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Adelaide and Icarus

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The Dark Forest

Adelaide: Adelaide stalked against the darkness, somehow able to see in the dimly lit forest. The girl was easy to spot due to her pallid face and illuminating crimson eyes and lack of attire. She wore nightgown of white silk that adorned her body like a petal to a bud -- her figure well defined with the soft fabric. She was without a certain garnment and since most females slept without this support, she was lacking it tonight as she ambled amongst the forest, bare feet hardly making a single sound. She somehow managed to muffle her steps despite the wind picking at dried leaves and rattled hastily at branches. Her skin instinctively adopted a batch of gooseflesh from the cold.

Icarus: He was hiking down the same path, his silver hair practically glowing. He knew these woods by heart now, and could traverse them with his eyes closed, backwards. He walks out infront of her, their paths perpendicular, but doesn't notice her immediately.

Adelaide: The girl gingerly leaned against the trunk of a tree, crossing one ankle over the other as she watched the boy move indifferent past her -- oblivious to her standing right there. Her lips hiked up into a dark rictus. "Hello," she purred softly, her tone like dripped honey over spikes, inauspiciously echoing through the empty forest.

Icarus:He turns and looks at her, taking in her sight. Unimpressed, he rolls his eyes, Why hello there..

Adelaide: "The rolling of eyes is normally an act of ignorance..." she replied bluntly, catching a strand of his silver hair. "Is this your natural color?" She dropped the strand and shivered as the wind tumbled over her near non-existent clothing. The girl just stoically stood there, watching him. "You spattered blood on me not too long ago. It tasted amazing. Where did you get it?"

Icarus:He shrugs, not at all surprised to hear she likes the taste of blood. I got it from some random camper. He rubs at the area she plucked a hair from, It isn't nice to go around plucking hairs, girl.

Adelaide: "A single strand will not kill a person," she begun with a dark tone of amusement. Adelaide curiously observed the boy. "Have you ever thought of dissecting an individual?"

Icarus:Do you mean slicing them open and playing with their insides?He smiles mischieviously, I like to think I do that quite a bit.

Adelaide: "I think I like you, kid." She pushed off of the trunk with her back and circled him, curiously.

Icarus: He habitually twirls his glowing sword in his hands, eyeing her as she moves around him, Of course you like me, everyone likes me. Whether they know it or not.

Adelaide: Adelaide offered a fake smile. "People do not like a boy who feeds his own ego."

Icarus:He rolls his eyes again, It isn't bad to have some self-confidence, I just and more than others. And you can stop with the smiling. It's obvious you aren't the kind to do so, why bother?

Adelaide: "Because when you smile, you look more pleasing." She picked gently at lint on his shirt before leaning back against the tree one more, her eyes showing lack of sleep.

Icarus:The sword melts down in his hand, reforming itself into the shape of a ring, which graces his finger, I don't give a flying f*ck how I look.

Adelaide: "I was talking about me smiling." She cocked her head and leaned towards him. "Am I not pleasing to look at?"

Icarus:He smirks, amused, and looks up and down her body, admiring it's attractiveness, Well I can't say you aren't a looker...

Adelaide: The female's red eyes flickered with something close to mirth as she leaned even closer, her face inches from his. "Why, thank you..."

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