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cait x minny 1

  • Cait: was walking around with azure in her hands no more troubles...
  • Min: As usual, he was kicking a soccer ball around with his hands in his pant pockets.
  • Cait: sees Min and was trying hard to avoid him as azure was a bit wild but azure manages to get away as she went to min trying to tackle him down Azure!!!
  • Min: "Woah!" He said as he saw the girl trying to tackle Azure.
  • Cait: the cat got out of her amrs and went straight to Min Azure be nice...please...
  • Min: He dropped his soccer ball and stopped it from rolling around with his right foot so he can bend down and pet the cat. "Well, well, well. The cat certainly got out of it's cage. Or was the phrase the 'dog got out of it's cage'?"
  • Cait: laughs a nervous laugh careful with azure she'sa nightmare for a few me...


  • pandy: in case we need to discuss about rps and stuffs. X3
  • mel:is it wrong for me to feel that you've been stalking me reading most of my rp until you know how my brain works.that I wished I can rp with such a great person.....cause I have t been doing that to you....yet......or have I?? (This is prove of my weirdness >< sorry if it scares you )
  • Pandy: xD lol no its not wrong to feel that way. X3 but just to let u no, i haven't been stalking u. Also, what type of animal is azure??
  • mel:same here didn't stalk you yet cause laggy laptop wont let me that and busy with updating chars pages (to whichmade me talk to you soo thanks font tags!!!)(what ever you are...)and azure is a cat..british shorthair I think the cat that doesn't meow that much..
  • Pandy: lol im not even sure if that is even a phrase/pun/whatever u call em... >~<
  • mel:pandy pandy pandy.......(hmmm..once more) pandy...don't you know weird people don't have rules and even if they have them they wont follow cause..........I got nothing....
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