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Azrael and Alexander

Alexander:He was strolling around town in the dead of night, a gentle breeze rustles the pitch black cloak he was gifted by his father. His grey eyes practically glow in the darkness, and they happen to be the only visible feature to anyone that could see him. Glowing particles of astral energies swirl around him nonchalantly, and the look on his face is less than inviting.

Azrael: Azrael, seeing the boy walking a short distance away, eyed at him from the shadows. He was leaning against a wall of a building. He noticed the astral energies and recognized them instantly. He smirked as he pushed himself off the wall and took a step out of the shadows, his scabbard clamoring against the wall.

Alexander:He heard the slight clinking caused by Azrael's scabbard, and without making an obvious move, summoned a ghost near Azrael to watch him, without having to turn his own head. The ghost relayed a bit of information, a sword at his waist, black hair, but without more Alexander couldn't decide if Azrael was a threat or not. Turning a corner, Alexander concealed himself in shadows and silently crept back out towards Azrael, wanting to study him more.

Azrael: Azrael raised his hand into the air to the side of his head. He closed his eyes and his smirk widened. With a clench of his fist, he banished the ghost Alexander had summoned. His adept senses picked up the faintest indications of Alexander's presence. "You know, for someone who is trying to conceal himself, you really shouldn't be quite so obvious." He looked down at the shoe shaped marks in the dirty pathway, "For example, watch where you step. Just because I can't see you, doesn't mean I can't see the changes you apply to the world. Oh, and the spirit over my shoulder was a bit obvious, too."

Alexander:He dispelled the darkness surrounding him, and crossed his arms. He stitched his brow in a questioning look, I take it you're the child of an underworld god? Hades, Melinoe...Thanatos?

Azrael: Azrael summoned a blade of astral energies that mimicked the one in his scabbard. He twirled it for a moment before tossing it at the ground at which point it shattered like glass, the pieces disappearing like wisps of smoke. "Hmm, it seems we're brothers, kiddo."

Alexander:Alexander eyed Azrael curiously, I haven't seen you around camp..Are you new?

Azrael: A dark laugh chortled from Azrael, "Ah, the camp. I haven't been there in years." He twirled his finger in the air, "Tell me, who did they get to replace me as head counselor?" He added, "What a lack luster job that was."

Alexander:He clears his throat, Well, my predecessor was Charlotte, i dunno if you know her, but as of a few months ago I am the current Head Counselor for Thanatos Cabin.

Azrael: "Ah, Charlotte, I remember her." He leaned back against the wall. "So, you've got the job now?" He laughed a bit and continued, " Pretty pointless, huh? That's why I left."

Alexander:He raises a brow, You left camp altogether because the job doesn't do much? You don't hit me as the kind of person to leave a safe haven just because you don't have to do anything.

Azrael: "Eh, it wasn't only that." He grabbed at the hilt of his sword and used it as a handhold as the scabbard bared against the wall. "I also realized that the camp wasn't quite such a safe haven. It was infiltrated quite easily. Sure, it protects you from monsters, but there are far bigger threats to our kind than that."

Alexander:He sighs, I think we've got other hostile demigods covered. 

Azrael: "See, I know that one isn't true." He let out a stifled laugh. "The camp has been attacked on multiple occasions and no one has been able to stop shit."

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