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Jagger and Ryder...Jyder ;D

Ryder: looks down I mean, I am how I am when I'm with you, but I'm usually a douche, and no one seems past that...very few people have met me when I'm not being a d*ck...

Jagger: frowns, before stepping closer to Ryder If people aren't not going to try to stay around you when you seem like a douche at first and not try to break you out of your shell, then they're not worth it.

Ryder: blushes and looks down and saying in a quiet voice I-I'm so glad I chose to be nice to you...

Jagger: smiles I'm glad you were nice to me too leans up on his tip toes and kisses Ryder on the cheek Because if you didn't, I wouldn't have such an amazing boyfriend.

Ryder: blushes really dark xP I-I'm not that're the one who should be called amazing...

Jagger: laughs a bit before shrugging I'm hardly amazing, hun, more like...normal.

Ryder: looks up and holds Jagger's hands tightly You're more that normal, you're amazing...perfect, like to the point where I can't love you anymore than I already do...

Jagger: blushes slightly at his comments I can't see myself as being amazing.... squeezes Ryder's hands before looking up at him Really...?

Ryder: smiles and blushes R-Really.

Jagger: laughs I love you leans up and kisses Ryder

Ryder: grins and kisses back I love you more~

Jagger: laughs, wrapping his arms around Ryder Are we going to start this again?

Ryder: laughs I guess we will...I love you more~

Jagger: Nope, love yoooou more!

Ryder: pushes him onto the bed I love you the most Jaggy

Jagger: pulls him down on the bed with him I love you more though, Rydy 

Ryder: grins and kisses Jagger Nope! I love you more~

Jagger: kisses back Nuh huh I love you

Ryder: smirks Lies Jaggy, lies.

Jagger: Nope, can't lie sticks his tongue out at Ryder

Ryder: grins and kisses Jagger, more lick sucking on her tongue o.e

Jagger: kisses back and laughs a little

Ryder: grins and wraps his arms aroung Jagger You're so perfect...better than Rhys

Jagger: laughs, leaning into Ryder I'm far perfect, love...and who's Rhys?

Ryder: goes quiet A-An ex...who used to abuse me....

Jagger: Oh Ryder... wraps his arms around Ryder, hugging him tightly

Ryder: hugs back tightly T-That's why I don't want to lose you, I love you so, so, so much...

Jagger: reaches up and strokes Ryder's cheek gently You won't lose me though, ever...I promise

Ryder: looks at him with teary eyes R-Really?

Jagger: I promise leans his forehead against Ryder's

Ryder: smiles and closes his eyes and wraps his arms around Jagger's neck're awesome, you really are

Jagger: smiles and kisses him I'll take your compliment...but I still think you're better

Ryder: smiles weakly Hardly. I'm just that loner kid that nobody likes sighs

Jagger: That's because they haven't seen this side of you nuzzles his face into his neck

Ryder: sighs And what's 'this side'?

Jagger: blinks Your loving side blushes

Ryder: smiles softly I love you, you always treat me like I'm special

'J'agger: That's 'cause in my mind, you are special smiles

Ryder: blushes and looks down But I'm not special...or at least everyone else doesn't think I am...

Jagger: To me you are...and it doesn't matter what the others think

Ryder: smiles I love you so much kisses him

Jagger: chuckles and kisses back I love you too

Ryder: sighs and hugs Jagger You really are awesome

Jagger: smiles, hugging back You are matter what

Ryder: smiles Jagger...w-why do you love me?

Jagger: I love you because you were the first person I talked to at camp, the first one that was kind towards me. smiles You actually listened to me and you made me feel...confident 

Ryder: grins slightly I kinda only spoke to you because I thought you were cute..and because you were a newb, but still

Jagger: laughs, blushing a bit Well, I'm glad you did decide to talk to me

Ryder: grins and pulls Jagger close to him Same here

Jagger: wraps his arms around Ryder's neck, pulling him closer

Ryder: He sighs and looks down, "Gods I am so unsocial."

Jagger: bites his lip, looking up at Ryder I am too, so what's the matter with that?

Ryder: He shrugs, looking away from Jagger, "I don't f*cking know."

Jagger: furrows his eyebrows and crosses his arms ...I just asked a question, no need to swear at me

Jagger: laughs Nothing!

Ryder: He does a cute pout, "Jaggy...tell meee...pleeeaaasseee?"

Jagger: Nooope! shakes his head, giggling

Ryder: He pokes Jagger's side, "Tell me Jaggy!"

Jagger: puts his hands on his hips, laughing You can't make me

Ryder: Lies down, "But I wannnaaaa knowwwwww!"

Jagger: looks down at him before smirking mischievously Maybeee I'll tell you.

Ryder: He smirks and puts his finger with the moustache to his mouth, "Now?"

Jagger: claps a hand over his mouth, laughing loudly No

Ryder: He yawns cutely, "Pwease?"

Jagger: tackles Ryder, smiling You. That's what's so funny.

Ryder: He smiles and looks down, "I'm not that funny."

Jagger: sticks out his tongue You are to me.

Ryder: He grins as he looks back up, "One person Jaggy. One person."

Jagger: smiles at him before shrugging So?

Ryder: He shrugs, "I don't know," He grins and pushes Jagger, and kisses his neck

Jagger: smirks, before biting his lip and wrapping his arms around Ryder

Ryder: He smirks into Jagger's neck and he trails kisses along his jawline

Jagger: puts his hands on Ryder's hips, pulling him closer, leaning in more You're a bit of a tease, you know that?

Ryder: He smirks, "What do you want Jaggy?"

Jagger: Smiles I'd rather just show you. Puts one arm around Ryder's neck and kisses him

Ryder: He smirks and wraps his arms around Jagger's waist, pulling him closer

Loud dog barking is heard.

Jagger: pulls away What was that?

Ryder: He groans as he wanted to you know... XP, "What was whaaaat?"

Jagger: listens more I thought I heard-

More barking is heard

Ryder: He sighs and lies down, "Jagggyyy, it's a dog, what are you waiting for?"

Jagger: Looks down at Ryder, shrugging before going to lie down next to him Sorry, I thought it sounded fami-

Barking is heard again, but suddenly a basset hound is running towards them

Ryder: He tosses his head back in frustraction, "Oh my gods."

Jagger: Laughs, sitting up to pet the dog Hey Ollie!

Ryder: He sighs and lies back down, "Who know?"

Jagger continues petting the dog, who is now sitting in his lap, and looks at Ryder He's mine. What's wrong?

Ryder: He sighs and runs a hand through his hair, "I don't like dogs that much."

Jagger: Really? bites his lip Well I do. 

The dog jumps off of Jagger and runs away barking, chasing after a rabbit.

Ryder: He sighs again and shrugs, "They just...ruin perfect moments sometimes."

Jagger: Rolls his eyes playfully before leaning over and kissing Ryder

Ryder: He smirks and pulls Jagger, and deepening the kiss

Jagger: Rolls on top of Ryder, running his hands through his hair

Ryder: He grins and pulls Jagger even closer, wrapping his arms around his waist


Quinn: She leans up against a tree in the forest they are in

Isaiah: walks by Quinn humming loudly

Quinn: She glares at him, "Shut up!"

Isaiah: raises an eyebrow No thank you, I'd rather continue keeps humming

Quinn: Walks up to him and pushes him slightly, "And I'd rather you not."

Isaiah: puts his hands up in defense There's no need for violence, ma'am.

Quinn: She glares somemore, "Don't use ma'am. I'm not a 50 year old daughter of Eris."

Isaiah: No, of course not...So a daughter of an Eris, huh?

Quinn: She nods sarcastically, "I just said that."

Isaiah: rolls his eyes So sorry for trying to make conversation.

Quinn: It's her time to roll the eyes, "And? Who are you a kid of then? Ares?"

Isaiah: Nah, my dad's Thanatos crosses his arms

Quinn: She smiles, "How...petty."

Isaiah: shrugs You are what you are.

Quinn: "I thought kids of Thanatos were meant to be somewhat scary."

Isaiah: pretends to look hurt Am I not scary?

Quinn: She sighs, "Pretty obvioussss!"

Isaiah: puts a hand on his chest, looking offended You hurt with your statements.

Quinn: She grins and pulls out her scythe, "I could hurt with this, but hey, your call."

Isaiah: Woah there, calm down, missy.

Quinn: She smiles a fake, sickly, plastic smile, as she twirls her weapon in her left hand, "So, what are you? Awesome straight, meh bi, or awesome gay?"

Isaiah: Did you just say 'meh bi'? looks at her strangely But yeah, I'm 'bout you?

Quinn: She smiles kinda proudly, "Straight. I married a 55 year old when I was 18...or was he 50? 60? I hardly remember."

Isaiah: gives her a what-the-fuck face I don't think that's something to be proud of.

Quinn: She smiles, "Well, I am. Considering my father and his wife were killed by Eris, I needed the money...and plus he was kinda fit."

Isaiah: I didn't know a 50 something man could be 'fit'...but er, you do what you want, I guess, do what you have to.

Quinn: She grins, taking a step towards him, "Yep, I do."

Isaiah: gives her a thumbs up You go, sista. Steps back from her Personal space, please.

Quinn: Again, she grins, twirling her sycthe a bit quicker, "So weak..."

Isaiah: Nope...just really fond of my personal space, creeper.

Quinn: She smiles manically, "I am so a creeper, am I?"

Isaiah: Just a tiny bit. You're more weird than anything, though.

Quinn: She smiles evilly, "Thanks! I used to be like you lot, happy and shit...still am, to those I like, to the rest? I'm a downright bitch."

Isaiah: No problem. And wow, I'd hate to see your bitchy side.

Quinn: She sighs playfully, "Yep. I scarred this one son of Eros, he said something about me, I asked him what, he said he didn't say anything, I called him a liar, and I carved it into his skin."

Isaiah: Um, okay, wow, that's...adorable. Have you ever, I don't know, thought of anger management classes?

Quinn: She shrugs, "As I said, I was never meant to be like this, hellhound attack made me estranged."

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