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An Awkward Meeting

  • Kesha: Kesha walks towards the Hades cabin. She finally has the guts to wants Marc back. Hearing many rumors, some part of her doesn't want to believe she has been replaced so easily. She knocks on his door.
  • Marc: He lays in bed with Cherry, he kisses her on the cheek as Kesha knocks on the door. He sighs before putting on his shirt and answering the door. It's kind of dark and he slightly cracks the door, so Kesha can't really see inside. "Kesha.." He seems very surprised to see her.
  • Kesha: Bowing her head since a while ago, she raises it up. M-maay I come in?
  • Marc: "Uhm I don't know, my room's a mess. Maybe you should just come back later..."
  • Kesha: She doesn't look bought by his reasoning. Please insert stuttering. W-weren't you particular with the cleanliness of your room? You never said that before...
  • Marc: "Yeah I've been slouching lately, I don't know what's been happening with me.
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  • Cheryl: she gets curious on who he's talking to and what the topic is. "uh, Marc? We're wsupposed to be expecting any guests?" she said to him.
  • Kesha: She looks a bit alerted by the female voice. However, she keeps her manners and does not barge in.What was that?
  • Marc: "Just a friend, we were talking about this really cool book.."
  • Kesha: As her intuition takes hold of her, Kesha gains more courage. A book about...? I thought your room was too messy to enter?
  • Marc: "Yeah ya see..." He stammers, knowing he was caught in between in a lie.
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  • Cheryl: "Marc? Did something happen?" She said and put on her clothes and walked to him.
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  • Kesha: She is kept silent by the figure of Cheryl.

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  • Marc: He sighs and opens the door fully. "Cherry meet Kesha, Kesha meet Cherry.." He said while looking down, knowing this wasn't gonna be fun.
  • Kesha: She nods. Quite unexpected to meet you..what cabin are you from?
  • Cheryl: "the Dionysus cabin.... why?" she wonders where this lovely conversation will be headed.
  • Kesha: She nods respectfully. Thinking she better ask this now or never, she says her next words bluntly, which is unlike her. Are you his new girlfriend?
  • Cheryl: She nods and knows where this is going. "yes i happen to be Marc's new girlfriend." she said.
  • Kesha: Despite being broken-hearted, she nods calmly. Then I wish you well. She gives Marc one last saddened look and bows, before leaving.
  • Cheryl: once kesha left the scene,she said, "that. was very awkward."
  • Marc: He sighs and pouts a bit "I know right?"
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