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Erin and Raph


Raphael: He walks around the hallways of the Civitas Dorm House. He seems to be looking for someone subconsciously when he was really trying to remember where his room was. Today, he was dressed in simple jeans and a black shirt, wearing glasses provided to him to help his eyesight.

Erin: She walks in from the direction of her own room, humming a song under her breath. Each step she takes seems to have a small skip in it.

Raphael: He turns around, remembering that it was in that direction, when he sees Erin. His eyes light up and his heart rate speeds up a little. He gives her small wave from his spot, hoping she would see him. "Hello again, Erin."

Erin: She looks up and sees him and she smiles straight away. She returns the smile, "Hey Raph."

Raph: He walks in her direction. "I hope you are well. I have not seen you since our last encounter." He pushes his glasses up further to his face.

Erin: She walks towards him and nods, "I've been fine, you?"

Raph: He nods "I am well. I've finished with the work I had with Lionel and I wanted to, how they say, "hang out" with you. If that is okay?"

Erin: She giggles at him saying what he said, her smile growing, "That'd be great! I mean...nice. On the topic, how did your meeting go?"

Raph: He sighs "It was dull. I'm forbidden to say anything but I can tell you it was very dull. I am hoping I do not have to experience a meeting like that again."

Erin: She pouts like super cutely, "Awwww, that sucks. I had fun doing nothing." She smiles cutely at him.

Raph: His heart starts beating faster than before, but he hides his emotions. "Er, I am glad you had a wonderful time. I hope we can find something to do today."

Erin: She tilts her head slightly, her smile getting bigger, "Likeee?"

Raph: "Well, um, I heard there was a type of dining pavilion in a town not far from here. Perhaps we could go there?"

Erin: Her eyes light up, "T-That'd be fun..."

Raph: He smiles "Wonderful. Shall we go now?" He offers her his hand.

Erin: She flashes him a small smile and takes his hand, blushing madly at the same time, "Sure."

Raph: His heart pounds as he walks her to the restaurant all the way there, while intertwining his fingers with hers.

Dinner at La Lumiere

Raph: As they enter La Lumiere, Raph takes in the decor of the building. He has never seen anything like it so he's a little excited to experience it. He had been given money from residents of Civitas to pay for dinner. And he could not take his eyes off Erin the whole way there. Her eyes, her smile, it made him feel...warm.

Erin: She smiles as they enter and she looks around, muttering about how amazing and perfect is. She turns to him, "So, erm, we go to the place where they give us a table, right?"

Raph: "That is what they told me. " The waiter nods to them and ushers them to a small table for two. He hands them both a menu and leaves. Raph looks through the menu, reading the names of the food they have. Most of it he has no idea what it is. "These are delicasies in the 21st century?"

Erin: She looks over her menu and giggles, "In France probably, not in the rest of the world. Personally, I find the food from Britain and Germany to be nice."

Raph: He blinks at her, not knowing what those are because, you know, he's old as f*ck "Britain? Germany? What are those?"

Erin: She giggles again, "Countries. Specifically in Western Europe."

Raph: "Really? Fascinating..." He pushes his glasses up to his face, reading the rest of the menu.

A waitress comes to their table, ready to take their order. She seems to be eyeing Raphael intently, taking interest in his looks "Bonjour, apatizers are on the way, but in the mean time, what would you two like to order?" She takes out a little notebook and a pen.

Erin: She shrugs, "Erm, Raph? Can you order?"

Raph: He nods "Of course. I would like to taste this...Le poulet grille aux fines herbes? That sounds interesting. What about you, Erin?"

Erin: She shrugs, "Erm, can I have the same please?"

'The waitress nods, writing down their orders on her little notebook. She smiles, "Your meals will be with you shortly, as are your apatizers." She gives Raph a flirtatious smiles before leaving with their order.

Raph: He looks at the waitress strangely as she walks away. "That woman...she smiles at me a lot...why does she do this?"

Erin: She laughs, "Because she's flirting with you silly."

Raph: He looks at her innocently, eyes shining unintentionally "Flirting with me? You mean she's trying to...draw my attention?"

Erin: She nods, blushing slightly, possibly because of jealousy, her eyes seeming to lose some of their previous sparkle, "Yeah. She finds you attractive and wants you in short."

Raph: He sees Erin's expression and realizes what she's saying. Little does she know that he has no attraction toward the other woman. "But...I do not want her...I want..."

He's cut off as the waitress returns with their meals, setting a plate down in front of both of them. She also gives them a basket of bread sticks and a glass of water each. She smiles at both of them, a little more at Raph, and says "Enjoy your meal."

Erin: After seeing the woman smile at him again, she sighs quietly, her eyes losing even more of the sparkle they had when they entered. She looks at the woman and senses the shoes she's wearing are hurting her. Smirking, she increases the pain by a little and laughs as she hobbles off. She turns back to Raph, "You were saying?"

Raph: "Er..., well, I was saying that I did not want the waitress. I feel no attraction toward her. However, I do feel attracted to one woman..." He looks down, not wanting to meet Erin's eyes as he spills his heart out to her. "She...she makes my heart hurt. Her eyes are like jewels, always sparkling brighter than the eyes of Aphrodite herself. Her voice is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard and I would rather die than not hear it again..."

Erin: She gets half-excited thinking its her, but soon convinces herself it's another girl, "She sounds a catch, not Aphro huh? She an Eros kid?"

Raph: He shakes his head. "No, she is..." He folds his hands as his gaze drops to the floor, the big guy acting like a 14 year old trying to ask out his crush in high school. "She is the woman whom I am having a meal with right now."

Erin: Her eyes widen, the full sparkle returnin to them and she blushes madly, "I-I...."

Raph: His cheeks turn the slightest, noticable pink they can get. He looks up for a moment to apologize. "I am sorry, I did not mean to, how they say, "come on too strong"."

Erin: She giggles, "You didn't...just s-shocked you like me."

Raph: "Why would I not like you? You are beautiful, kind, and have a beautiful voice. Anyone who would not like you is a bigger fool than Zeus."

Erin: Her blush darkens, "T-Thanks....P-Plus....I you too..."

Raph: His heart pounds when he hears these words, wondering if this is trickery or if this is actually happening to him "You d-do? Really?

Erin: She nods slowly, her blush ever darkening, "Y-Yeah..."

Raph: He blinks before smiling genuinly, his eyes shining with happiness. He takes her hand from across the table, gripping it gently. "I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear you say that, Erin."

Erin: She smiles and brushes some hair from her face with her other hand, "Likewise with what you told me."

Raph: He notices that they have not touch their food and it is slowly getting cold. "Well, let's not let our food get colder. Shall we dine?"

Erin: She looks down at the food before taking a breadstick, "Sure, can't say it'll be good."

They eat their meal, whatever awkwardness that was between them vanished without a trace. They talked and laughed, generally having a great time. When they finished, the waitress hobbled back with a check, which he quickly payed. Then, Raph and Erin left the restaurant, both feeling happier than before.

Walking through Town

Erin: She's walking beside him, her arm in his (you know like in all the films >.<). She smiles and blushes although he can't see the latter, "I had soo much fun tonight."

Raph: He smiles down at her, loving the way she smiles. "As did I. This night has been most enjoyable, Erin."

Erin: She turns to him and smiles s'more, "I just realised how tall you are compared to me."

Raph: He looks at her sheepishly "I am not that tall, I am...above the average."

Erin: She giggles and sticks out her tongue, "Taller than me."

Erin and Raph The Second

Erin: She's in the BC training grounds firing arrows at targets. Each arrow hits the target or misses only slightly.

Raph:He jogs through the grounds, wearing black sweatpants and a tank top. He had just finished seven laps around and was about to make it eight when he noticed Erin practicing her archery. Even from where he was standing, she looked beautiful as ever and it made Raphael's heart leap. He decided to approach her from behind and watch her practice.

Erin: Getting bored with the bows and arrows, she throws them aside and grabs her mace. She swings it at dummies, swiping clean across their bodies, making them tattered and such.

Raph:He raises his eyebrows at her ferocity, getting increasingly impressed with her skill. He smiles as he leans in and whispers in her ear. "Your skill is impressive, Erin."

Erin: She turns around and the previous face of determination turns into a small smile, "Thanks, I should hope it is."

Raph:"You are most welcome. You are even more beautiful in combat than you are when you socialize." He says this, a warm glint in his eyes.

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