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Keller: He's sitting in a tree? idk xD

Luce: Is reading a book about how to prank..

Keller: He turns into a sheep and runs up to her, "Baaaaaa..."

Luce: Smiles Hey cutie She pets him

Keller: "Baaaaaaa....." He turns back into le human form, "Haiii! That was sheep for I love you!" (:3)

Luce: Aww.. I love you too She kisses him on the cheek

Keller: He blushes and hugs her, "Did you hear about Alfieeee?"

Luce: New boyfriend? She tilts her head

Keller: He bounces, "Welllll...he's going back out with Aidennnnn, or thats what I heardddddddd!"

Luce: Laughs Good for him

Keller: He now gets...semi...serious, idk, "Soooo. How are chuu?"

Luce: I'm fine love, how about you? She rests herself againts him

Keller: He smiles and higs her, "I was helping Hermes with some problem in....some country that I forgot..."

Luce: Giggles and hugs him back Was it fun?

Keller: He sighs, "It was boring because you weren't with meee."

Luce: She blushes and kisses his cheek Really?

Keller: He nods, "Really!"

Luce: Awww

Keller: "Everything is boring without youuuuu."

Luce: She pokes his nose It's even more broing without youuuu

Keller: He kisses her cheek, "Nope. More boring with your chu."

Luce: Your cute, as always

Keller: He bounces slightly, "Dankeeee."

Luce: She looks at his hair and mindlessly starts playing with it

Keller: Idk anymore XD He sits by her and like, idk <insert thing that he can do here, sounds wrong but meh>

Luce: She softly lets out a sharp breath, and bites her lip to keep herself from moaning. Keller...

Keller: He smirks and carries on doing whatever you decided he was doing xD

Luce: She bites her lip harder.. Uh..

Keller: He smirks, pushing her against a tree, "Just go with it."

Luce: She rolls her eyes and smiles If you say so..

Keller: He smirks and carries on (time skip is needed xP)

Time skip..... 

Luce: She tries to catch her breath >.<

Keller: He looks over at her and smirks, "Have fun?"

Luce: She blushes and nods slowly

Keller: He smiles and hugs her, "Yay."

Luce: She hugs back You're not that bad you know She winks

Keller: He blushes, "D-Danke?"


Cel: He's sitting on the Apollo Porch

Chase: He's on his way back to the Hermes' Cabin

Cel: He's now walking over to the Athena Cabin, putting a note like on the door for Ailred, before walking back to his cabin

Chase: He looks around the camp before bumping into him Ow..

Cel: He drops his phone, "Great. Just my luck." He picks it up and looks at Chase, "You alright?"

Chase: Er, yep. I'm good, really sorry.

Cel: He smiles weakly, "Its fine, I suppose it was my fault. I'm Cel."

Chase: Hey, I didn't see where I was going, I'm Chase He smiles back

Cel: "So who's your god parent? Mine's Apollo...which is pretty boring...."

Chase: Hermes, travel dude. Aw, come on, Apollo can't be that much boring..

Cel: He sighs, "Yay! I get to sing awesomely, not that much fun."

Chase: I'm sure you sing great He smiles and mumbles As you look..

Cel: He grins, "Want to bet?"

Chase: He smirks You sure?

Cel: "I just asked, didn't I?"

Chase: Pretty dangerous, y'know, betting against a Hermes kid He grins

Cel: He shrugs, "Worth the risk?"

Chase: If you think so He chuckles

Cel: "You're the Hermes kid, you tell me."

Chase: Winks I'd rather you find out yourself.

Cel: "How soo?"

Chase: Like I said, you'll see..

Cel: He folds his arms jokingly, "I'm waiting..."

Chase: He smiles and then shifts his feet awkwardly

Cel: He stands there, singing <insert song here> under his breath

'''Chase: Mutters... Beautiful

Cel: He smirks and begins to sing Call Me Maybe (yes, this song nao ;3) louder

Chase: His cheeks grow warm and he taps his foot to the beat Cel's singing

Cel: He stops, "Well that wasn't awkward for me at all."

Chase: Oh really? I guess it isn't surprising, you do it all the time don't you?

Cel: He shuffles, "Depends who I'm around. Some Apollo kids can't shut up, it can get annoying. They whine more than anything...well, some of them."

Chase: Like..?

Cel: "You want me to give you names?"

Chase: You are going to anyways

Cel: "I am?"

Chase: Mhm, just tell me.

Cel: He shakes his head, laughing slightly, "No way."

Chase: Fine, He chuckles

Cel: "So..uh...what now?"

Chase: He shifts his feet

Cel: "Ummmm..."

Chase: Becomes... even more awkward? xP

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