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Scaring Marc

Marc Cherry (again)

Death of Ho Sook

Nighttime Terrors

A very drunk Cheryl

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Adam/Monica 2

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Adam/Monica First Date

Adam/Monica (again :P)

Drake & Tora cont.

After a few weeks (Drake & Tora)

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Tora/Johnny 2

Bonding Time~ (Tora and Johnny)

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Swimming Time

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Drake and Chantal 2

Time at the gym pays off..

Adam: He steps out of the gym, wearing black basketball shorts and a red sleeveless shirt. He seems somewhat fit, a far contrast to his usual scranwy form. He also seems like he grew a few inches taller. He's somewhat sweaty, sighing a bit.

Monica: She walks around camp while wondering if she should find Adam since they haven't seen each other for awhile.

Adam: He had been avoiding Monica a bit these past few weeks. Only because he wanted to surprise Monica with how much he had worked out.

Monica: After spending quiet some time walking around camp, she passes by the gym and sees Adam but barely recognizes him. When she laid her eyes on him, her jaw almost dropped and she blushed like crazy.

Adam: He chuckles as he sees his girlfriend and winks, wanting her to walk towards him.

Monica: She blushes some more as she saw him wink at her. But since she didn't know that was Adam, she didn't budge.

Adam: "Oh come on babe, you REALLY don't know your boyfriend when ya see em? I thought you knew me better than that..." He petted her once he closed the distance between them.

Monica: Her eyes widened when she recognized her boyfriend's voice. "Wait.... Adam?!?!"

Adam: His voice is somewhat deeper than she must remember. He can't help but pick up Monica by the armpits. "Did you really think i'd be that tiny lil kid forever?" He kissed her firmly on the lips.

Monica: Before she could answer him, he kissed her and she had no other choice but to kiss back.

Adam: He pulled back grinning. "So.. thoughts?" He nodded down towards his abs.

Monica: She's still blushing as she eyed his abs. "D-do I really have to tell you what I think about them?"

Adam: He leans his forehead on hers. "Mhm..." He whispered.

Monica: "Fi-fine. You look very... nice." She said.

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Adam: He can't help but nuzzle his face into her chest a bit. Before putting her down. "You. me. sauna." He pointed back towards the gym, smirking.

Monica: "Can 'no' be an answer?" She asked him.

Adam: "Nope!" He took her by the hand and dragged her into the gym.

Monica: She sighs as he dragged her into the gym, knowing that this was going to be a long day.

Adam: Timeskip to after they get in towels and enter a nice and private sauna room. Adam sits back on the bench, his abs out since the towel is wrapped around his waist. "Look I'm sorry about ditching ya, working out everyday till your bones feel like jelly takes up your time..." He sighs, glad to see it wasn't a waste.

Monica: "It's alright, but, you could have told me that you were busy," She said as she sat down next to him with her towel wrapped around her body that showed only a little bit of cleavage.

Adam: "Well yeah I guess.." He can't help but look down towards her chest, not having gotten a good look at it prior to today. "Might as well make up for lost time am I right?"

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