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Jack and Nikita

Jack: "We have... vanilla, chocolate, mint, toffee and strawberry" He nods pleased that he remembered that much

Nikita: He contemplates his choices and grins, looking kinda like a please toddler, "The toffee one sounds the best..."

Jack: He nods and quickly leaves the room to go to the kitchen and gets a single bowl of toffee icecream for his boyfriend. He returns and yawns once more, passing the bowl gently too Nikita "There you go" He grins

Nikita: He smiles and ends up eating it really quickly and as such he has brain freeze and he lies back, rubbing his head and complaining.

Jack: He smiles and lies on the bed, turning to kiss Nikita gently on this lips. His hands resting on Nikita's chest, pawing at it gently

Nikita: He's still somewhat rubbing his head but one of his arms wraps around Jack's back and pulls him closer to him.

Jack: He moves back gently and starts to kiss Nikita's neck, sucking at the skin very gently, feeling his boyfriends body heat close too his

Nikita: He grins and yeah TIME SKIP BC NAUGHTY THINGS.

Jack: He yawns and pulls the cover over him tighter. His hands are wrapped around Nikita's waist and he murmered his name gently

Nikita: He shifts slightly and ends up snuggling into Jack, slightly awake but not enough to be aware of what he's doing.

Jack: "That was nice" He yawns as he looks up at Nikita gently, grining all the way

Nikita: He nods self-consciously and mumbles something about agreeing.

Jack: He closes his eyes and paws at Nikita's bear chest, his gentle fingers touching Nikita's soft skin "So much for my lazy day" He murmurs

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