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Keller and Lucinda :3

Lucinda's sitting on a rock, thinking over a bunch of stuff, unusual of her >.>

Keller: He walks past her kinda bouncing

Lulu: Huh? She looks around and sees Keller, she smiles wide.

Keller: He looks around before getting out a chocolate barrr ;D

Lulu: She morphs into a weasel and runs towards Keller, jumping up on his arm and taking a nibble of the chocolate.

Keller: He grins and sets her on the ground, "Lulu!"

Lulu: She looks like she's smiling and then morphs back into a human. Hai Keller. She throws her arms around him and snuggles him

Keller: He picks her up and spins her, "I missed chuuuu!"

Lulu: She giggles as he spins her. I missed you to.. She pecks him on the lips softly

Keller: He grins and sets her down and hugs her tight, "I missed chu moar!"

Lulu: She smirks. Wanna bet?

Keller: He grins again, "Mkai. I'll beat you though."

Lulu: She rolls her eyes and smirks more. Nuh uh. I'll beat you first.

Keller: "Nuuu!"

Lulu: She laughs softly and puts her arms around him again, resting her head on his chest.

Keller: He laughs and hugs her, "How has Alfie and Mally been?"

Lulu: I've seen Alfie, but not Mally.. She looks at Keller You?

Keller: He shakes his head, "I haven't seen either of them." :c

Lulu: But they're fine aren't they? She looks around worriedly.

Keller: He picks her up again and spins her, "They'll be fine, right? I mean, they are capable of getting around...I mean look at Alfie, he got a boyfriend before he left camp."

Lulu: Awwww. Good for him. She smiles at him.

Keller: He smiles, "I know right? And from what I've heard, he's gotten himself a new one."

Lulu: She chuckles and shakes her head His life...

Keller: He spots Alfie and laughs, "You can give him the motherly talk, bye!" He goes awayfngrgb

Alfie: He walks up to Lucinda, "Bonjour!!!!"

Lulu: Motherly talk.. Lol.. She looks at Al Hey buddy! She hugs him

Alfie: He hugs back, "Was'h that Daddy?"

Lulu: Mmhmm. He told me about your boyfriend.. She smiles cheekily.

Alfie: He tilts his head, "Which one?"

Lulu: The first one mostly... She takes out a rubber band and ties her hair up into a ponytail >.<

Alfie: He looks down at the ground sadly, "A-Aiden?"

Lulu: Yeah.. I think that was him.. She looks at him uncomfortably.

Alfie: He looks down some more before looking up and bouncing, "I now has new boyfriend!"

Lulu: Well wasn't that fast She chuckles and smiles at him That's great! What's his name?

Alfie: He bounces again, "M-Matt."

Lulu: She makes a :3 face and hugs him. Cute name, good for you buddy.

Alfie: He bounces some more, "And! He's an Erotios too!"

Lulu: Coolio. Really happy for you and all.. Now, you happened to see your little sis? She looks around again.

Alfie: He shrugs, "I dun know!"

Lulu: She's fine right? Cause knowing her... She fidgets nervously..

Alfie: "She'll be fine!"

Lulu: She looks at him and randomly pokes his nose playfully You don't seem that all worried.

Alfie: He giggles, "She'll be fineeee! It's only Mally!"

Lulu: She sighs. Alright alright, if you say so.

Alfie: He tilts his head, "Why worry so much? She is capable of getting around on her own."

Lulu: I'm not worried.

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