaming as if it were made out of the sun itself (It was). He stuck the tip into the marble at his feet and kept both his hands on the hilt.

Evangeline: She gasps, covering her mouth with her hand. Eyes gleaming in delight, she touches his shoulder, smiling. She was already getting fond of the boy. "You may rise," she states, looking up and straight ahead.

Lucifer: He mumled, "Yes, m'lady." Standing quickly, he dispelled the sword and put his arms behind his back, staring straight ahead as he was trained in the military.

Roxanne: She smiles, biting her lip. "Lucifer, I'd like you to meet my mother, Evangeline the third, Reine d'Alix."

Evangeline: She smiles, rolling her eyes at her daughter, "Such formalities are unnecessary, dear." She nods at Lucifer, "It is very nice to meet you, Lucifer."

Lucifer: He smiled slightly and returns a nod of his own, "It's my pleasure, Your Highness."

Evangeline: She grins and waves them off, "Go on then, shoo! Dinner's in 20 minutes, I'm sure you'd both like to relax a little before meeting the Tyrell family."

Roxanne: Very barely resisting the urge to groan, she mutters something under her breath and puts her hand on Lucifer's arm, "I'll show you around."

Lucifer: He is pulled away, and Lucifer can't help but get closer than usual as he holds his arm and shows him around, "Your mother is nice."

Roxanne: She grins and throws an arm around his shoulders, "I'm glad you think so." She shows him around the palace, showing him his room and giving him a really brief tour as they don't have many time. They get to the dining room a minute early, and let the butler take them to their seats. They are put directly opposite each other.

Lucifer: He sits there, his eyes wandering aimlessly. They usually found their way to Roxanne, but would flitaway as soon as she met his gaze. He twiddled his thumbs nervously as he waited for sometihng to happen

A few minutes later, the doors open again. In comes Marius Tyrell and his fiancee Katarina, they greet the people around the table. Marius shakes Lucifer's hand and kissing Ro on the cheek, while Katarina hugs Ro and kisses Lucifer's cheek, as if she's known him for years.

Lucifer: He greets Marius with a nod before meeting Katarina with a smile, "Bonjour, Mademoiselle."

When everyone is sitting, the doors open again. The butler person steps forward. "Carmen Elizabeth Marie Grimaldi Tyrell, Queen dowager." He steps sideways, and a middle aged woman, dressed in something elegant and probably either blue or bronze walks in. Everyone stands up, bowing their heads at her. When she nods at them, everyone sits down, sighing silently.

Marius: He smiles at Carmen, "Mother, is this still necessary?"

Carmen: She shoots him a withering glare, not answering, and moving her glance around the table, until her eyes stop on Lucifer.

Roxanne: She pales, biting the inside of her cheeks, praying to every god and goddess she can remember that everything will go okay.

Lucifer: He's at a loss for words. During his training, there didn't happen to be anyone called a "queen dowager" in Sparta. He had no idea what would be acceptable, so he simply bowed his head and muttered a quick prayer for the Queen Dowager's health.

Carmen: Raising an eyebrow, she looks at Roxanne. "Won't you introduce us, Roxanne?"

Roxanne: She sits up staright and nods, "Lucifer, this is my grandmother, Carmen Tyrell, the dowager Queen of Alix." Pausing, she decides to explain what that means, also. "That basically means that, before my mother's reign, she was the King's husband." She clears her throat, obviously nervous. "Grandmother, this is my...friend, Lucifer."

Marius: Deciding to step up to Roxanne, he sends his mother a smile. "I had the pleasure of meeting this young man a couple of months back, and decided to send him an invitation to the Ball. Her majesty," he smirks at Evageline, "wanted him to join us for dinner."

Lucifer: After looking up and giving the Queen Dowager his attention, he quickly bowed his head again, "Please excuse my presence, M'lady. I apologize if it's inconvienent."

Carmen: She glances at him again, "Hm. We'll see."

Dinner is served, food and wine and salads and stuff blah blah blah >.<

Lucifer: He happily noms on a small bowl of salad. Every so often he would glance at the Queen's mother, wondering what it was that she thought of him, an hoping that she would approve if he and Roxanne became a thing. Mothers have always been hardest to convince.

After an hour Carmen stands up from the table, kindly and with very different words tells everyone to sod off and get ready for the ball. Roxanne perks up a little, as that dinner felt like a disaster. She stands up as well, waiting for Lucifer.

Lucifer: He stands, making his way to her around the table. He stretches his legs quickly, "Do we retire to our chambers for the night, Ro? Or is there more to do?"

Roxanne: She shrugs, "Are you tired? If not, I could show you the gardens." She smiles, looking around the dining hall, "I missed this place."

Lucifer: He shakes his head, "I do not do much sleeping. Two hundred years kinda has that covered." He opens the large door into an empty hall, "How about those gardens?"

Roxanne: She grins, pokes his side, "Race you to the end of the hall!" She starts running as fast as she can.

Lucifer: He chuckles heartily, jogging lightly but being able to keep pace with Roxanne. He didn't really try to win, allowing her to reach it first. Facetiously, "Wow Roxanne. You're in great shape to be able to even out run me."

Roxanne: She rolls her eyes, grinning, "Oh, please. You let me win."

Lucifer: He puts a hand to his lips in a fake gasp, "Now Roxanne, why would I do that?"

Roxanne: She shrugs, still beaming like a little kid. "Who knows?" She chuckles and loops her arm through his, "Come on, let's go for a walk."

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