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  • Agnes: Just somewhere in the woods near camp where it doesn't look stupid, she seems to be cooking barbeque, the sweet marinade mixing with the smoke coming from the charcoal underneath the grills. She seems to be enjoying her own company.
  • Cesar: He is lurking in the shadows, hoping to find Agnes. When he spots her he sneaks up on her and taps her shoulder "Hey."
  • Agnes: She flinches and loses hold of her tongs (warning, never ever misread this cuz Agnes is a pure good-hearted maiden >.<). She turns around and sees Cesar standing there. "Cesar! You surprised me there."
  • Cesar: He smiles, trying to hold back a laugh "Sorry, I didn't mean to."
  • Agnes: She smiles back as she goes back to her cooking, flipping meat over and over to keep them from burning, brushing marinade over them yada yada. "It's alright, just don't surprise me like that again. I might shoot you with arrows all so suddenly. OH, you're just in time for barbeque. I brought too much pork and beef with me, and a woman's belly can't actually hold too much food so I thought of sharing them with the other hunters but seeing you're here, can you help me out eat them?"
  • Cesar: He nods "Of course." He pauses thinking for a second "Wait, why are you barbecuing in the woods?"
  • Agnes: She just keeps flipping and brushing heehee. "Oh, well, I feel more at peace when I do the things I like the most when at the woods. Do you find it unusual of me?"
  • Cesar: He smiles "No, just didn't understand why you'd be out here alone cooking up some meat."
  • Agnes: She glances at him with a slight grin. "Let's just say, a woman's mind works in different ways, ways men can't even understand, alright?"
  • Cesar: "Um, alright I guess." He scratches his head (the one upstairs) and looks slightly confused
  • Agnes: She nods as she continues grilling. "Well, they're almost done. Can you give me a little helping hand in preparing the plates and sticks?"
  • Cesar: He nods slightly "Sure." He grabs the plates and sticks, setting them up on a picnic table (assuming there is one)
  • Agnes: So she's finally finished flipping and brushing meat shit and fast forward time because I'm starting to go lazy on describing everything. They're now sitting in front of the picnic table (if there is one), happily eating away barbeque. "So, how does it taste?" she asks him.
  • Cesar: He smiles in her direction "The meat tastes great. Very juicy and tasty." He cuts a piece off with a knife and begins chewing it
  • Agnes: She smiles back as she takes a petite bite. "Thank you. You know, I haven't actually done something like this ever since things went... Well, unstable, that's how I call it."
  • Cesar: "I've never had a barbecue, so I'm glad my first one was made by you."
  • Agnes: "Really? Me and my mamita always do barbeques back at our pueblo so I kind of got used into cooking them more than any dish. And I'm happy to hear that. You know, I can try cook the things you haven't tasted yet."
  • Cesar: "Well I've ate a lot of foods, most foods in fact. So there isn't really anything else you could cook me that I haven't tried before."
  • Agnes: She seems a bit disappointed. "Oh, alright." She continues eating silently.
  • Cesar: He looks kinda upset, as he didn't wanna hurt Agnes "But I'm sure anything you cook me would be better than would I've had."
  • Agnes: She looks relieved now. "Well, what kind of food do you prefer?"
  • Cesar: He shrugs "Nothing in particular, I'll eat almost anything."
  • Agnes: She chuckles as she takes another bite of her sweetly marinated barbeque. "Figures, you're truly a human male."
  • Cesar: He smiles, chuckling as well "Well, last I checked I definitely had the male parts."
  • Agnes: She falls silent and looks at him with a what-was-that look.
  • Cesar: He looks confused, not catching her what-was-that look "What? Did I say something wrong?"
  • Agnes: She snaps back to herself and shakes her head curtly. "Oh, it's um, never mind."
  • Cesar: He looks at her as if to say 'yeah sure' "Agnes, what was it?"
  • Agnes: She tries averting her gaze away from him. "It's just that... The mention of male parts disturb me."
  • Cesar: He totally forgot that she was a huntress, and that's why he had been so open about saying it "Oh right, I forgot you were a huntress..."
  • Agnes: She barely nods. "Right... So... Lady Artemis may get the wrong idea."
  • Cesar: He looks down slightly ashamed "Sorry..."
  • Agnes: So she doesn't say anything else and continues eating the barbeque silently.
  • OOC: Can we move on to another part? XD #AwkwardlyAwkwardPicnicInTheWoods
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