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our long awaited couple

rykal: he was swimming in the ocean trying to just forget everything that happen for the past year

Mae-Ri: She skips along the shoreline, humming a song to herself. Her blonde hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail and she's wearing a somewhat oversized jumper with thin leggings. After a few more skips, she sits on a bench - still humming an unknown song.

rykal: he continues to swim not really caring what temperature the world is cause all he wanted to do was forget

Mae-Ri: She keeps on singing before it gets louder so she's essentially screaming the lyrics.

cait: she was in the clouds playing card games with xylia ,pamina and of course the infamous suzaku when she heard a scream what the...she said looking down she raised her eyebrow looking at mae ri singing the lyrics is that girl calling the rain or something??she said as she placed her cards down

pamina: she looked down as well seeing mae ri oh you guys hear her too I thought I was going crazy or something she said as she took a chip i raised...

xylia: she looked at her cards as she picked a card out of the batch hey I have a queen!!! she said proudly as she showed the other her card

suzaku: she smiled as she closed xylia's card you loose xi sorry...anyhow the girl is just trying to get someone's attention...she said as she pointed at the sea to rykal and it seems i need to help cause guess what i win...she smiled as she showed the rest her card full house kids which means your helping!

cait: befoer she could protest suzaku already jumped down from the cloud she turn to pamina and xylia i dont like where this is heading....she said before the cloud dissapear making the three fell into the ocean i take it back i HATE this...

pamina: this is me and jason all over again....she sigh as she tried to swim to shore

Mae-Ri: She hears the commotion near her and stops singing and turns to face the origin, tilted her head somewhat confused yet intrigued.

suzaku: she approached the poor girl with an evil smile kid go into the swim now...she ordered cause guess what there's a treasure in there she continued a very very good treasure that you cant find anywhere...

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